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Graphing Stories - 15 seconds at a time

Graphing Stories - 15 seconds at a time

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You Down With WODB? Yeah You Know Me! “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” Sounds like a simple proposal, right? When presented with a group of four similar “things,” is it truly easy to answer that question? Thanks to the following people, my classes were able to face this challenge: All of my amazing PLN at #MTBoS, Christopher Danielson (@Trianglemancsd), Mary Bourassa (@MaryBourassa), Alex Overwijk (@AlexOverwijk), Andrew Gael (bkdidact) and @WODBMath, as well as these sites and blog posts: WODB Website, Steve Wyborney’s Blog Post, Alex Overwijk’s Blog Post Part 1 , Alex Overwijk’s Blog Post Part 2 , and Alex Overwijk’s Blog Post Part 3.

Math Fair – History In late May 2015, one of my Grade 9 students had the idea to take some of our favourite classroom tasks to elementary school students. Two weeks later, the class was working alongside approximately 70 elementary school students (and future high school colleagues) at mathematical stations in the school’s small gym. The response from the school community was so positive, that the fair became a staple in the building. The fair would grow exponentially in size over the next two years, with the 2017 edition involving just under 470 elementary students, 50 high school students, and over 10 staff volunteers.

#TMC14 GWWG: Talking Points Activity – cultivating exploratory talk through a growth mindset activity This activity is the one I am most excited about bringing to #TMC14 and to the Group Work Working Group. My intention is to blog more about how this goes during the morning sessions. I also hope that participants will blog more about this too and contribute resources to the wiki. Formative Assessment Lessons Mathematical goals This unit is designed to help students to: Confront and overcome common probability misconceptions.Count equally likely outcomes using diagrams.Discuss relationships between theoretical probabilities, observed outcomes, and sample sizes.Calculate probabilities of independent events. Introduction This lesson unit is structured in the following way: Before the lesson, students work individually on a task designed to reveal their current level of understanding.

Parallel by Simon Singh Noun: Parallelogram Pronunciation: /ˌparəˈlɛləɡram/ a portmanteau word combining parallel and telegram. A message sent each week by the Parallel Project to bright young mathematicians. Welcome to the first of our Parallelograms designed for Year 7 students, a collection of mathematical challenges designed to stretch your brain and make your neurons more squiggly. 3 Acts - Pop Box Design - Embrace the Drawing Board Ever wonder why companies make the decisions that they do? My wife and I drink more pop than I am willing to admit, and one thing I noticed while at the store is that the twelve packs of Coke and Pepsi do not have the same design. Let's look at them (warning I do not know if this works in the States). This is also a precursor to this lesson.

Mathematical Mindset Teaching Guide, Teaching Video and Additional Resources We have designed a Mathematical Mindset Guide to help teachers create or strengthen a growth mindset culture. This guide contains five Mathematical Mindset Practices along with links to teaching videos. The videos all show Jo and Cathy teaching middle school students. John Venn's 180th Birthday John Venn was a logician and philosopher best known for introducing the Venn diagram. In the diagram, circles are used to visually and logically sort groups to illustrate their relationships to each other. For example, one circle may contain things that are mammals. The other circle may contain things that have wings. The overlapping space that both circles occupy would consist of mammals that have wings. With a concept this simple, you would think it was all fun and games to design an interactive doodle for John Venn’s 180th birthday.