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Go Wild - Online and Offline Activities for Learning About Animals The World Wildlife Federation's Go Wild website is a great place to find online and offline activities that can help elementary school students learn about a variety of animals and ecosystems. The site is arranged into six sections; Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, Polar, and Oceans. Each section includes online games and quizzes about animals. Each section also includes a hands-on activity like creating a shoe box safari. Applications for Education Due to its mix of online and offline activities Go Wild offers something for almost all classroom settings. The site is one that I might consider adding to my classroom blog as a resource for parents who are looking for educational activities to do at home with their children.

Todo Math: Great Math App for Diverse Learners - Getting Smart by Alesha Bishop - blended learning, digital learning, EdTech, math, mathchat, STEM, technology Todo Math is an engaging and surprisingly comprehensive math learning app designed for kids from preschool through the elementary grades. The app is organized as a series of “missions,” which progress in difficulty. Players may start from the beginning and go straight through, or can jump directly to a specific mission — ideal for an app which will serve a broad range of learners. Each mission is a suite of several individual games, often organized around a common theme, such as pattern recognition or subtraction. The games are visually appealing and encourage logical thinking as well as teaching math concepts. The word windows games also provide a button which will read the main question aloud to the player, a feature which will benefit auditory learners. The same games return in more challenging formats as the player progresses through the levels. In addition to the 30+ missions, Todo Math offers 18 free choice games and 3 different in-app purchasing options.

Présentation | Mirage – réalité augmentée pour le numérique éducatif NOUVEAU ! Créez vos propres documents en réalité augmentée Qu'est ce que la réalité augmentée ? La réalité augmentée permet d’incruster des objets virtuels sur des marqueurs, qui sont des figures géométriques imprimées sur du papier. En pointant un smartphone ou une tablette vers ces marqueurs, l’utilisateur peut observer un objet (un bâtiment, une molécule, de l’information, des indices, …) sous tous les angles. Qu'est ce que la réalité virtuelle ? La réalité virtuelle permet d’immerger l’utilisateur dans un univers réel ou imaginaire, afin de simuler une situation problème à résoudre. Qui développe Mirage et dans quel but ? Mirage est développé par Marc Aurélien Chardine, professeur de sciences physiques au lycée Pierre Corneille à Rouen. Vous êtes professeur ? Les applications Mirage apportent de nouveaux outils pour les professeurs de toutes matières afin de rendre leur enseignement plus attractif. Vous êtes une entreprise ? Télécharger les applications Mirage

teknikochnatur Teckning av bakterier av en elev på Malmaskolan, Uppsala Beskrivning: I ”Kropp och Hälsa”, i åk 1-3, ska främst de yttre delarna av kroppen tas upp. Prata med eleverna om kroppens delar och låt dem beskriva med egna ord och bilder hur kroppen ser ut. Gör experiment och träna iakttagelser med syfte att eleverna ska bekanta sig med sin kropp och grundlägga en förståelse för hur den fungerar. Lär in kroppsdelarnas namn genom att exempelvis använda post-it-lappar med namn på kroppsdelar och låta eleverna ”pynta” läraren, någon kompis eller en ritad figur med lapparna. Ålderkategori: Grundskola 1-3,Grundskola 4-6 Typ av resurs: Praktiskt arbete: experiment/laboration inomhus. Detta material har utarbetats av: Nationellt resurscentrum för biologi och bioteknik, samt Marie Björkqvist och Carina Söderberg, Malmaskolan, Uppsala Kommentera » Tipsa en kollega »

Create Molecular Model Simulations With the Molecular Workbench The Molecular Workbench is an excellent site produced by the Concord Consortium with funding from the National Science Foundation. On the Molecular Workbench you can find dozens of interactive models, simulations, and lessons in biology, chemistry, and physics. Each of the lessons walk students through a concept or series of concepts using a set of models and simulations. For example, the Cellular Respiration activity is actually a series of nine lessons using simulations of the process. In addition to the pre-made models, simulations, and lessons users can create their own using the tools provided by the Molecular Workbench. Applications for Education The Molecular Workbench could be a great resource for science students and teachers.

Some of The Best iPad and Android Math Apps for Middle School Students January 22, 2016 In today's post, we have curated for you some of the best Math apps for middle school students. We included apps for both Android and iPad. The apps cover different mathematical skills and will definitely help students enhance their math learning and consequently perform better. Check them out and as always share with us if you have other suggestions to add to the list. iPad Math Apps for Middle Schoolers ‘Photomath is the world's smartest camera calculator! ‘Algebra Touch will refresh your skills using touch-based techniques built from the ground up for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.’ 3- Mathmateer ‘While your rocket is floating weightlessly in space, the real fun begins! 4- Mathspace ‘Mathspace has arrived on the iPad/iPhone.- your favourite online Maths textbook, workbook and mark book just got better.Mathspace is the first computer based system that allows students to complete full worked solutions to problems online and receive instant feedback and help at every step.’

