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A New Method « PublicForums Introducing Ethelo… Decisions can be costly when they divide a group. All too often contentious issues polarize a community, government or organization. After endless debate and much money spent, executive or majority-based decisions can lead to ill-fitting solutions. Idea Management - Innovation Management - Crowdsourcing - Suggestion Box - Customer Feedback If I upgrade, will I lose my data? You can upgrade your IdeaScale account at any time – you won’t lose any of your ideas, comments, or users. How does the 30 day guarantee work? Sign up today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Agreedis We seek to bring people together to solve problems! Agreedis enables people with vastly different opinions to come together and agree on compromise solutions that may not be their preferred solution, but represents a reasonable compromise that everyone can live with. Free Sound Effects has thousands of free sound effects for everyone. Browse our extensive sound library and pick and choose the sounds you want. Sounds are updated 3x a week or more, so be sure to bookmark this page (Ctrl+d). Demo of CRM System for Small Business Discover how Infusionsoft's sales and marketing software helps small businesses just like yours. Infusionsoft is the only sales and marketing software built exclusively for small business. Whether your storefront is online, on Main Street, or a service that’s on the go, Infusionsoft can help. Use Infusionsoft to map out each step of your sales and marketing strategy and automate repetitive tasks like follow-up. With Infusionsoft, you can nurture leads, scale personal relationships with customers, and so much more.

Tides taps Stanford’s social innovation pioneer as new CEO By Melissa Ip on 17 Jan 2014 / 1 Comment Stanford’s executive director for the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) is moving to a new role. Beginning February, Kriss Deiglmeier will become the CEO of Tides. The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions to Answer What is one of the biggest differences between a content marketer who is effective and one who flails? A documented content marketing strategy. According to our annual content marketing research, those with a documented content marketing strategy are: Far more likely to consider themselves effective at content marketingFar less challenged with every aspect of content marketingGenerally more likely to consider themselves more effective with every tactic and social media channelAble to justify a higher percentage of the marketing budget to be spent on content marketing

Web Discussions: Flat by Design It's been six years since I wrote Discussions: Flat or Threaded? and, despite a bunch of evolution on the web since then, my opinion on this has not fundamentally changed. If anything, my opinion has strengthened based on the observed data: precious few threaded discussion models survive on the web. The Daily Herald -Curaçao deficit to triple without adequate action Friday, 21 September 2012 22:41 ~ Bankruptcy looms, warns Dutch Government Prosecutor ~ THE HAGUE--The deficit of the Curaçao Government will more than triple in two years from NAf. 130 million in 2012 to NAf. 420 million in 2014 if no adequate cost reducing and revenue increasing measures are taken. The reserves of the Social Insurance Bank SVB have been seriously depleted and without measures, Curaçao will head for bankruptcy in 2013.