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- Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact

- Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact

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Integrated Speaking TOEFL Study Guide: Practice and Tips The TOEFL Speaking section can be a challenge for many test takers, especially when it comes to the Integrated Speaking TOEFL questions. These complex tasks test not only your English-speaking skills but also your reading and listening skills. So how can you ensure you’ll get a high score on them on test day? In this guide, we give you an overview of the TOEFL Integrated Speaking tasks and explain what to expect on each task. Ed.VoiceThread All great speakers were bad speakers at first - Ralph Waldo Emerson Ed.VoiceThread is a platform where students develop critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills. VoiceThread offers a natural online interaction that lends itself to students presenting & defending their work before experts and peers. — EDUCAUSE LEARNING INITIATIVE

Preparing Students for Successful Presentations We’ve all seen it. Leaning back on the board, rocking from side to side, or avoiding eye contact with the audience are all common occurrences when students give oral presentations. Like any other skill, successfully presenting in front of the class is something that can be taught and learned. If students are repeatedly exposed to public speaking opportunities, it is likely that they will become more comfortable with the process, which will ultimately lead to an overall improvement in presentation skills. Speaking in front of the class isn’t easy, but there are definitely measures we can take to prepare our students for continued success. Stage Fright

12 TOEFL Speaking Topics for Realistic Practice The TOEFL Speaking section can be intimidating: You have to record yourself talking for an exam? What kinds of TOEFL Speaking questions will you be asked? How many questions are there? 12 Fun Speaking Games for Language Learners When working with world language classes or English language learners, have you ever asked a question only to be answered with complete silence and blank stares? It’s a common issue—nearly every teacher has struggled with encouraging students to speak in a language they’re still learning. A student may have a deep fear of making a mistake, or may be just plain shy, even in their native language.

Excite Your Audience With Anticipation During an interview with poet Carl Sandburg, a reporter asked, "In your opinion, what's the ugliest word in the English language?" The poet frowned. "The ugliest word in the English language?" he repeated, furrowing his brow and staring in the distance. "Ugliest?" he muttered to himself. Krieger - Teaching Debate to ESL Students: A Six-Class Unit The Internet TESL Journal Daniel Kriegershinyfruit [at] yahoo.comSiebold University of Nagasaki (Nagasaki, Japan) Introduction Debate is an excellent activity for language learning because it engages students in a variety of cognitive and linguistic ways. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate upon this point by providing a step-by-step guide that will give teachers everything they need to know for conducting debate in an English class. So, why debate?

The Best TOEFL Speaking Template for Every Question The shortest, yet hardest, part of the TOEFL is the Speaking section. But by using a TOEFL Speaking template, you can give yourself the skills and confidence you’ll need to attain the Speaking score you want on test day. So how exactly does a TOEFL Speaking template work? In this article, we present to you six high-quality TOEFL iBT Speaking templates, with expert tips on how to customize and use them. Before we give you those, though, let’s go over the different types of Speaking tasks as well as the benefits of using a TOEFL Speaking template on the exam. What Kinds of Speaking Tasks Are on the TOEFL? 7 Easy ESL Speaking Activities for Teens or Adults Every language teacher knows that speaking is a core skill to teach and practice, but sometimes it can be challenging to come up with creative or engaging ESL speaking activities. Let’s dive into seven quick and easy ESL speaking activities you can integrate into your lessons to practice speaking with teens or adults. They are designed to be high-quality and enjoyable. They don’t need much preparation but will get your students talking and help them to hone their conversational skills without even thinking about it. SaveJIMMYESL4JIMMYESL | The Go-to Guide for ESL TeachersBest of JIMMYESL 1.

60 New TOEFL Speaking Topics for Speaking Tasks 1 & 2 The TOEFL iBT adds new TOEFL speaking topics every year. To keep up with them, we have found 60 new speaking topics from 2018 & 2019 TOEFL exams and created questions out of them. You can even find sample answers for all 60 speaking topics, in our TOEFL speaking practice area. Before we get into the new speaking topics, if you're looking for free TOEFL speaking practice then click the button below to start a free TOEFL speaking sample test. The test was designed to look and feel the same as the official TOEFL exam. The New TOEFL Speaking Question 1 (2019) - TOEFL Resources What is TOEFL Speaking Question One? (updated August 25, 2019) TOEFL Speaking question one is called the "Personal Choice" question, and it has four main styles: paired choice, multiple choice, agree/disagree and advantages/disadvantages. When you take the test you will get one of these styles.