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An 8-foot-tall woman is destroying the entire music industry.

An 8-foot-tall woman is destroying the entire music industry.
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Espace pour la vie | Calendrier Au Japon, pendant l'ère Heian (794-1185), les aristocrates organisaient des fêtes au pied des cerisiers en fleurs. Ainsi commençait la tradition du o-hanami : contempler (mi) les fleurs (hana). Au fil des siècles, cette coutume s'est répandue au sein de toutes les classes sociales. Peu rustique, le cerisier japonais fleurit difficilement sous notre climat mais nos nombreux pommetiers aux jolies fleurs créeront une ambiance tout aussi paisible et romantique… Des activités sont aussi prévues pour agrémenter la journée. Les places sont limitées. Seules les personnes ayant réservé une boîte à lunch pourront participer au pique-nique. Période d'inscription : du 17 avril au 15 mai 2017 Formulaire d'inscription à venir. Paiement par chèque seulement.

edsurge At the Acton Academy in Austin, TX, we are experimenting with a "Learner Driven Community," a disruptive approach led by self-directed learners, in a community tightly bound by personal covenants and contracts, using the full power of the internet to craft a transformative, personalized learning path. Inspired by the work of Sugata Mitra and his Hole in the Wall experiments, where children in some of the poorest villages in Africa and Asia, armed only with an internet terminal (and no teacher) have outperformed the top private schools in their countries, Acton learners are taking charge of their education. We use multi-age classrooms; the latest game-based adaptive computer programs; and quest-like adventures for deeper integrative learning, in a studio increasingly run by our young learners. While we are in the early stages of refining the model, I believe schools like ours can deliver a transformative learning experience for less than $2,000 annually per student. That’s no longer true.

Dying grandmother uses Oculus Rift to walk outside again Roberta Firstenberg had long loved walking outside and caring for her garden. However, a hard battle with cancer had weakened her so that going outside was no longer possible. In a bid to give her one more view of the outside world, Roberta's granddaughter Priscilla, an artist, programmed an Oculus rift to give her grandmother the chance to walk again. As The Rift Arcade reports, Priscilla reached out to Oculus last fall in the hopes of getting a dev kit Roberta could use. Priscilla went on to help work on an experimental build filled with waterfalls and butterflies, but her grandmother's cancer spread before she could finish. Update 5/2 4:00pm: A previous version of this article stated that Priscilla helped develop the program for her grandmother on Oculus.

Medhue Weighted Bodysuits for Avastar | Medhue Animations Included in this package is a Blend file which has 4 mesh weighted bodysuits, and 2 mesh skirts, generated from the default Secondlife avatar, with a higher poly count for better weight transfers to your clothing items. 2 bodysuits(male & female) are weighted for classic rigging, and the other 2 are weighted for Fitted Mesh rigging. This product works best when used with the Avastar add on, for Blender. The propose of these suits is to make it easier for you to rig your Secondlife clothing items. This is not meant to be a final solution, or a few button clicks and you're done. It is meant to help you get better weights on your clothing. For Fitted Mesh clothing, I would suggest making other versions of these suits to cater to different size avatars. A number of people have asked if they can pay for this in lindens. We are offering a service to rig Secondlife creator's clothing and avatars for them. Included in this package: 1 Folder with Standard Size xml files for both male and female

Security Drones Dominate San Francisco, Then the City Fights Back Here it is — your daily dose of science fiction that's uncomfortably close to becoming reality. The three-minute video above is called Our Drone Future, by designer and musician Alex Cornell. It was filmed on a GoPro attached to a DJI Phantom Drone and flown around San Francisco landmarks; Cornell says he shot it with "a liberal interpretation of FAA regulations." The genius is in what Cornell layers on top of that footage: a conversation between an intelligent drone known only as 212 and her unseen Homeland Security operator, Ethan. We learn that the drone can scan for malicious intent; it can detect stress levels across an entire neighborhood and make a crime prediction a la Minority Report. in a twist ending, we learn that San Francisco "civilians" are also armed and starting to fight back against the drones. in a twist ending, we learn that San Francisco "civilians" are also armed and starting to fight back against the drones.

Non-Conformity & Creativity Now Listed As A Mental Illness By Psychiatrists It’s no secret that when society, as a whole starts thinking outside the box, or starts to question what’s really happening on the planet it faces a fierce opposition. It’s also no secret that authority figures throughout history have ridiculed ideas that simply did not fit the frame. In our not so distant past, new ideas and understandings were harshly opposed by those in control. A great example is Galileo, who was convicted (and worked banned) from the public domain, and labelled as crazy. **For those who believe this title is misleading, I think it’s great to open ones mind to the possibility that many psychiatric labels are used to push drugs, and discourage free/alternative thought. “The nail that sticks up will be hammered down.” – Japanese Proverb Is nonconformity and freethinking a mental illness? The manual is used by psychiatrists to diagnose mental illnesses, and it seems that with each new issue a new, made up mental illness is added to the list. Sources:

How to Use Facebook Video to Promote Your Jewelry Business - Interweave Net Profits If you’re comfortable on camera and like to teach, consider streaming a demonstration on Facebook. If you spend any time on everybody’s favorite social platform, you’ve probably seen announcements in your feed that so-and-so is “now live.” How effective is Facebook video as a promotional tool? “Facebook video is not right for every audience,” Sarah says. If you’re interested in social broadcasting, figure out first whether it’s right for your message and audience. “Maybe this is an easy way for them to listen to you while they do something else. Plan Ahead With any video you put out there, decide beforehand what you’re trying to accomplish and then let people know what you’ll be talking about and when. You don’t have to spend a fortune to produce video good enough for a live broadcast, but a decent tripod and mic will go a long way. Once you go live, all the preparation in the world won’t matter if people can’t hear you. Kick it Off Right Jewelry Business Free Help

The Next Step: Amplification… Amplify…  | Langwitches Blog A few months ago, I wrote a blog post titled: “Enhancement-Automating-Transforming-Informating“, where I fused two models, the SARM model by Ruben Puentedura and Alan November’s Automating vs Informating model. It made sense to me that Puentedura’s Substitution and Augmentation stage was part of November’s Automating phase and that the Modification and Redefinition belonged to the Informating phase. But, I feel that there is a third phase beyond the Transformative phase, that I am calling “Amplification”. Now, one can argue that the opportunity to “amplify is part of the “Redefinition” stage, since as it is defined by Puentedura (…to be able to create a task, that was not possible before, without technology), but I am arguing that goes further and deserves to be it’s own phase. The Free Dictionary defines the verb “amplify” as: 1. Let’s take the example of a book report, that students have been asked to produce around the world in most school systems, at many different grade levels.