Food Chain - Kid's Corner The Food Chain Every living thing needs energy in order to live. Everytime animals do something (run, jump) they use energy to do so. Animals get energy from the food they eat, and all living things get energy from food. A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. A simple food chain could start with grass, which is eaten by rabbits. Math in the Movies Oliver Knill, from the Department of Mathematics at Harvard University, has compiled a very interesting web page that includes video clips from 155 movies in which mathematics appears. I enjoyed browsing this list and watching some of the clips of movies that I have seen in the past. Many, but not all, of the movies can be watched using the full-screen options. Note: I believe that the video clips I have chosen to highlight below are classroom safe. Some of the other clips on the website do include language inappropriate for the classroom. Here are my favorite clips from movies that I am familiar with in this list: (Click the links below to watch each clip.) Father of the Bride In this hilarious clip George Banks (Steve Martin) is infuriated that hot dogs and hot dog buns are not sold in complementary packages at his local supermarket. October Sky October Sky is one of my favorite movies. Pay It Forward A Walk to Remember Night at the Museum II This is a very funny, stand-alone clip!

What Does E=mc2 Truly Mean? What does E=mc2, the most famous equation in history, mean? (Image Credit: PBS Space Time) Albert Einstein remains one of the greatest minds in history. His contributions to the fields of cosmology, physics and mathematics are unquantifiable, but arguably, the most important works were his theories of general and special relativity. Ultimately, they shed light on the intimate workings of the universe—from the nature gravity itself, to the outermost edges of black holes. If most people were to sum it up, they would say that the equation deals with the Mass–energy equivalence, which tells us that energy and matter are fundamentally the same thing. Over the course of a single year, we compile thousands of articles, and generate dozens upon dozens of high-quality videos and infographics. While the vast majority of websites have extensive teams of writers, editors, graphic designers, and videographers, FQTQ is run by just just two people: Jaime and Jolene.

IT i Naturen Pyramid - Math word definition Pyramid A polyhedron that has a base and three or more triangular faces that meet at a point above the base (the apex). A pyramid is a polyhedron that has a base, which can be any polygon, and three or more triangular faces that meet at a point called the apex. These triangular sides are sometimes called the lateral faces to distinguish them from the base. The base The base can be any polygon, but is most often a square. The base is usually a regular polygon, but it need not be. The faces The faces of the pyramid are all triangles. Surface area and volume See Right and Oblique pyramids If the apex is directly over the center of a regular base as it is above, it is called a right pyramid. See Oblique pyramid definition for more on this. Related topics Icosahedron (20 faces each an equilateral triangle) (C) 2009 Copyright Math Open Reference.

Gravitational waves – your questions answered The final piece of Einstein's general theory of relativity, which has stubbornly evaded detection since his predictions a century ago, has been detected. Scientists announced today at a press conference they’ve successfully picked up gravitational waves, formed during the cataclysmic collision and fusion of two mammoth black holes 1.3 billion light-years away. Not only does this confirm Einstein’s predictions, it gives astronomers a new method of “seeing” the Universe. Nailing down gravitational waves – ripples through the fabric of space-time – has not been an easy task. Even Einstein was pessimistic about finding the miniscule vibrations. Indeed, in 2014 the astrophysics world was elated with the announcement that the Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarisation (BICEP2) telescope at the South Pole had picked up faint echoes of the Big Bang, only to have those hopes dashed when the signal turned out to be dust in our own galaxy. This time, though, it’s different.

Pojken som inte slutade samla: Pojketiden Carl växte upp i byn Stenbrohult i Småland. Hans pappa var präst och familjen bodde i prästgården. Där fanns en stor trädgård med många blommor, för Carls pappa var väldigt förtjust i växter och trädgårdsodling. När han var fem år fick han sin första egna lilla trädgård att sköta, "Carls trädgård". Här kan du skapa egna klipp ur programmet Hjälp Stäng 1. Se en film om hur man skapar klipp. DelaKopiera länken genom att trycka ctrl+C på PC eller cmd+C på Mac. Explore the Moon and Mars in Google Maps Exploring the moon and Mars has long been an option in Google Earth. That same option is now available in Google Maps too. To view the moon and Mars in Google Maps switch the base map to Earth view then zoom out as far as possible. The options for moon and Mars appear when you have completely zoomed out. There are labels on the moon and Mars views in Google Maps. Applications for Education As mentioned above, the option to explore the moon and Mars has long been available in Google Earth. H/T to Google Maps Mania.