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Download the cards - Design with Intent Toolkit

Download the cards - Design with Intent Toolkit
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the service Thinking Hats – Development Impact and You Thinking Hats allow a range of different viewpoints and perspectives to be brought into a discussion, whilst still keeping the focus on the issue at hand. It’s a technique which can be used to encourage people to look at a topic from a number of different perspectives, making what might be a very complex issue a stimulating focus point for conversation. The team learns how to separate thinking into six clear functions and roles, getting them to look at all sides of an issue. Structuring the conversation around these different viewpoints helps avoid endless, free flowing debates around topics, and instead helps create a meaningful, focused discussion. This technique was popularised in the book Six Thinking Hats (De Bono E. 1985). Each hat is a different colour, which indicates a particular viewpoint.

img - service design Rudy De Waele - cambridge, london, Speaker, Innovation Strategist, Wearable Technology, Wearables, Internet of Things, Lifestyle, Emerging Markets, Robotics, Futurist, Smart Cities Rudy propels leaders to stay ahead of what will transform their business through hosting innovation events, speaking live at conferences, and facilitating senior executive brainstorms. Over the past 18 years, Rudy has coached CXOs on how to unpack grassroots innovations that pose a risk to core business and how to predict staying ahead of the early adopter to mass-market conversion. He has helped diverse global brands such as BMW, IBM, Louis Vuitton, PayPal, Samsung and World Bank. His latest book shift 2020 - How Technology Will Impact Our Future delivers impactful insights into how future influences such as wearables, IOT, robotics and AI will have on our collective daily lives and includes foresights by some of the world's leading technology experts from Google, Kickstarter, Microsoft, Spotify, and Telefonica. Rudy is a Belgium native currently based in Cambridge, UK. On Fridays he disconnects from technology to practice yoga and study the saxophone.

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The Mobile Collective 21 Card Decks for Creative Problem Solving, Effective Communication & Strategic Foresight What are some useful playdecks for sparking creativity and innovation? That was this week’s question that went out on twitter, and below are some of your responses. The number of decks out there is large, so I decided to curate this list based on whether there’s a full free version available online, or at the least a nice sample deck to get you started. So below are 21 tools, ranging from general design process principles to cards on game dynamics, facilitation methods, and long-range futures thinking. Under the descriptions, which are excerpted from the playdeck websites, are links to their free downloads. Thanks to all who helped compile this.. (in no particular order) Principles & Processes 1. “These cards evolved from our separate observations on the principles underlying what we were doing. (edition 4 list) .2. “It is a process and a set of tools, to help your organisation engage with your users through the online products you develop. (interactive deck) .3. (free download) 4. .5. .7.

Anatellô > Innovation Consultancy > Find Out About Our People Trudy Lloyd is the founder and Managing Director of Anatellô. Trudy has extensive experience in innovation and growth, having consulted in the field for over ten years. She was a partner at the Synectics Innovation Consultancy for five years. Prior to that she held senior roles in Ranks Hovis Mcdougall and Allied Domecq - where she was Brands Director. Client companies Trudy has helped include LloydsTSB, Coca Cola, Astrazeneca, Nestle, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencers, Philips, KCI, Ingredion formerly National Starch, Firmenich, BT, Barclays, Aviva and GE Healthcare. Trudy is an honours graduate in Chinese and holds an MBA from Cranfield University School of Management. Trudy is a Triz practitioner, NLP master practitioner, Clean Language facilitator, qualified business coach and Chartered Marketer. In her spare time Trudy enjoys salsa, yoga and listening to Motown, soul and disco! Emma Luten. Emma brings a wealth of experience to her facilitation and training assignments. Dennis Pannozzo.

Download Our Free Persona Template | Fake Crow Xtensio is a toolbox to help you organize your thoughts, make decisions and present ideas. Learn more about the Persona Creator and other free tools at One of the benefits of working with lots of different startups is that when we discover something that works really great with one project, we can repurpose it for others when it applies. Although every product is unique and requires its own custom approach, we try to define processes for common UX design steps whenever possible. Yeah, sure, there are a lot of examples out there of how to put together personas. You can use the template to generate personas for user experience design process, branding and marketing strategies. Get the link to download the file. To make it more shareable, we’ve cleaned it up a bit, added instructions, sample data, a wireframe, and a printable version that can be filled in by hand when you’re in a hurry. The file is organized into layer groups and is pretty simple for the most part. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Blog | Bracket LAUNCH! Our new Bracket Salon publication We’ve been holding regular events – Bracket Salons – which bring together a team of selected experts from our network to discuss and brainstorm around a specific topic. The Salons are always fun, but also extremely productive in generating some great ideas. We’ve been sharing some of this content on our blog, but decided that a better way to pull the content together is to produce a handy publication with top tips for that subject, and information on the team. Read more » 7 ways to make your team more creative and productive in 2014 Image by wocrig on Flickr Welcome to the first post of 2014! It’s a collection of favourite articles that I discovered in the past year, as well as some of my own, on team creativity and productivity. It’s my mission for Bracket to be a ‘go-to’ place for creative collaboration, so I’m always learning, exploring and developing the best ways to build, motivate and lead creative teams. Read more » Here are three more ideas: