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Instant Display Teaching Resources, A Sparklebox Alternative,Free and Low Cost Teaching Resources. Free Teaching Resources Display Lettering Sets.  Printable Alphabet Lettering Sets and Display Borders,  brighen up your classroom with these free resources

Instant Display Teaching Resources, A Sparklebox Alternative,Free and Low Cost Teaching Resources. Free Teaching Resources Display Lettering Sets.  Printable Alphabet Lettering Sets and Display Borders,  brighen up your classroom with these free resources

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Join Teaching Packs - To become a member of Teaching Packs for just £15.00, simply... Complete our quick form below to register.Press the Paypal button at the bottom and follow the instructions to make your payment.After the payment is processed, we will set up your account and send you a confirmation email. This usually happens immediately. Thanks for waiting while you are transferred to Paypal's site. Complete our quick form below to register.Click on Add Billing Method and enter your credit / debit card details securely.Next, click on Submit Form and your membership will be processed.

SMART Board Exchange Training, content, and community Sign In | Join for free! | Top 5 ANZAC Resources for Teachers - Annabel Astbury - ABC Splash - ABC Splash ANZAC Topic Page We've curated a selection of clips from the Splash Library and from across the ABC all mapped to the Australian Curriculum, including these clips on The Last Post and The meaning of ANZAC Day. Gallipoli – The First Day: Interactive documentary site Get your students to immerse themselves in the first day landings at Gallipoli in 1914. An extensive resource that explores Australian and Turkish perspectives on the ‘day that shaped a nation'. First Day of School Activities for Big Kids Every time I mentioned Back to School on my Facebook page at least one person mentions that it can't possibly be time yet! I know, I know! It's much too soon...but the fact is that it's coming.

YouTube Tool Reduces exposing pupils to unknown/unwanted YouTube contentAllows you to specify a start and end point of a YouTube videoGenerates a link to just your chosen YouTube videoFor more information, see below Youtube link generator Copy and paste the address of the YouTube video you wish to use and complete the optional start and stop time tags. New Virtual Library Offers over 250 Art Books for Free Download Publications, Research Getty Publications makes 45 years of art and conservation titles available online, with more to come When we launched the Open Content Program last summer and released 4,600 collection images to the public (a number that has since more than doubled), I cited this quote from the most recent museum edition of the NMC Horizon Report: “it is now the mark—and social responsibility—of world-class institutions to develop and share free cultural and educational resources.” This dictum continues to inform our efforts here at the Getty, and today I am very pleased to share with you our latest project in this arena, the Virtual Library: An open, online repository of more than 250 Getty publications from our 45-year publishing history, available as high-quality scans to read online, or to download in their entirety, for free. The books in the Virtual Library come from three of the Getty’s programs: the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Research Institute, and the J.

Nine things you didn't know about PowerPoint - Belinda Jennings - ABC Splash - Throughout my career as a teacher I have seen many ICT tools come and go. Some have revolutionised the way I teach and seem to be permanent fixtures in my lesson preparation such as video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo, screen capture tools like Jing and Sreencast-o-matic and blogging apps such as Wordpress and tumblr. Some tech has initially seem like it might be the ‘next big thing’ but ends up too difficult to learn or just not that practical. I think good technology is not the latest and shiniest tool but simply technology that works for you. PowerPoint is something that might be perceived as old technology, but it's something I can't imagine ever giving up and it can be used to enhance student learning.

Six Good Places to Find Free Music and Sound Effects In my post earlier today about tools for creating book trailer videos I mentioned a couple of sources of free sound effects and music. Picking the right music or sound effects can have a drastic influence on how we react to a scene in a video. Here are some places that you and your students can find free sound effects and music to download and use in video projects. Royalty Free Music hosts music tracks that can be reused in numerous ways.

Supporting English Language Learners In Content Classes Teaching Beginning and Intermediate English Language Learners in mainstream content classes can be particularly challenging, and I’ve written extensively about it previously in two “The Best…” lists: The Best Sites For Learning Strategies To Teach ELL’s In Content Classes The Best Multilingual & Bilingual Sites For Math, Social Studies, & Science I thought readers might be interested in hearing what we just started doing to support my Beginning and Intermediate English Language Learner students in their Geometry class.

Here Is Another Excellent Tool for Flipped Classrooms June 1 , 2016 Buncee for Education is a good creation and presentation tool to use in your instruction. It is also ideal for flipped classrooms. Buncee provides an intuitive web-based digital canvas for creating engaging content. You can upload all kinds of multimedia materials to your canvas including videos, photos, drawings, audio, PDFs and many more.