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Usability 101: Definition and Fundamentals - What, Why, How

Usability 101: Definition and Fundamentals - What, Why, How

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Widgets “You are Here” indicator a way of indicating the current location (or view area) when looking at an overview map, site map, navigation bar, etc. The indicator can be as simple as a dot, a bounding rectangle, an arrow, or a hilited item. “You… Read more » about box

User Experience Debt Creating awareness and acting on missed opportunities Have you ever borrowed something from a friend and written them an “I.O.U.”? I have. But have you ever written one to the people that use your website, your application, or your online services? No? I didn’t think so*. Task-Centered User Interface Design : 4. Evaluating the Design Without Users Throughout this book we've emphasized the importance of bringing users into the interface design process. However, as a designer you'll also need to evaluate the evolving design when no users are present. Users' time is almost never a free or unlimited resource. Introduction Fun, fashion & science in the Internet's #1 website about shoelaces. Whether you want to learn to lace shoes, tie shoelaces, stop shoelaces from coming undone, calculate shoelace lengths or even repair aglets, Ian's Shoelace Site has the answer! You can find out more about this site, or you can dive right in below. Table of Contents Lacing Shoes

113 Design Guidelines for Homepage Usability (Nielsen Norman Group) Topics Author Recent Articles Popular Articles Subscribe to: Training vs. Design A friend of mine, a mid-level manager in a large company, recently told me about his employer’s new expense tracking system. Like many big organizations, my friend’s firm designs and builds many of its internal applications. While rolling out the application, this company asked its employees to take a two-hour training session to teach them how to enter their expenses. To say my friend is busy would be an amusing understatement. Naturally he was frustrated with the time commitment for training on such a mundane activity.

Customer journey mapping A customer journey map is a way to describe all the experiences a customer has with your organisation and the emotional responses they provoke – from their first impression of your building, to speaking to staff or receiving a service. In government, the process of providing a service or ‘product’ is often complex, with multiple interactions taking place over long timeframes with little by way of tangible outputs. Customer journey mapping is a particularly useful tool to help identify the customer’s interaction with your organisation, their thought processes and reactions to you, which can reveal opportunities for improvement and innovation in the customer’s experience. Customer journey mapping can help to identify how the customer is treated during each contact and how the customer feels towards your organisation at the end of the experience. This information can then be used to aid your management decision-making. What are the benefits?

Online Etymology Dictionary nice (adj.) late 13c., "foolish, stupid, senseless," from Old French nice (12c.) "careless, clumsy; weak; poor, needy; simple, stupid, silly, foolish," from Latin nescius "ignorant, unaware," literally "not-knowing," from ne- "not" (see un-) + stem of scire "to know" (see science).

Blacklist Check Blacklist Check Right here and now you can check to see if your IP address is listed on an anti-spam database. Will your emails or forum chats get blocked? Below is a list of the major databases that track blacklisted IP addresses — look at the list now and you'll see there are no checkmarks next to the database names. Check Your IP Address.

Data collection for usability research Taking notes in usability tests Anyone who has ever conducted a usability evaluation of a web site, software application, or consumer product, knows that human behaviour research often produces reams of data that can take significant time to analyse. To be productive, researchers must organize and reduce these data so that they can quickly perform their analysis and proceed with improving the product.

Using Back-End Design to Create Customizable Front-End Mobile Experiences Steve Krug famously said, “Don’t make me think.” This statement is simple, profound, and especially true in the case of mobile interfaces. With smaller screen real estate, increased app fatigue, and decreased user adoption rates, there has never been a better time to revisit these words. The key to keeping apps ticking, alive, and successful is captured right in that statement. Create an intuitive user experience; don’t make the user think.

fastcodesign After the success of Warby Parker and Everlane, companies have been cropping up across all industries with business models that cut out the middleman to offer designer-quality wares at reasonable prices. But in terms of providing paired-down, high-end basics, home goods retailers have consistently lagged behind. "Home is so much more complicated for people. Introduction to getting a job in technical writing (TW Job) If you’re a college student looking to become a technical writer after you graduate, you face a formidable challenge: you can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job. Especially in a competitive job market, getting a job as a technical writer directly after you graduate — without a foundation of previous jobs, experience with a handful of tools, and an impressive portfolio — can be especially difficult. However, if you follow these seven steps, which are not easy, not something you can do overnight, you will find a job. Note: In a couple of weeks I’m giving a presentation to Brigham Young University Idaho students with this post’s topic (getting a job as a technical writer).

5 Things I Can't Believe Websites Are Still Doing The general consensus is that the Internet went mainstream sometime around 1996. That's important because it means that for a decade and a half, the experts have been spouting off about how "in the future," all businesses will be dependent on connectivity. Well here we are, we've arrived at the future, and even the corner dildo recycler has a website. Via

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