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Upload and 3D print your products on Shapeways

Upload and 3D print your products on Shapeways
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Animal Track Guides: An Excellent Field Guide for Animal Track Identification- Features Over 22 Different Animal Tracks Common To North America Was that a coyote or a fox that walked through here? Take the guesswork out of identifying North American animal tracks. The North Woods Tracks Guide features 22 different animal tracks commonly found in North America. Each of the tags, measuring just 1¼” x 4”, are bound together on a ball chain and fan out easily for quick comparison. Interesting facts about where the animals live, what they eat, and how big they grow are found on the reverse side of each tag. Leave the bulky books at home, and order the most convenient, lightweight, durable and compact field guide available today! North Woods Track Guide $6.99 each, plus $2.14 s&h - Shipping is only .50 for each additional guide! There is a slightly higher charge for postage paying by credit card for ordering more than one guide.

Linear regression Linear regression is one of the most basic, and yet most useful approaches for predicting a single quantitative (real-valued) variable given any number of real-valued predictors. This article presents the basics of linear regression for the "simple" (single-variable) case, as well as for the more general multivariate case. Companion code in Python implements the techniques described in the article on simulated and realistic data sets. The code is self-contained, using only Numpy as a dependency. Simple linear regression The most basic kind of regression problem has a single predictor (the input) and a single outcome. and corresponding output values , we have to find parameters m and b such that the linear function: Is "as close as possible" to the observed outcome y. We have to find a slope m and intercept b for a line that approximates this data as well as possible. Expanding , we get: Let's turn this into Python code (link to the full code sample): we want to minimize. Imagine plotting . .

CADvision, Solutions en CAO mécanique et CAO électronique, Imprimante 3D, Service & Formation, PLM & GPAO, visualisation collaborative This Solar Powered Tent Can Power All Your Mobile Gadgets Now THIS solar powered off grid camping tent is probably the coolest tent I've ever seen. I've been an outdoorsman all my life and have owned many tents, but this concept is phenomenal. Now, this isn't designed to haul around the hiking trails, as it would be too heavy for regular hiking/camping trips. But, it could probably be utilized well at events, and longer term camping. It's designed to sleep 4 people comfortably, and would supposedly power you mobile devices through the built in solar panel array on the roof. No word on how to order one, or even when it will be in production. “…The concept garnered significant press for both Orange and the Glastonbury music festival, including mentions in CNet, Engadget, Gizmodo, Treehugger, and IGN. And it GLOWS with radiant lighting. Please, I want one, where do I sign up? Related: Credits:Off Grid World

Infographic: See The Daily Routines Of The World's Most Famous Creative People We tend to imagine writers, painters, and composers burning the midnight oil, skipping meals, and working feverishly when true inspiration strikes. In fact, Tchaikovsky and Charles Dickens got plenty of Zs each night. Immanuel Kant made a point of visiting the pub every day. And Auden, Milton, and Beethoven kept precise work schedules. These details are catalogued in Creative Routines, an infographic from Info We Trust about the schedules of accomplished creatives. Click on the infographic below and on the images in the gallery to see how they all spent their time.

Connex500 3D Printer | The Best 3D Printer, Multi-Material, Multi-Functional, Objet By printing with Digital Materials, the Connex500™ allows you to print parts with specific Shore A values to match the values of the intended production materials. This capability opens up new opportunities, bringing you much closer to realizing the final product at an early stage, including feasibility testing and over-molding process simulation. Parts produced on the Connex500™ have smooth and durable surfaces, with exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish. The superior productivity, high quality output and unique multi-material printing capabilities of the Connex500™ enable you to closely emulate the look, feel and function of an exceptionally wide variety of end products. ​Connex500 3D Printer Features & Benefits Closer-than-ever simulation of end 3D model products.

FREE eBooks, Apps Download - Tony Robbins UPW Explained, an NLP video analysis. Anthony J. Mahavorick, aka Tony Robbins is probably the most well known NLP student of all time. At one point in his truly remarkable career Tony was estimated to be worth $800 million and had an infomercial for his Personal Power product on TV somewhere in North America every 30 minutes. Tony learnt NLP back in the 80s and really did 'go for it' and apply what he learnt fully, fueling a career that went on to establish him and his "Mega" seminars as one of the top events to go to in the personal development world. He has coached or advised some of the top sports, business and politicians of our time. If you have ever seen Tony at a live seminar you will know he is an exceptional presenter and master crowd communicator. So just how does he do this? We pick up this analysis in video 1 where Tony is setting the frames for the beginning of the session, setting a hook to hang the rest of the presentation on .. Feel free to comment and post any thoughts below. Practical Application:

Objet500 Connex Multi-Material 3D Printer The Full Range of Materials in a Large Build The Objet500 Connex offers all of the power of pioneering Connex multi-material 3D printing in a build envelope of 500 x 400 x 200mm (19.7 × 15.7 × 7.9 in.) — large enough to support large models or many parts. Using patented simultaneous multi-material PolyJet technology, the Objet500 Connex can 3D print models with up to 14 different materials in a single job. This provides a realistic rendering of the final product. Image Gallery Materials From an unrivalled range of more than 100 materials, including as many as 90 digital materials created on the fly, the Objet500 Connex enables you to simulate diverse mechanical and physical properties, from rubber to rigid; opaque to transparent; and standard to ABS-grade. Base materials include: Composite Objet Digital Materials include: Digital ABS (RGD5160-DM fabricated from RGD515 and RGD535) simulates ABS engineering plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness. Model materials:

Making Moccasins- Making Native American Indian Moccasins- Crazy Crow Craft Focus Native American Moccasins – What are you looking for? Welcome to one of the most popular "Moccasin" pages on the Web! This page will introduce you to "everything moccasin" that Crazy Crow Trading Post offers. From ready made moccasins, to moccasin kits and patterns, books and videos about moccasin making, and everything you'll need to make them, and information on the history and origins of moccasins, including a photo gallery and links to other online resources, it's all here on the Crazy Crow Trading Post website. The point of this page is to be a focal point for folks that find us through any number of internet searches. We want to make sure that, whatever your reason for looking for "native american moccasins" online, that you'll find it here and follow other links to the products or information you're looking for, whether on our website, or some other we link to. An Introduction to Native American Moccasins Why do we call this footwear "Moccasins"? Kiowa High Tops Arapaho Hard Soled