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- Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact

- Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact
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Web of Stories 10 of the Best Online Collaboration Tools for Students These 10 Collaboration Tools for Education are Boosting Student Engagement and Bringing Interactive Fun to the Classroom. In many discussions about educational technology, the conversation usually revolves around teachers and their ability to interact with the latest technology. This tendency makes sense, especially since teachers are responsible for guiding and shaping the classroom learning experience. However, as important as it is for educators to be familiar with EdTech offerings, it may be even more important to ensure students are given access to digital collaboration tools that encourage them to become active participants in their education. To say that today’s average student is familiar with technology would be an understatement. 10 of the Best Online Tools for Student Collaboration Edmodo With an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed by teachers for teachers, Edmodo operates as a communication portal for students, teachers, and parents. Classcraft Yammer PenPal Schools

Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories 60 New TOEFL Speaking Topics for Speaking Tasks 1 & 2 The TOEFL iBT adds new TOEFL speaking topics every year. To keep up with them, we have found 60 new speaking topics from 2018 & 2019 TOEFL exams and created questions out of them. You can even find sample answers for all 60 speaking topics, in our TOEFL speaking practice area. Before we get into the new speaking topics, if you're looking for free TOEFL speaking practice then click the button below to start a free TOEFL speaking sample test. The test was designed to look and feel the same as the official TOEFL exam. play_circle_outline Start TOEFL speaking Sample Test If you prefer to practice at your own pace, then you can start a free speaking question by clicking the Mock Test 1 link in the table below. Table Of Contents Let's Get Started with the 60 Speaking Topics! For the rest of this article, you'll review 30 new TOEFL speaking topics from independent speaking task 1 and 30 new topics from independent speaking task 2. 30 New TOEFL Speaking Topics for Independent Speaking Task 1 OK!

Integrated Speaking TOEFL Study Guide: Practice and Tips • PrepScholar TOEFL The TOEFL Speaking section can be a challenge for many test takers, especially when it comes to the Integrated Speaking TOEFL questions. These complex tasks test not only your English-speaking skills but also your reading and listening skills. So how can you ensure you’ll get a high score on them on test day? In this guide, we give you an overview of the TOEFL Integrated Speaking tasks and explain what to expect on each task. We also provide you with 11 study resources and six expert tips so that you can walk away with a high TOEFL Speaking score. Feature image: lincolnblues/Flickr What Are the Integrated Speaking TOEFL Questions? On the TOEFL Speaking section, there are six questions, or tasks, you must complete. Multiple human raters grade each Integrated task using a scale of 0-4 in whole points. So what does each Integrated Speaking task require you to do? Speaking Task 3 For task 3, you must read a passage, listen to a conversation, and then record your response. Speaking Task 4 Related

Six Word Stories Ed.VoiceThread All great speakers were bad speakers at first - Ralph Waldo Emerson Ed.VoiceThread is a platform where students develop critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills. VoiceThread offers a natural online interaction that lends itself to students presenting & defending their work before experts and peers. — EDUCAUSE LEARNING INITIATIVE If you're an individual teacher and want to get started with VoiceThread for just your class, a Single Educator License is the way go. Give all your students an accountable and transparent learning environment. A District License provides simple multi-school management, application of custom security policies, and integration. A walled garden, with beautiful views. Student data security. Ed.VoiceThread is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge. iKeepSafe has certified Ed.VoiceThread's practices for the protection and privacy of student information. Accountability and transparency. Students cannot private message other students.

Preparing Students for Successful Presentations | Literacy In Focus We’ve all seen it. Leaning back on the board, rocking from side to side, or avoiding eye contact with the audience are all common occurrences when students give oral presentations. Like any other skill, successfully presenting in front of the class is something that can be taught and learned. Stage Fright If you’re human, you’ve experienced stage fright at one time or another. Voice, Gestures, and Posture Another aspect of a successful presentation involves the appropriate use of voice, gestures, and posture. Click here to download the complete Voice and Gestures Lesson from Literacy in Focus Grading Rubric While it might seem quite simple, reviewing the oral presentation rubric with students ahead of time is extremely powerful. Click Below to Download the FREE Oral Presentation Rubric

12 TOEFL Speaking Topics for Realistic Practice • PrepScholar TOEFL The TOEFL Speaking section can be intimidating: You have to record yourself talking for an exam? What kinds of TOEFL Speaking questions will you be asked? How many questions are there? What will you need to talk about? In this guide, we answer all those questions and more so you’ll know exactly what to expect from this challenging section and how to do well on it. An Introduction to TOEFL Speaking Topics The TOEFL Speaking section lasts 20 minutes and includes six tasks. Also, it’s important to know that you won’t be speaking to a real person during this section. The following three sections explain the three format types you’ll see on the Speaking section. TOEFL Independent Speaking Tasks The first two TOEFL iBT Speaking topics are independent speaking tasks that draw on the student’s own ideas, opinions, and experiences when responding. Preparation Time: 15 secondsSpeaking Time: 45 seconds Official Sample Question The Tasks Task 1: Choose From One Option Task 2: Choose From Two Options

Latest World Headline News, Breaking News - Newsy® 12 Fun Speaking Games for Language Learners When working with world language classes or English language learners, have you ever asked a question only to be answered with complete silence and blank stares? It’s a common issue—nearly every teacher has struggled with encouraging students to speak in a language they’re still learning. A student may have a deep fear of making a mistake, or may be just plain shy, even in their native language. Whatever the reason, here is a list of a few fun activities to get your students to speak. 12 Ways to Get Language Learners Talking 1. All three claim that the fact is theirs, and the class then proceeds to question them in an attempt to determine who is telling the truth and who is lying. 2. For variation 2, separate the students into groups of four or five. Variation 3 is for advanced speakers. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Next, tell the students that they’ve been stranded on a desert island, and only half of the class can survive and continue to inhabit the island. 9. 10. 11. 12.