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Innovative and Fun Journaling Tips & Technique

Innovative and Fun Journaling Tips & Technique
To help guide you and your child down the path of creative journaling I've listed some tips below. Try them out, and remember that there are infinite ways for you and your child to dress up a journal and integrate creative expression into your journals. Creative Journaling Tips: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

10 Journal Keeping Ideas that Will Enhance Your Life What should I write about? Will it sound dumb? Will I run out of ideas before I even get started? Keeping a journal can be a rewarding experience, but lots of people don’t know where to begin. My personal favorites are reflection and goal journals, but everyone has a different favorite. And that’s okay! 1. There was a green robot. Dream journals are a lot of fun. 2. A “record-keeping” journal is nothing but the facts. 3. Gratitude journals are extremely rewarding. 4. Online journaling, or blogging, has gained popularity in recent years. 5. If words aren’t your thing, consider a collage or art journal. 6. Are you the brilliant thinker? 7. Scholars regularly publish in academic journals, but what about keeping your own personal academic journal? 8. A gift journal is unlike every other journal because *gasp* it’s not meant for you. 9. Therapy and personal reflection journals can be difficult. But it can be extremely helpful in allowing you to move on from those things. 10.

Keeping a Writer's Journal: 21 Ideas to Keep You Writing Keeping a Writer's Journal: 21 Ideas to Keep You Writing by Sheila Bender Return to Creative Nonfiction · Print-Friendly Version Keeping a journal is one of the best tools to practice trusting your writing and to make sure you keep writing. You can keep a journal in a cheap or an expensive notebook, on scraps of paper dropped into a box, in computer files or in letter form. Just as long as you write as much and as often as you can without editing yourself and you have access to the words you've written, you are keeping a journal. If you haven't been journaling or doing it as often as you wish, think about where you write and when you are likely to have time to write. It may seem intimidating to develop the journal-keeping habit, and you may be thinking defeatist thoughts already, such as "I can't do this regularly forever. Make a specific commitment for a month. Next, make a commitment to the same system or to a new journal-keeping system for an additional month. Idea 1: A Travel Journal

How to create and keep an art journal by aisling d'art ©2006 Artist's journals are illustrated diaries and journals on any theme. An art journal can be a record of your daily thoughts, a travel journal, an exercise or diet diary, a dream journal, a place where you jot down your goals or to-do lists, or... well, almost any record that you'd like to keep in a book or notebook. They become "art journals" when you add any kind of illustration or embellishment to the pages. These pages share ideas and tips for creating and keeping your own illustrated journal. How to create an art journal How I started my art journals - Early notes about how I work, from a 2001 email. Art journaling techniques How to collage in your art journals - A summary of the basics. Color basics for art and travel journals - An overview, preparing for my upcoming workshop and journaling tour. Materials and supplies for art journaling Composition book art journals - Affordable, fun notebooks for all kinds of journals and diaries. Writing tips, prompts, and ideas

The 27 Principles to Teaching Yourself Anything (aka The Self-Guided Education Manifesto + PDF download “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” —Mark Twain Note: This post is intentionally long. At the end of this post I’ve even provided two free PDF downloads to further guide you towards learning what matters (one is a list of over 30 of the best online resources for creating your own passion-filled curriculum). Enter the Unofficial Self-Guided Education Manifesto… Last week’s article on The Birth of Self-Guided Education caught like wildfire. When that happens, I know a topic deserves some respect. Many of last week’s comments blew my mind. Living Legends create their own education. The truth of the matter is every Living Legend (whether they dropped out of high school or got a couple PhD’s) took their education and their learning into their own hands. For years I’ve been wanting to create a separate business on this topic but given the awesome momentum we’ve drummed up here, I say we run with it… So without further ado… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 1.

How To Start Keeping A Journal | The Kirk Report At some point you have probably already read somewhere about the importance of keeping a trading journal. In other words, taking time each and every day to write down and store your thoughts, observations and actions concerning the market and your trading activities. This exercise is done not only to keep those stored for future reference, but also as a self-evaluation tool to track your development. Given the complexity of the market, it is impossible for most us to recall simply from memory what we’ve learned, how we’ve acted in certain situations, and more importantly the best tactics to employ in specific market conditions and situations. If you ask most successful traders they will tell you that keeping a journal can be helpful. So, why don’t traders keep good journals or not at all? Looking back, I was very fortunate. This also raises the third issue I see – most traders don’t really know or understand really what a trading journal should include and so they don’t even begin.

