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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts When Flipping Your Classroom #edchat Produce material for YOUR students to engage them outside the classroom. Generic content works as a starting point but students have greater faith in their own teacher’s input.Decide on a workflow solution and stick to it. I use Edmodo to set assignments and annotate responses. Students are happy with this solution as it is cross platform and supports learning with library and backpack resources.Set specific deadlines for your students. If they are given a date then unfortunately that can be construed as midnight!! The old hand-in mantra of next lesson doesn’t fit the ‘flipped‘ class idea and as such can present a problem.Provide access for students who aren’t connected to the internet at home.

Edudemic's Guide to the Flipped Classroom for 2014 For the past few years, Edudemic has covered the rise of the flipped classroom and its subsequent evolution. Each year, we find that more teachers are testing this new learning strategy and creating new ways to improve current methods. While some teachers are trying it out for the first time this fall, others who used the flipped classroom method in 2013 are making changes to build on their lesson plans for the 2014-15 school year. Read this brief guide to learn why flipped learning is an increasingly popular choice, and review a few steps for teachers wanting to try it out.

Educational Technologies: Center for Scholarly Technology What does it mean to “invert” or “flip” a class? Inverting or flipping a class is a blended learning approach that intentionally moves lectures, content and asynchronous activities into an online learning environment. Instructors can use face-to-face class time for homework and active learning methods that increase student engagement, deepen understanding of concepts and advance mastery of skills. Why Blended Learning Is Better? Blended learning is a buzz word that’s been thrown around quite a bit lately and brings together the best of both classroom learning and elearning. In fact it seems to be the ideal solution all-around as it appeals to all learning styles, circumstances, needs and demands. It combines the support of classroom learning with the flexibility of elearning.

Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Video Watching: Last Gasps of the Old Education Being Mobile | Blog Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Video Watching: Last Gasps of the Old Education As academics whose research area is K-12, we (CN, ES and the rest of our professorial tribe) have long touted the benefits of learn-by-doing, constructivist learning, social-constructivist learning, constructionist learning, etc.

4 Pillars & 11 Indicators Of Flipped Learning 4 Pillars & 12 Standards Of Flipped Learning by Kari M. Arfstrom, Executive Director of the Flipped Learning Network Flipped Learning Defined An Annotated List of Flipped Class Tools and Resources Flipped Class Tool and Resource List from Turn to Your Neighbor We will keep a (clearly very incomplete) list of tools and resources we use and/or discover relative to flipped teaching here. Help us grow this list using the form at the bottom of the page. We try to emphasize free tools on this page. There are many paid, inexpensive tools that we are big fans of including Screenflow (screencasting software) and Learning Catalytics (classroom response and assessment system). Hundreds of Tips on Flipped Teaching and Peer Instruction

Get the Lecture before You Even Arrive in Class Ignoring the advice of friends, Wilfrid Laurier University honours psychology student Sari Isenstein chose a second-year organic chemistry course as one of her electives. “Chemistry is not my forte and organic chemistry is one of the hardest courses offered at the university,” says Isenstein, 21, who graduates next year. She took the course in 2012 as a challenge, earning an A in the first semester and an A-minus in the second.

20 recursos para una Flipped Classroom 20 recursos para una Flipped Classroom El mes pasado introducimos el concepto de Flipped Classroom en un primer post . Con el artículo de hoy queremos profundizar un poco más en la cuestión, aportando un recopilatorio de 20 recursos básicos. Toward Canadian Public Education 2.0 In a demographically challenged and technology fuelled world, where talent and ideas are the new wealth of nations, are we adequately focused on the role of a strong public education for our future success in Canada? The concern that we are not was the impetus for a recent education summit, organized by the Learning Partnership, where leaders from business, government, public policy and education came together to contemplate what public education 2.0 needs to look like, and how we might get there from here. The good news is that Canada is doing well in the basics: Canadian students’ reading, mathematics and science test scores were sixth, 10th and eighth, respectively, among OECD countries in the most recent Program for International Student Assessment. By comparison, U.S. students had respective rankings of 31st, 23rd and 17th. Today, we see a growing mismatch between “people without jobs” and “jobs without people,” and we simply have to do better at aligning the two.

Video in the Class Keeps Savvy Students Engaged Zara Cruickshank’s Grade 8 science class is a little different from those of yesteryear. Students regularly make mini films or podcasts for class projects, reams of notes are a thing of the past and video is an important part of learning. As the new school year begins a number of Canadian classrooms are increasingly implementing video as an educational tool to keep their digitally savvy students engaged and interested.

Flipped Learning: A response to 5 Criticisms -What’s Flipped Learning? Over the past two years, the Flipped Learning method has created quite a stir. Some argue that this teaching method will completely transform education, while others say it is simply an opportunity for boring lectures to be viewed in new locations. While the debate goes on, the concept of Flipped Learning is not entirely new. Dr.