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Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative

Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative
About the Course Intended for both newcomers who are curious about video games and experienced gamers who want to reflect on their passion, this course will explore what happens to stories, paintings, and films when they become the basis of massively multiplayer online games. The Lord of the Rings trilogy—the novels, films, and video game—are our central example of how “remediation” transforms familiar stories as they move across media. The course is designed as a university-level English literature class—a multi-genre, multimedia tour of how literature, film, and games engage in the basic human activity of storytelling. Our journey will enable us to learn something about narrative theory, introduce us to some key topics in media studies and cover some of the history and theory of video games. It will also take us to some landmarks of romance literature, the neverending story that lies behind most fantasy games: J.R.R. Reviews of the last offering: Course Syllabus Week 1: Game on! J. 1.

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Gamification About the Course Gamification is the application of digital game design techniques to non-game contexts, such as business, education, and social impact challenges. Video games are the dominant entertainment form of modern times because they powerfully motivate behavior. Game mechanics can be applied outside the immersive environments of games themselves, to create engaging experiences as well as assign rewards and recognition.

Game Theory - Stanford University & The University of British Columbia About the Course Popularized by movies such as "A Beautiful Mind", game theory is the mathematical modeling of strategic interaction among rational (and irrational) agents. Beyond what we call 'games' in common language, such as chess, poker, soccer, etc., it includes the modeling of conflict among nations, political campaigns, competition among firms, and trading behavior in markets such as the NYSE. About the Course About 2 million years ago our human ancestors were insignificant animals living in a corner of Africa. Their impact on the world was no greater than that of gorillas, zebras, or chickens. Today humans are spread all over the world, and they are the most important animal around. The very future of life on Earth depends on the ideas and behavior of our species.

E-learning, le nouvel eldorado 4.200 milliards de dollars soit 3.200 milliards d'euros, c'est ce que pèse dans le monde, l’éducation et la formation. Un poids économique supérieur au marché mondial du pétrole! Et ce "mammouth" s’apprête à connaître une fantastique révolution en entrant dans l’ère numérique. Understanding Video Games - University of Alberta About the Course Video games are a globally entrenched entertainment medium that entertains, informs and challenges us. These games are defined by, and define our modern culture. In this course, students will learn how to study games and engage in informed discussions about them. Ultimately, this course is about understanding the literacy of video games. Understanding Video Games was created with the help of world renowned video game developer, BioWare Corp, located in Edmonton, Alberta. In this class, we will ask and answer a series of questions about the role and practice of archaeology in the world today. If archaeologists are trained to investigate the past, what is left for us to study? Who gets to be an archaeologist? How and why do archaeologists hunt for “treasures”, and what do we do once we’ve discovered them? What can we know, and not know, about people in the past? What do archaeologists know about the past that most people would never guess – and why aren’t we telling you? Travailler en apprenant, apprendre en travaillant À quel âge commence "la formation tout au long de la vie" ? 16 ans, 25 ans, 45 ans ? Ou plutôt dès la naissance ? Cette dernière proposition est la plus fidèle à la lettre de l'expression : "tout au long de la vie", c'est à dire du début à la fin. Mais dans les représentations collectives, la formation tout au long de la vie désigne surtout le fait de continuer à apprendre après la fin de la formation initiale; elle témoigne de la volonté des gouvernants de prendre en compte la nécessité de régulièrement mettre à jour ses compétences, et d'avoir les moyens pour cela.

Reportaje Localización de videojuegos Últimamente casi todos los videojuegos que salen en España están traducidos y/o doblados al castellano. Es la nueva moda. Un juego no vende si no está en nuestro idioma, pero… ¿Cuántos de vosotros pensáis que la calidad de las traducciones podría ser infinitamente mejor? Critical Thinking in Global Challenges About the Course Critical thinking is the ability to gather and assess information and evidence in a balanced and reflective way to reach conclusions that are justified by reasoned argument based on the available evidence. Critical thinking is a key skill in the information age, valuable in all disciplines and professions.

La formation de demain : sociale, personnalisée… et efficace ! Social learning, e-learning, mobile learning, serious games : les nouveaux usages entraînent une révision des méthodes et des contenus de formation ainsi qu'une transformation de l'organisation des entreprises. Quelles sont les grandes tendances à intégrer pour conduire ce changement ? Eléments de réponse en infographie. Dans le monde, 45% des entreprises ont recours à des prestataires externes pour former leurs salariés. D'après une infographie de Trainers Advice, les nouveaux usages qui guident l'évolution de la formation vont assurément développer ce recours à l'externalisation. Social, mobile, ludique, personnalisée