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Script Frenzy
Jun 26, 2012 One thing that has made us proud over the years is how many people can call themselves scriptwriters because of Script Frenzy. Since 2007, the year Script Frenzy began, 85,000 total participants have taken on the audacious challenge of writing a 100-page script—churning out nearly 1.4 million pages of original plays, TV shows, movies, and graphic novels. While those numbers are impressive, we’ve struggled in other ways to put on Script Frenzy. Script Frenzy’s participant numbers haven’t grown along with our other writing programs’, and that has affected our ability to raise enough funds to put on the event because we rely on donations from participants to host them. Approximately 16,500 writers took part in Script Frenzy this year compared to the more than 350,000 writers who participated in NaNoWriMo, Camp NaNoWriMo, and the Young Writers Program.

Related:  About Writing Forward Motion is an entirely free site. There are no costs for any of the sections, including classes.If you enjoy FM and would like to help out, Donations are welcome! In October of 2012, Forward Motion for Writers made a drastic leap to a new site system. This meant abandoning more than a decade of posts and information on the older system which could no longer be updated to meet current php standards. The new site requires that you start a new account. Most of the old site has been recreated, and I hope you'll help us fill the boards with new and fun information. Crowdfund original novels by fanfiction writers and a Frank Cho artbook If you see something you'd like featured, shoot me an email at! I read through all the emails people send me about crowdfunding projects. I think this crowdfunding stuff is just out of control and open to abuse. Especially for creative projects that need to succeed or fail on their own merits. Here's a tip...make the thing, market it, and you'll see if people want it. Helping fanfiction writers?

Cinema of Japan History[edit] Silent Era[edit] The kinetoscope, first shown commercially by Thomas Edison in the United States in 1894, was first shown in Japan in November 1896. The Vitascope and the Lumière Brothers' Cinematograph were first presented in Japan in early 1897,[9] by businessmen such as Inabata Katsutaro.[10] Lumière cameramen were the first to shoot films in Japan.[11] Moving pictures, however, were not an entirely new experience for the Japanese because of their rich tradition of pre-cinematic devices such as gentō (utsushi-e) or the magic lantern.[12][13] The first successful Japanese film in late 1897 showed sights in Tokyo.[14] At the dawn of the twentieth century theaters in Japan hired benshi, storytellers who sat next to the screen and narrated silent movies. They were descendants of kabuki jōruri, kōdan storytellers, theater barkers and other forms of oral storytelling.[16] Benshi could be accompanied by music like silent films from cinema of the West.

The Charles Bukowski Tapes: 52 Short Interviews with the Underground Poet I don’t remember exactly how I first came across Charles Bukowski’s Notes of a Dirty Old Man, a collection of essays in which the low-rent poet and writer details his lonely exploits as an unapologetic working-class alcoholic in L.A. But it was long before the days of personalized internet marketing, when I was more likely to make new finds by scouring used bookstores (record stores, video stores…) and grabbing something unfamiliar and cheap because I liked the cover and vaguely recognized it as important. I may have just been leaving a bar, or heading toward one, and found Bukowski a perfect drinking companion. He was a modern-day character out of Dostoevsky, the novelist Bukowski most admired.

The Mack Daddy List of Resources for Filmmakers last updated: 06/03/2013 In this simple guide, I have linked all of the online resources I take advantage of to continually improve my craft and build my business. In Jiu Jitsu, which I have trained for years and years, there is a common thread between those that have success on the mat: No matter the results, they continue to train, undaunted, with little ego involved. It is tough to even tell by their demeanor if they are tapped (submitted), or doing the tapping. Explore the Genre Map Publishers, booksellers, and readers describe books by their literary categories, or genres. It's how books are placed in stores and sold online. We created the Genre Map to help you find the right genre for your book. Roll over the map with your cursor to see the different genres. Some categories, such as women's fiction, stand alone.

The 10 Rules of Surveillance Dystopia Stories The Black Mirror scenario was for me one of the closest to the current trend of things. In most others surveillance dystopias the state somewhat was outside the economy, not doing it for its own profit. But we are getting into a corporate surveillance dystopia, where profit is a big motivation behind the surveillance (including government one), where we become rats in a wheel, and if we manage to get out of it, we can't avoid turning into another mechanism of control for the rest. The Ultimate Casting Guide for Independent Filmmakers Elia Kazan once famously said that “casting the right actors accounted for 90% of a movie’s ultimate success or failure”. While there have been giant leaps in technology for films since this quote, it still rings true today. Who is in your film can make it or break it. I just finished casting for my latest short film Memorama.

Paris Review Daily - Blog, Writers, Poets, Artists - Paris Review Donald Barthelme would’ve been, and should be, eighty-three today. It would be an exaggeration to say that I feel the absence of someone whom I never met—someone who died when I was three—but I do wonder, with something more than mere curiosity, what Barthelme would have made of the past twenty-odd years. These are decades I feel we’ve processed less acutely because he wasn’t there to fictionalize them: their surreal political flareups, their new technologies, their various zeitgeists and intellectual fads and dumb advertisements. Part of what I love about Barthelme’s stories is the way they traffic in cultural commentary without losing their intimacy, their humanity. But I’m losing the thread. My point is not to reveal a secret wish that Barthelme was my uncle.

The Nine Novels That Defined Steampunk The Nine Novels That Defined Steampunk I’m a librarian by profession, and a scholar by inclination, so when I got involved with the amazing confluence of ideas that was steampunk in mid naughts I naturally wanted to know where this idea of steampunk came from. Most steampunks know little about steampunk’s origins. DetFilmsHD Stay informed of updates with G+ Pre-Keyed Hemostock 03 Pre-Keyed .357 Pumpkins David Foster Wallace on Writing, Self-Improvement, and How We Become Who We Are by Maria Popova “Good writing isn’t a science. It’s an art, and the horizon is infinite. You can always get better.” A Writing Revolution Nearly everyone reads. Soon, nearly everyone will publish. Before 1455, books were handwritten, and it took a scribe a year to produce a Bible.