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January 26 2015: The first reported US drone strike of the year killed three people travelling in a vehicle in central-southern Yemen. This was the first attack since Houthi insurgents forced the country’s president Abdu Rabbu al Mansour Hadi, his prime minister and cabinet to resign. #drone #drones #yemen (at Hareeb, Shabwa-Mareb border) 5:34 am • 2 March 2015 • 19 notes January 19 2015: CIA drones targeted a house in Shawal area of North Waziristan killing five, six or seven people. The identities of the dead was not immediately known however a senior Pakistani official said “non-Pakistani, foreign fighters” were among the dead and Taliban sources said the attack also killed local fighters associated with Taliban commander Hafiz Gul Bahadur. 5:33 am • 2 March 2015 • 16 notes January 15 2015: A second strike of the day killed 4-7 people according to anonymous Pakistani sources. 5:31 am • 2 March 2015 • 9 notes 5:30 am • 2 March 2015 • 12 notes 5:29 am • 2 March 2015 • 11 notes

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When U.S. drones kill civilians, Yemen’s government tries to conceal it Within seconds, 11 of the passengers were dead, including a woman and her 7-year-old daughter. A 12-year-old boy also perished that day, and another man later died from his wounds. The Yemeni government initially said that those killed were al-Qaeda militants and that its Soviet-era jets had carried out the Sept. 2 attack. But tribal leaders and Yemeni officials would later say that it was an American assault and that all the victims were civilians who lived in a village near Radda, in central Yemen. U.S. officials last week acknowledged for the first time that it was an American strike. Turkish artist captures a surreal bird’s-eye view of Istanbul through the use of a drone In his photo series called ‘Flatland,’ Aydin Büyüktas photographs the scenic overview of the city of Istanbul through the use of a drone. The dizzying, distorted angles and beautifully warped buildings create intriguing images that monopolize your attention. The surrealist work gives the world another dimension and a fresh perspective on how we view it. This type of photography creates an additional outlet for artists by using new technologies to make images.

Rights Groups: New York Times Exposé a 'One-Sided' Account of al-Awlaki, Drone Strikes A Sunday edition New York Times article which traces the origins of drone strikes on three U.S. citizens, Anwar al-Awlaki, Samir Khan, and al-Awlaki's sixteen year old son Abdulrahman, presents itself as a fair and balanced narrative, but actually serves as an overall "one-sided, selective" account, giving aid to the U.S. government's shadowy justifications for its extra-judicial killings across the world, the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights said Sunday. Car in Shabwa Province, Yemen, after drone strike. (Khaled Abdullah/Reuters) On the article How a U.S. Citizen Came to Be in America’s Cross Hairs, the ACLU states: In anonymous assertions to The New York Times, current and former Obama administration officials seek to justify the killings of three U.S. citizens even as the administration fights hard to prevent any transparency or accountability for those killings in court.

Camera Restricta — Philipp Schmitt Algorithms are already looking through the viewfinder alongside with you: they adjust settings, scan faces and take a photo when you smile. What if your grin wasn't the only thing they cared about? Camera Restricta is a speculative design of a new kind of camera. Icarus Cup There was no RAeS Icarus Cup taking place in 2015, however a human powered flying rally was organised by the British Human Powered Flying Club(BHPFC) at Lasham Airfield from Sat 25th July to Sun 2nd Aug 2015. The 2013 Icarus Cup for Human Powered Flight, supported by Breitling, took place at Sywell Aerodrome from 19 - 28 July. Visitors were able to see the aircraft that had been designed, engineered and constructed as well as watch as the pilots pedaled their aircraft to get airborne. Flying took place daily between 06.00-09.00 and 18.00-22.00 daily on most days as weather permitted.

Jonathan Weiler: Who Lives? Who Dies? On Drone Warfare In recent months some of the more controversial and troubling aspects of American drone warfare in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere have emerged. Especially disturbing have been credible reports that significant numbers of noncombatants have been killed in American drone strikes, including those targeted in areas previously attacked or at funerals for those killed in the initial bombing. Recently, drone warfare has received significant media attention, substantially due to a nearly 6,000-word front-page story that appeared two weeks ago in The New York Times. That article detailed several key features of the drone program that had not been widely reported. For example, the president's intelligence team has prepared for him a "kill list," people deemed to be lethal enemies of the United States. President Obama, according to the Times, has arrogated to himself final and sole authority to determine who on that list will die.

Mika Rottenberg - Artist - Andrea Rosen Gallery Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1976 Lives and works in New York, NY 1998 Hamidrasha, Bait Berl College of Arts, Israel 2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY 2004 Master of Fine Arts, Columbia University, New York, NY 2016 Mika Rottenberg, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France, June 23 – September 11 (forthcoming) There’s now a drone racing league that feels like pod racing from Star Wars Presidential candidate Donald Trump easily won the Republican Nevada primary with over 44% of the votes in early counting, in a election marked by complaints of fraud and chaos. He made a victory speech in front of a rowdy crowd dressed in “Make America Great Again” hats and t-shirts at his Las Vegas hotel, and expressed his love for everyone from casino mogul Steve Wynn to the “poorly educated.” He also offered up some more information about his plans should he be elected president, including keeping the Guantanamo Bay detention facility open and loading it up with “bad dudes.” Quartz has transcribed his entire victory speech.

Are US drone killings in Yemen working? Earlier today two US drone attacks killed nine alleged militants in Yemen, part of a recent intensification in the undeclared US air war against jihadis in that country. Skip to next paragraph Dan Murphy ZAC'S HAUNTED HOUSE - DENNIS COOPER "Literature's relationship to the internet is growing rapidly, and Dennis Cooper is on the forefront of those web-savvy authors defining the new landscape... Cooper's work promises to totally recontextualize the ground behind it, thereby revising the way we think. That innovation is particularly evident in his latest release, 'Zac's Haunted House'. The novel appropriates an experience somewhere between carnival mirror labyrinth, deleted Disney snuff film, and a deep web comic strip by Satan, building out the idea that a book doesn't have to simply be sentences on paper, or even terribly concerned with language at all.

The Fields - Mishka Henner Levelland Oil Field #1, Hockley County, Texas (2013) Dimensions variable Summary US oil fields photographed by satellites orbiting Earth. Each print is composed of hundreds of high-resolution satellite images of each location stitched together to show intricate detail. Levelland Oil Field, Hockley County, Texas (detail) Levelland Oil Field #2, Hockley County, Texas (2013) Dimensions variable Levelland Oil Field #2, Hockley County, Texas (detail) Will I Be Next? In October 2012, 8-year-old Nabeela ventured out with her 68-year-old grandmother Mamana Bibi to do daily chores in their family's large, open field. Moments later, Mamana was blasted into pieces by a US drone strike that appears to have been aimed directly at her. Amnesty International did not find any evidence she was endangering anyone, let alone posing an imminent threat to the US. Yet a year has passed and the US government has not acknowledged Mamana Bibi's death, let alone provided justice or compensation for it.

Dennis Cooper - Zac's Haunted House (A Novel) - Kiddiepunk DOWNLOAD TO VIEW OFFLINE Download the HTML novel by clicking here. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. The above link will take you to a Mediafire page. Enter the captcha words and press 'Authorize Download'. 2. Click the green 'Download' button. The file will automatically begin to download. 3.