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January 26 2015: The first reported US drone strike of the year killed three people travelling in a vehicle in central-southern Yemen. This was the first attack since Houthi insurgents forced the country’s president Abdu Rabbu al Mansour Hadi, his prime minister and cabinet to resign. #drone #drones #yemen (at Hareeb, Shabwa-Mareb border) 5:34 am • 2 March 2015 • 19 notes January 19 2015: CIA drones targeted a house in Shawal area of North Waziristan killing five, six or seven people. 5:33 am • 2 March 2015 • 16 notes January 15 2015: A second strike of the day killed 4-7 people according to anonymous Pakistani sources. 5:31 am • 2 March 2015 • 9 notes January 15 2015: The second strike of the year killed 5-7 people in a strike on a house. 5:30 am • 2 March 2015 • 12 notes January 4 2015: The first CIA strike of 2015 killed at least six and as many as 10 people. 5:29 am • 2 March 2015 • 11 notes 5:28 am • 2 March 2015 • 4 notes 5:26 am • 2 March 2015 • 4 notes 5:25 am • 2 March 2015 • 7 notes Related:  artistes et chercheursDrones de trucs

Josh Begley Turkish artist captures a surreal bird’s-eye view of Istanbul through the use of a drone In his photo series called ‘Flatland,’ Aydin Büyüktas photographs the scenic overview of the city of Istanbul through the use of a drone. The dizzying, distorted angles and beautifully warped buildings create intriguing images that monopolize your attention. The surrealist work gives the world another dimension and a fresh perspective on how we view it. This type of photography creates an additional outlet for artists by using new technologies to make images. Follow Aydin for more creative works on his website and on Instagram. Image Sources:

OB298 — A Preliminary Atlas of Drone Strike Landscapes It is difficult to describe a drone strike accurately. On October 24, 2012, Bibi Mamana and her grandchildren were gathering firewood or picking okra outside their home. They may have been in a field. Perhaps it was a militant compound with a weapons depot. 2 missiles were fired, killing Mamana and up to 5 other people, injuring 6 to 8 of the children. This moment—the drones, the missiles, the people, the livestock—is a node in a vast network. This is an attempt to understand the geography of a drone strike. The Arena Tappi—where the strike happened—is in Pakistan, near the Afghan border. After the fall of the Taliban government in Afganistan, insurgents began to move across the border and set up shop. The region is marked by frequent blood feuds and Waziri religious leaders have been known to use outsiders—such as US forces hunting al-Qaeda fugitives—as a means of settling scores. The Drone Drones are not individual objects. The Runway The drones fly out of covert airfields run by the CIA.

Sauvez les meubles Comment donner une seconde vie à un produit ? Cette nouvelle discipline concerne des objets courants, trouvés en nombres dans les décharges, la rue, chez les particuliers ou invendus et stockés en grand nombre dans les industries. Il ne s’agit pas de restaurer (rétablir en son premier état), ni de détourner (changer la fonction), mais de réhabiliter des objets (en systématisant l’intervention): des actions simples, pouvant être reproduites par tous ou reproductibles dans un nouveau processus de production industrielle. Réanimer, récupérer, réintroduire, restituer, réhabiliter, recycler, repenser, panser, soigner... Le FNAC (Fonds National d'Art Contemporain) a acheté la collection de pansements en 2006. 2010 - TechnoCRAFT, YBCA Galleries, San Francisco, Californie - vitrines du 107 Rivoli durant l'exposition "La Publicité au secours des grandes causes", Paris, France - Now ! 2005 - Designer’s week à Bangkok , Thailande - Galerie Peyroulet et Cie, « hôpital des objets » , Paris, France

Icarus Cup There was no RAeS Icarus Cup taking place in 2015, however a human powered flying rally was organised by the British Human Powered Flying Club(BHPFC) at Lasham Airfield from Sat 25th July to Sun 2nd Aug 2015. The 2013 Icarus Cup for Human Powered Flight, supported by Breitling, took place at Sywell Aerodrome from 19 - 28 July. Visitors were able to see the aircraft that had been designed, engineered and constructed as well as watch as the pilots pedaled their aircraft to get airborne. Flying took place daily between 06.00-09.00 and 18.00-22.00 daily on most days as weather permitted. Follow @AeroSociety (#IcarusCup2013) and the Royal Aeronautical Society Facebook page for up to date information and we'll be posting regular reports on the Society news pages. Media personnel should contact for more information or call 07843 090395. The 2013 Icarus Cup was supported by History The inaugural competition - Airglow - Betterfly - EA12 - Noctule - SUHPA

Washington Post A majority of Americans are accepting of homosexuality in society, but the levels of tolerance are far greater in many other countries in Europe and Latin America, a new Pew poll has found. The Pew Research Center survey conducted in 39 countries found stark geographical differences when people were asked whether homosexuals should be accepted in society. The broadest acceptance was found in countries where religion is not central to life, such as Canada (80 percent), France (77 percent) and Australia (79 percent). In contrast, there was widespread rejection of homosexuality in predominantly Muslim countries, as well as in Africa, Russia and parts of Asia. Asia and the Pacific region was mixed, with a majority in Japan, the Philippines and Australia supporting acceptance of gay people. Israel in particular illustrated the role religion plays in attitudes toward gay people. As in the United States, age was a factor. The Pew survey, conducted in March and April, is the largest of its kind.

Andrew Norman Wilson Sketchbook of a GPS Artist Idea of the Week: Mapping the Rise of Craft Beer As of March, the United States was home to two thousand three hundred and sixty craft breweries , the relatively small, artisanship-oriented producers best known for India pale ales, porters, and other decidedly non-Budweiser-esque beers. These beverages have become so popular that craft beer now represents thirty per cent of Costco’s beer sales, and this past August the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked whether Obama would be releasing the recipe for his honey ale. He responded, joking, “I’m not aware of any plans at this time to… divulge the secret recipes.” But such statistics and anecdotes fail to communicate a fascinating aspect of the craft-beer boom. The New Yorker’s new interactive map both illustrates this phenomenon and offers a more general overview of the American craft-beer industry. Some of the map’s highlights: Even as production remains concentrated in traditional craft-beer regions, it is surging in the South and elsewhere.

The Temple Operating System GPS Drawing Mapping Racist/Fascist Attacks in Athens | A new project Mapping Racist Violence in Athens was just released. The aim of this map is to provide up-to-date information about racist attacks taking place in Athens and other Greek cities. The map is accessible here: Being constantly updated, it will become an ongoing reference point where the quantity and scale of attacks, their location and severity can be grasped at a glance. Given the complexity of the legal status and story of each migrant individual identities will remain hidden unless they have already been publicised elsewhere or the person explicitly wishes to publish their identity. The aspiration is for the map to become a tool for anti-racist and anti-fascist organising locally and for raising international awareness and pressure. source: from the greek streets Like this: Like Loading...

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