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EN World RPG News & Reviews - Morrus' Daily News Blog

EN World RPG News & Reviews - Morrus' Daily News Blog
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True20 Adventure Roleplaying: True fun, true excitement, true adventure, True20! Aldana Steel: Links Aldana Steel Here are a few more sites that relate to background and colour in our game: 7th Sea Sites (See also the Webrings on the front page for more sites.) In Avalonian: Used to be AEG's official 7th Sea site – Can you believe they are no longer using it, since they switched to "Swashbuckling Adventures"??? In Montaginois: S7M - Les Secrets de la 7eme mer – the official site of the French publishing house 7ème Mer - Le Cardinal – contains a character generator utility (both in French and in English); unfortunately, the site hasn't been updated since June 2000. In Castillan: In Eisenländer: In... an Ussuran Dialect? 7 Tenger – nice looking, still being updated as of March 2004. Return to top 7th Sea Mailing Lists On Yahoo! 7th-Sea 7thSeaGamingAide 7eme_mer – the French list LosVagos – the Spanish list for the RPG Rosicrucian – announcement list for the Rose+Cross (by subscription only) Oathkeepers – mailing list for the Order of Knights of the Black Cross, Die Kreutzritter Other Forums Art

The Piazza • Index page Pelgrane Press Ltd » Blog Archive » The Archmage Engine – 13th Age SRD This is the home of the 13th Age / Archmage Engine system reference document. For licensing information, go here. It contains all the open content from the 13th Age RPG – the Archmage Engine. Whether you are a publisher or a gamer, you can use this under the terms of the Open Gaming License. This is not the 13th Age RPG, which is a beautiful, gamer-friendly book packed with extra content and written in the author’s distinctive style. Word doc files: Character RulesClassesCombat RulesIconsLegalMagic ItemsMonstersRacesRunning the Game PDF Files:Character RulesClassesCombat RulesIconsLegalMagic ItemsMonstersRacesRunning the Game The documents hosted on this page is Open Game Content, and are licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a.

Welcome to Contested Ground Studios Vaults of Pandius - Mystara Official Homepage Ben’s RPG Pile About Bruce Heard and New Stories Technohol 13: Marvel Super Heroes RPG (Classic & Saga) Source Material Dyson's Dodecahedron | Award Winning Dungeon Design