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Newsletter - Backpacking - Backpacking This week, my travel advice covers: Backpacking Accommodation Hostels aren’t the smelly dorm rooms they used to be. Or, rather, some are, but in today’s competitive market you’ll find hostels with a variety of rooms (12-bed down to singles), excellent facilities, wifi, games rooms and, most importantly, other travellers – the best resource while you’re on the road. Save Web Files to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive With Save, you can download any file from the web directly to your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive accounts without having to download that file to your computer. Just enter the file's web address (or URL), pick a cloud service and, within seconds, the file will become available in your online account. The download is from cloud to cloud and therefore much faster.

Top 10 beaches in France – the experts' choice Best in Corsica: Porto-Pollo Jacqueline Mirtelli, France Tourism Development AgencyAs a native of the French Riviera, I am very keen on the sea. For me, Corsica is a true paradise for beaches and it's only a two-hour flight from London or Manchester. Between Propriano and Bonifacio in sunny southern Corsica is Porto-Pollo beach, a long white arch of sand in a bay sheltered by green hills. I have been lucky to go to the Seychelles and Mauritius and it's like that – OK, a little bit less wild! Snorkelling is a must as the water is crystal clear and filled with fish. • Hôtel Les Eucalyptus (, doubles from €80) is 50m from the beach. Ode to the Classic Bistro PARIS — It is a question I have come to dread: Can you recommend the perfect bistro? The reason it’s so hard to give my visiting friends a good answer is that the Paris bistro scene is in full transformation. And the trends are moving in contradictory, and worrisome, directions. On one hand, there’s a lot of really bad bistro food these days: dishes like onion soup and blanquette de veau that are mass-produced at large industrial sites, shipped to kitchens and reheated just before serving. If you’re not careful, you can end up paying serious money for a meal that was vacuum-packed or frozen just a few hours before.

Clifden Connemara Hotel The Ardagh Hotel is a privately owned and managed boutique hotel with 20 modern and cosy rooms, an award-winning restaurant serving the finest locally caught seafood and Irish produce, and provides some of the most serene and stunning views of the Irish Atlantic and Connemara landscape. Your host and hostess at The Ardagh Hotel are Stéphane and Monique Bauvet. Premium Economy Class Comparison Chart - SeatGuru You'll find information about Premium Economy and a sortable chart that can be used to compare Premium Economy seating among different airlines. Some airline carriers offer Premium Economy, a separate class of seating and service, that differs from standard Economy. Premium Economy is found mostly on international flights and, compared to standard Economy, offers about 5-7 inches of extra legroom as well as additional amenities, which can include: 1-2 extra inches of seat width 2-3 extra inches of seat recline Adjustable headrests, legrests, or lumbar support Larger personal TV screens Laptop Power Ports Premium Food Service While there are a number of factors that determine airline ticket prices, we priced out a number of trips on each of the airlines offering a Premium Economy service to give you a general idea of cost.

best-hand-luggage-bags-7-great-airline-carry-bags-reviewed?_ga=1.226228186.1173844292 7 of the best carry-on hand-luggage bags reviewed by Skyscanner With more and more airlines charging for check-in bags, you need to travel light (read our tips on how to pack with hand luggage only). We have featured the best carry-on bags that: - Skyscanner staff actually use personally - Came closest to the maximum cabin-bag dimensions - Were a range of styles and prices Two wheel or not two wheel? This is a contentious point amongst Skyscanner staff, and indeed travellers everywhere.

19 incredible road trips in Europe to add to your bucket list From Italy to Norway, Europe has many incredible road trips to explore. Route 66, the Great Ocean Road - there are many awesome road tripping routes around the world. But if you're looking for an adventure behind the wheel but you don't want or can't afford to travel half way around the globe, Europe's got some cracking drives for an epic road trip. From Germany to France and beyond: here are several incredible options for those looking for a great driving holiday in Europe. Zanzibar Guide Separated from the mainland by a channel only 35 km (22 miles) wide, and only 6 degrees south of the equator, this tiny archipelago—the name Zanzibar also includes the islands of Unguja (the main island) and Pemba—in the Indian Ocean was the launching base for a romantic era of expeditions into Africa. Sir Richard Burton and John Hanning Speke used it as their base when searching for the source of the Nile. It was in Zanzibar where journalist Henry Morton Stanley, perched in an upstairs room overlooking the Stone Town harbor, began his search for David Livingstone. The first ships to enter the archipelago's harbors are believed to have sailed in around 600 BC. Since then, every great navy in the Eastern Hemisphere has dropped anchor here at one time or another.

To solve travel stress, couples should vacation together but fly alone. Andresr/Thinkstock It started when Billy Budd got put on the no-fly list. Billy Budd is a dog, a cairn terrier belonging to my mother, and it turns out he’s a nervous flier with Hulk strength. Hiking in the Gorges du Verdon 3 Classic Day Hikes in the Gorges du Verdon What better way to spend a long weekend than a hike through one of Europe’s most beautiful river canyons, the Gorges du Verdon. This 3 day hike, is packed full of stunning views and will give you a real sense of being right in the middle of the Gorge. You can rearrange the 3 days to suit your trip but the last day of the hike is the famous Blanc-Martel trail, named after the two explorers and their team who discovered the Gorge in wooden canoes!

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