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A British Christmas

A British Christmas
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CHRISTMAS | papadeligames History Animated stories The Christmas story Comics Journey out of Darkness is a full size 24-page comic book, designed for a 10-14 year old Advent calendars : E- Cards Thanksgiving – Ημέρα των ΕυχαριστιώνΑnimated cardsElf yourself – Kάνε τον εαυτό σου νάνοDancing Santa - Kάνε τον εαυτό σου ή το φίλο σου Άη-Βασίλη που χορεύειGingerbread Cookie CardThe Gingerbread Man with EverythingCreate your own snowflakeJigsaw – ΠάζλΜake a snowman – Φτιάξε ένα χιονάνθρωποSanta sends a letter to your friend – Στείλε κάρτα από τον Άη-Βασίλη στο φίλο σου. Games School or family party games Here ´s a party game you can play with children or even parents! Here are the instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. After the six steps have been given, let everyone look at their masterpieces. 1. 2 points if the tree touches the floor. 2. 2 points if your stocking is touching your mantel. 3. 1 point if your star touches your tree. 4. 1 point if your star is above your tree. 6. 1 point if your fireplace doesn’t touch the tree Printables

ESL Flow christmas specials Communication 4 All Resources to Support Inclusion This has opened in a separate window - just exit to return to the Home page. Here is a selection of special Christmas resources for you! Click on the images to download the resources of your choice! Letter to Santa and Winter themed bordered paper: click the images to download Gift Tag letter cards: click the links below the image to download Available for lower case alphabet, upper case alphabet and lower case phonics (as shown) A4 Number Presents, 0-10: click the image to download Super Socks Christmas Match up (Number Bonds to 10): click the image to download Type on Nativity Story PowerPoint with Word Bank: click the image to download Activities for the IWB -Wordsearch and Treasure Hunt: click on the images to download Christmas Mouse skills PowerPoint: click on the image to download Christmas Character Masks: click on the image to download Nativity Colouring Image Collection in a zip file: click on the image to download More Resources!

Play Free Christmas Games - GoGo Christmas Games ICE ICE, BABY: WRITING A CINQUAIN Now, when we are all getting into the festive mood, probably makes an ideal time to discuss some holiday hotspots (or ‘cold’spots). This activity is built around an extremely ‘cold’spot – Ice Hotel – to spark your students’ imagination, discuss unusual ways of holidaymaking and get them to try their hand at writing a cinquain. (A cinquain is a five-line poem that describes a person, place, or thing and has a distinct structure: noun, two adjectives, three verbs, a four-word phrase and a noun). Step 1. Show the following image to your students and say that everything in the place is made up of snow and sculpted blocks of ice. Ask them to think of what this place could be for. (Image credit: -Pixel –,, Creative Commons) Discuss possible options. or play the following video showing the Ice Hotel in Canada Step 2. Ask your students to imagine being in the “ugg boots” of people staying at this hotel. Step 3. What could people do in the Ice Hotel?

MERRY CHRISTMAS (WICKED VERSION): YANKEE SWAP, DIRTY SANTA We had a merry granny Christmas last year. We ate chocolate, played wicked games, but there was one thing missing – gift exchange. This year Granny is back with a new add-on – A White Elephant Gift Exchange or Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa. Eat Chocolate and Play Wicked Games Step 1. Ask your students the following questions: Have you been naughty or nice this year? Play Granny O’Grimm’s Christmas Greeting Step 2. You’ll need an assortment of small chocolate bars, or candies (of different types). Chocolate Confession Chart Chocolate [1…e.g. Chocolate [2] = share any funny or embarrassing experience that you had this year Chocolate [3] = tell about a fun experience this year Chocolate [4] = tell about a wicked person you met this year Chocolate [5] = tell about something new you learnt this year Chocolate [6] = tell about a prank you watched or played on somebody Chocolate [7] = tell about your wish that came true this year Chocolate [9] = tell about your achievement this year Step 3. Step 4. 2. 3.

Christmas Ladders Game | Genki English This is a great game I used for classes (or parties) where I didn’t see the kids that often, so their skills weren’t that hot yet, but I still wanted to do some long form listening with them. And it’s also one of those games where I first though “meh” but then tried it myself and realized just how much adrenaline gets released! 1. Teach the kids some new Christmas words ( Ninja Tip: The Genki Christmas song is the easiest way) 2. Have the students make two lines. 3. e.g. One Christmas, Santa ( 1st kids run!) 7. Bottom a) stand up b) run down the middle of the ladder, over the “rungs” towards the “top” of the ladder (into the screen in this case) c) come back down the outside of the ladder (from the top to the bottom) d) From the bottom go back up the rungs to reach their own place. e) sit down in their own seat. 8. 9. Ninja Tips: It can also be a bit difficult to explain using only words, so its best to act out what the kids have to do yourself beforehand. P.S.

