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Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control - Gnostic Media interviews Jose Barrera #157

Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control - Gnostic Media interviews Jose Barrera #157

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4.02 Months of the Year - Greenland Theory Aries (1st Month: April 1—April 28)“Aries” is the 1st astrological sign and is commonly depicted as “The Ram” (R+M) which is symbolic for “Rome” (R+M). The name Aires (R+S) is derived from Eros (R+S) the god of Love in Greek mythology whose Temple of Ares is located in the Ancient Agora of Athens, Greece. April 1st is New Year’s Day in the Roman calendar and is celebrated as April Fools' Day in the underworld since the alleged fall of the Roman Empire for it has collectively fooled the masses.

Every Year Since Obama Won the Peace Prize, US Has Broken its Record of Killing Civilians in Afghanistan By John Vibes According to numbers released by the United Nations this week, the US military is murdering innocent civilians at ever-increasing rates and is killing more innocent people each year. In fact, recent reports have indicated that the US military has broken its record for civilian casualties every single year in Afghanistan, for the past seven years. The UN report revealed that 3,545 innocent civilians were killed and another 7,457 were injured in the past year of the US military’s occupation of Afghanistan. These numbers showed a 4% increase from the number of deaths the year before. Since the United Nations began keeping track of civilian casualties in Afghanistan in 2009, they have documented roughly 59,000 deaths and injuries, and it is expected that there were many other cases that were not on record.

The Binary Code of the Matrix & the Power of the 'Machine' By Arno Pienaar, contributor for The Machines’ power in the Binary Code is probably the best kept secret of our time. Let’s expose and dissect the reason why the computer was programmed with the one and the zero. The binary code of ones and zeros that we are familiar with from The Matrix film, holds a deeper meaning than we would have ever thought. The plot of the film is about an unreal, holographic, world wherein there are millions of slaves, performing a role in the society, such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians etc.

How the Voting System is Used to Drain Your Energy In the USA, many Americans are watching the 2016 Presidential Debate, so they can make an “inform” decision to vote for the candidate that they believe is the best to lead their country. What most Americans do not realize is that all presidential candidates are “actors” applying for a job of a corporation called the United States. After being hired, they are trained to be professional actors and liars, so that they can fool the American people to support the United States, Inc., and help spread its franchise throughout the world. The word franchise means “the right or license granted by a company to an individual or group to market its products or services in a specific territory”. But did you know that the word franchise can also mean “the right to vote”?

TheCarlaFoxBlog: Organic vs Synthetic As our soul essence dropped down through the dimensions to our embodiment here, we passed through the Great Void that separates the 5th dimension from the 4th. Once on the other side of the void, the timeless unity spherical consciousness that we experienced in the 5th dimension and above shattered into the 4th dimensional patterning of linear time, polarity and duality, black and white, and positive and negative. Every action now has an equal and opposite reaction, every light has its shadow, and events move more or less on a linear time line. The return path is still available to us as I have previously described in the ascension post. It is an internal, natural progression from our connection to our core essence all the way to our eventual merging with our eternal essence.

WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers to Rig Elections By Matt Agorist “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin (allegedly) Error in Statement of Tropical Year The Greenwich Royal Observatory pamphlet (henceforth G.R.O.#48) begins: "The year is deefined as being the interval between two successive passages of the Sun through the vernal equinox. Of course, what is really occurring is that the Earth is going around the Sun but it is easier to understand what is happening by considering the apparent motion of the Sun in the sky." "The vernal equinox is the instant when the Sun is above the Earth's equator while going from the south to the north.

AIDS OPIUM DIAMONDS & empire Dr. Nancy Turner Banks joins the show to discuss her book AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed. We talk about the connections between "free market" strategies, corporate malfeasance, political corruption, narcotics trafficking, globalism, depopulation, wars, revolutions, financial crises and today's health crisis. Vernal Equinox 2012: First-Day-of-Spring Myth Busted In the Northern Hemisphere winter officially ended at 1:14 a.m. ET on Tuesday, March 20, 2012—the vernal equinox, or spring equinox—making today the first day of spring. (See spring equinox pictures.) The Rise of American Authoritarianism — Trump-Style Politics and What it Means for the Future of America 14th March 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Time Manipulation Another subtle yet devastating aspect of the global conspiracy is their manipulation of calendars, clocks, and our perception of time. We are being enslaved by man-made mechanisms and systems for keeping time. Not only are we wage-slaves to bankers, governments, bosses, and land-owners, but we are also time-slaves to our watches, clocks, and calendars. We slave to 9-5 school and work days. We slave to 5-day school and work weeks. We are spiritual slaves to Greenwich Mean Time, the Gregorian calendar, and an tural 7-day week. Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How and Why By Tim Bryant Guest Writer for Wake Up World “A brief glance at history will tell you that emperors and tyrants have been trying to expand their power and influence over greater and greater areas for centuries. It just happens that today it can be done on a global scale like never before…”

The Matrix Literally Has Your Soul — Reclaim It! ( The matrix program has us all where it needs us, energizing everything besides our own souls, serving the illusion and rendering it in dominion over our creative birth rights. It seems there are very few of us still left that are really basking in our own light of consciousness. Living life in the timeless now is the prerequisite to becoming empowered by enough life force to fuel you with no sustenance whatsoever. This is the real secret that the so called breatharians and “sun-eaters” will not tell you. Immortality then also becomes a likely possibility when one is really unsubscribed to time.