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Facebook Gives Your Customers a Better Way to Share » Constant Commentary – A Constant Contact Blog

Facebook Gives Your Customers a Better Way to Share » Constant Commentary – A Constant Contact Blog
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Facebook: Offering Credits To Users Who Watch Video Ads GetResponse Blog - Email Marketing Tips Making sense of Facebook Page’s Daily Active Users – Social media marketing for small non-profits This post is the third in a series on using Facebook Insights. In case you missed them, the prior two posts were: We’ve already defined seven different ways that people interact with your Facebook Page. Facebook Insights allows you to view daily interactions by type in a report called “Daily Active Users Breakdown”. This report can be found by selecting the “Users” report on the left-hand side of your Insights panel: Understanding Daily Active Users Breakdown Halfway down the Users report, you’ll find the Daily Active Users Breakdown chart: This chart provides daily numbers on five different stats. Unique Page Views – This is the number of users per day that have viewed your Page.Post Views – This is the number of people per day who have viewed your Posts. What does this tell data me about my fans? Like any set of data, it always makes more sense in context. Two trends that stand out in the above example:

Email is not Dead Page Building Tools Are Week’s Fastest Growing Apps Applications that help improve Facebook pages had the most growth this week, along with a few really addictive games. These and other trends factor in among the changes we’ve seen over the past seven days. We track all the changes seen over the past seven days; this countdown of the fastest-growing apps is based on our in-depth statistic tool, which you’ll want to check out for more data like what you see below. Improve Your Facebook Presence Static HTML: iframe tabs leads off our list this week. ZingTabs 2.0 FBML replacement also makes a first appearance on the fastest growing countdown; the app successfully nabbed the second spot, as it has helped 2,068,325 page administrators design new tabs. Iwipa is becoming a regular on this list; the application makes moves forward to third with a weekly growth increase of 1,965,243. The Gaming World Digital Chocolate’s Zombie Lane begins May by moving up to the fourth position; an additional 1,777,538 gamers started playing. Future Rock Stars

Increasing Usability for E-mail Newsletters E-mail marketing has been very popular in the past ten years and it still is, most likely because of its relatively reduced costs, low amount of work required and quite large potential audience. E-mail marketing is a direct way of sending commercial messages to a group of people by using the e-mail as the main and only channel. E-mail newsletters are not always sent because a company needs to sell a product, sell ads or request donations, but is sometimes meant to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness. There are many usability guidelines for e-mail marketers to follow and in the past couple of years the number of guidelines has actually increased, as users request more and more from providers and tend to ignore poorly designed layouts. Time is also an important matter today; more important than it was ten years ago. Subject line What can you learn from here? E-mail marketing: when? In my opinion the key to e-mail marketing is branding. Scanning, not reading Responsive (again) Typography

Facebook to Buy Skype? [REPORT] Want Better Email Conversion Rates? Try These 7 Tips. (Infographic) Email marketing can deliver tremendous results when it is done correctly. It is one of the most effective forms of online marketing -- and that isn't going to change anytime soon. Are your email campaigns performing as well as they could be? Related: 5 Do's and Don'ts For Creating Effective Email Lists My company teamed up with HubSpot to create the infographic below, using the data from the 2014 Science of Email Report. The data will give you a good idea of how your recipients are reading your email, filtering your email and why they are unsubscribing from your list. While every business is going to have a different audience and there isn't a single email solution that will work for everyone, this data is great to use as a starting point for your own testing. Click to Enlarge Related: Here Are 6 Data-Backed Tricks for Getting Your Sales Emails Opened

NEWS FLASH: The End Is Near For Old Facebook Groups Facebook will begin archiving all groups created using the older format, in a push to get everyone onto the newer version of the feature. Some group owners are seeing the following message at the top of the group admin page: Over the next few months, Facebook will be archiving all groups created using the old groups format. Moving forward, you can create groups using the new groups format, which makes it easy to share with the important groups in your life. Facebook offers pretty thorough guidance about the forthcoming archiving and upgrades in the site’s help section, fleshed out in three different questions. The site explains that old groups that get archived will automatically also become available in the new group format. The things that won’t make it over are: Recent newsGroup officer titlesThe information box under the old group pictureThe group networkThe members of your old group.

VerticalResponse Blog | Marketing Blog Customize a responsive email template to match your brand. Here’s how to do it in just two minutes!… DesignCalls to Action: 50 that Sell and 10 that Repel → September 30th | by Lisa Furgison Would a Facebook Buy Button Be Successful? I Think So. by Justin Kistner on May 04, 2011 Facebook wants to extend its services into every corner of the open web. Since the launch of the like button, they have been doing just that. Their most recent addition was the Send button, which makes it easy to send private messages to individuals or groups of people. There are numerous social plugins they could add to their library from here: micro profiles that would appear on hover over peoples’ names, RSVP buttons, and more. Facebook Commerce Is Next Facebook is clearly laying the foundation for commerce inside Facebook. Their virtual currency program is a strong line of business for Facebook, currently focused around social games and the buying of virtual objects. Sure, PayPal and others have offered buy buttons for years now. So, what makes me think Facebook would be successful with a Buy button of their own? 1. Credits is projected to be as much as 40% of Facebook’s total revenue by 2014. 2. 3. 4.

How To Write Addictive Newsletters That Trigger Conversion Building an online presence is more than just creating a stunning website, though this is an essential first step. Every business, big or small, can benefit from a compelling newsletter. This marketing tool will grow your brand, increase followers loyalty, give you a direct opportunity to communicate news and product offers and show clients (or potential clients) what you’re all about. Never created one before? Here’s what you need to become someone’s inbox regular: Wix’s Shout Out application is an amazing tool that helps you create, design and send professional newsletters to your contacts. Headers & Value Let’s start where every good story does, at the beginning. Hey Hey CTA Next is your Call To Action. Brief Good things come in small packages. Clear Again…Clear. Stay Stunning Beauty isn’t only for the pageants. Ready to amp up your online presence?

Here's Why My Friends Keep Quitting Their Facebook Jobs Creating Email Newsletters That Convert Do you send an email newsletter to help drive sales and revenue for your business? You’re not alone. In fact, according to our own research, email newsletters are still one of the most popular types of email campaigns marketers send. But do you know the different elements to include in your newsletter to get the best results? In this post, you'll learn you 6 key elements to include in your newsletter to help increase conversions and drive more sales & revenue. What is an email newsletter? An email newsletter is a regularly distributed email campaign that is generally about one main topic of interest. Our own monthly newsletter is an example of this. It’s sent on a regular basis (every month) and contains links to a number of articles all about a common topic of interest: email marketing. 6 tips for creating a high-converting email newsletter 1. The ‘From' name (along with the subject line) is one of the few things marketers have to leverage to get people to open their email newsletters. 2. 3.