Easy 12 Days of Christmas Song | Genki English Update: I just added pdf mini cards for VIP members! Wow, Trevor’s comics were certainly popular! Here’s something else that might also be ….. it’s a version of the 12 Days of Christmas, but with easy vocab items. The teachers on the forum came up with the lyrics – thank you Roy! 12 Candy Canes 11 Christmas Turkeys 10 Christmas Candles 9 Christmas Puddings 8 Christmas Stockings 7 Christmas Snowmen 6 Christmas Angels 5 Gold Rings 4 Christmas Presents 3 Christmas Cards 2 Christmas Trees And a cute little Baby Monkey! I just made up some A4 Flashcards for you: And if you need an instrumental version of the music to help you, there are plenty on Youtube e.g. Enjoy your 12 Genki Days of Christmas! Be genki, Richard P.S. P.P.S.

Last Minute Christmas Games! | Genki English Just in case you need a few extra Christmas games for this weekend, have a try of these… Double want for Christmas ===================== A variation on the “Pink Fish” game. Put two sets of Christmas picture cards on two tables at opposite ends of the class. Everyone shouts out “What would you like for Christmas?” Snowball Wipeout! Put some Christmas picture cards on the board. Buy me! This is a fun game we had on the blog the other day. Tower of Presents =============== Based on the “Tower Game“. Plus of course don’t forget all the regular Genki Christmas lessons. After jetting from Africa to the UK to Japan in the last two weeks, this evening I’m going to a carol concert in Bethlehem. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and I’ll see you all in the New Year! Be genki, Richard P.S. Mobile 3Exercise 3: Reading (or Listening) ComprehensionAfter students have determined the meaning of each word, have them read the following paragraph (or read it to them). As they read, have students draw a picture of the Rodriguez family’s home as it is decorated for Christmas.The Rodriguez family has a tradition they follow each year at Christmas. At the beginning of December, they decorate their house for the holidays. First, they put up the Christmas tree, and they hang lights and ornaments all over the tree. Mobile Jingle Bells Rock: 5 Christmas Songs to Use in Class and Language Activities to Go with Them How to Teach a Christmas Lesson with Video How to Teach a Christmas Lesson Adult Learners Will Never Forget Jazzy January Lesson Ideas For Creative ESL Teachers How to Teach a Perfect Christmas Lesson Christmas Around the World: 5 Festive Ways to Bring Your Students Closer for the Holidays Mistletoes and Jolly Holly: A Simple 5-Step Print and Go Christmas Vocabulary Lesson (Only If You’re Dreaming of a White Christmas!) I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas! Top 10 Christmas Songs for ESL Classes ☠ How to Teach the Halloween Lesson You Can Be Proud Of

Christmas When did it start? Why do we have Christmas Trees? Who is Santa Claus? Learn about the history of this festive holiday. <A HREF=" Christmas is on Thursday, December 25, 2014. Here's a chart that shows what day Christmas is celebrated from 2012 - 2022. We have lots of kids games for Christmas. Play Christmas themed Jigsaw Puzzles, Mazes, Word Searches, and Strategy Puzzles. Free printable coloring book pages for kids of all ages. Share Christmas jokes with your relatives and friends to bring a smile on their face and brighten their day. If you are looking for children's books about Christmas, here are some great books, including Christmas picture books. Brighten up your Christmas dinner by making festive decorations for your dinner table. Wish your friends and family a Happy Christmas by sending a free musical postcard to someone you know! Make a wish list for Santa or write a thank you note on our Christmas stationery. Watch videos about Christmas.

Genki English » Last Minute Party Game! Maria has just sent in this fantastic twist on the traditional Pass the Parcel game. I think you might like it - I know I used to do when I was at school! The Preparation: 1. Prepare a parcel by wrapping a small toy in wrapping paper (or newspaper!) 2. 3. The Game 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Pretty cool, eh, a traditional game and lots of English practice. As I say I used to love this at Christmas time when I was at school. And for your higher level groups Maria has written out a really nice set of questions you could add into the layers of the parcel: e.g. Name 5 animalsWhat color is a hippo? Thank you Maria! And do let us know if you like it in the comments! Merry Christmas! P.S. Press the "+1" button if you like this! « Help Please: What does Santa do?