Blake Boles: 12 Ways to Educate Yourself Without College It's popular to criticize college today. No matter which way you look, somebody is writing about a student loan horror story, declining academic standards, disruptive technological change, or the narrow work options available to graduates. Criticizing is easy, of course. Offering solutions is hard. The reality is that college fills many valuable roles today. But in an era of skyrocketing tuition fees combined with widespread economic austerity, millions of students will find themselves unable or unwilling to finance the college package deal. Luckily, higher education doesn't have to be delivered by a college institution. Self-directed learning is one solution to the college debate, and certainly not the only one. Here are 12 ways to begin pursuing your own self-directed higher education, right now, without college: Kickstart something. These are just a few ways to start giving yourself a well-rounded higher education without college.

Keeping a Journal Can Change Your Life By [post_author_posts_link] Have you ever started keeping a journal – perhaps starting on a particular milestone like your birthday, or January 1st – only to give up after a few days or weeks? Like many projects which we’re initially enthusiastic about, writing daily or even weekly in a journal can all too quickly become a chore. After all, what difference can it make to write down words that no-one but you will see? There are several ways for keeping a journal to change your life, and I’ll show you how to achieve each in just ten minutes a day. 1. Do you ever wonder who you really are? Ten-minute exercise: If you’ve been keeping a journal for a while (even if it’s fallen by the wayside recently), read through some old entries. 2. Are you an aspiring blogger, author, poet, journalist or writer of any description? You can even write about your writing; building the ability to think about how you write will give you insight into your strengths and weaknesses. of writing. 3. 4. 5. Ali Luke

Art Journalist » 365 One Word Art Journal Prompts Sometimes all you need to get going in your art journal is one word to inspire you. I like using one word journal prompts, as they can be tied into just about any theme or journal rather easily. And with one word, there’s a lot of freedom to do just about anything – you can interpret that one word any way you’d like! To help you get started, here is a list of 365 one word journal prompts to jump start your creativity. 1. I hope you enjoy this list of 365 one word journal prompt ideas and of course don’t forget to share this with others as well as check out our other Art Journal Prompts. Advertisement The following two tabs change content below. Hey there!

Journaling your Past ©2005 - 2007 by aisling d'art I'm probably best-known for my personal journaling workshops and online art journals. And, I want to share some of my journaling tips with you in this free ebook about journaling your own history. Journaling Your Past is a free 26-page ebook, and it's like taking one of my popular workshops at home. Whether you'd like to record your life story for future generations, or introduce your family to the fascinating study of genealogy and family history, this is a great way to start. This workbook includes class notes, reproduceable worksheets, and tips on how to teach this class yourself. It's also ideal for homeschoolers, Scouts or church groups, or for family evenings at home. This ebook is a PDF that you can read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program. To read or download this free ebook, click here: Journaling Your Past by Aisling D'Art. YOU ARE HERE: home > journals > free 'journaling your past' ebook homepage | sitemap | contact

Stop Setting Goals. Start Planning Your Life. – GovLoop - Knowledge Network for Government I recently finished a book called "Becoming a Coaching Leader" by Daniel Harkavy. What I liked about it was that it walks you through a series of exercises that help you think about your life and your career a bit more intentionally. Most books of this ilk just talk about leadership traits or a goal setting process, but few help you align your time and energy so that you can actually optimize your time and energy for what's most important to you in a way that sticks. One of the exercises that I wanted to recommend for your consideration was the creation of a Life Plan. Here's what Harkavy has to say about life planning vs the more traditional goal setting process: Many people substitute goal setting for life planning, but I think it's a bad trade-off. So how does life planning work? 1. Who do you want to be remembered by? 2. SpouseChildrenOther Family MembersFinanceSelf DevelopmentFriendsCommunity / Charitable ActivityFaithHealth 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What were the results?

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How To Ferment Vegetables: Homemade Health-Promoting Superfood How to Ferment Vegetables Using Starter Cultures By Ken Silvers on 02/01/2014 Recipe and step-by-step guide how to ferment vegetables at home. Fermented vegetables using a starter culture are packed with many strains of beneficial, probiotic bacteria. Using different kinds of vegetables creates a more complex, rich taste and they add more vitamins, enzymes and many other nutrients. Ingredients:Green cabbage (comprising 50% or more of veg mix)Red cabbageCarrotsSweet potatoesFennelCilantro (coriander leaves)CeleryGinger (adds wonderful taste)Bell peppersYou can also add parsley, basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, oreganoHot pepper (be careful, one might be enough) Instructions:Juice a quart of celery juice; dissolve the starter culture in the juice. I want to show you how to ferment vegetables at home and create one of the most delicious, health-promoting superfoods you can imagine. How to ferment vegetables: Choose your ingredients Step 1: Prepare the culture starter Rinse the vegetables well