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The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin

The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin
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ad libitum Habéis salido de la jungla hace tan poco tiempo, y vuestro parentesco con los lémures y los prosimios es aún tan cercano, que os dirigís hacia la abstracción sin ser capaces de prescindir de las evidencias; por tanto, cualquier discurso os aburre y os repugna o, como mínimo, os provoca cierta insatisfacción; algo que ocurre incluso en el caso de los más célebres teóricos, de los mayores elucubradores, como atestiguan innumerables ejemplos entresacados de las confesiones íntimas de un buen número de científicos que, en su gran mayoría, reconocen que para la elaboración de sus razonamientos abstractos necesitan en gran medida apoyarse en cosas tangibles. Habéis confundido dos cosas completamente distintas al considerar que el grado de complejidad de un ser y su grado de perfección son rasgos inseparables. Consideráis que un alga es más simple, por tanto más primitiva, por tanto inferior a un águila. Cuanto mayor sea la Inteligencia del espíritu, menor cabida hay para el individuo.

Maya Once considered an unsolvable enigma, recent advances in the decipherment of the Maya writing system has not only shed light on the mechanics of the script, but also on the socio-political, artistic, and historical aspects of Maya civilization. As a whole, the Maya people created the longest lasting civilization of the New World. It became distinguishable from other early farming cultures of Mesoamerica in the middle of the first millenium BCE, when the first great Maya cities were constructed. Their culture endured through changes, wars, and disasters until it was suppressed by the Spanish conquest in the 16th and 17th centuries. The last indepedent Maya kingdom of Tayasal, fell as late as 1697. However, the Maya survived and there is estimated to be at least one million Mayas living in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras today. General Overview The Maya hieroglypic writing is arguably one of the most visually striking writing systems of the world. Numbers and Calendar Syllabary

Michael S. Heiser Michael S. Heiser is an American biblical Old Testament scholar and Christian[1] author who has criticized ancient alien astronaut theorists. His area of expertise is the nature of the spiritual realm in the Bible, namely the Divine council and hierarchy of the spiritual order. He is Executive Director of the School of Ministry at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He was a Distance learning professor at Liberty University[2][3] and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.[4] Until 2019, he was scholar-in-residence at Faithlife Corporation He runs his own podcast, The Naked Bible and runs a ministry called Miqlat, dedicated to the production and dissemination of his content. Education[edit] Heiser was raised in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Heiser has taught college since 1992 and is the Scholar in Residence for Logos Bible Software.[10] Criticism of ancient astronaut theories[edit] Selected works[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]

Entradas de biogeocarlos Carlos Lobato os reta a que resolvais una serie de problemas genéticos utilizando la popular serie Juego de Tronos […] Leer ¿Cuál será el avance o descubrimiento de la ciencia que más va a cambiar el mundo en los próximos años? Es muy difícil responder a una pregunta como la que se nos plantea de manera totalmente objetiva, sin dejarnos influenciar por nuestros propios deseos, conocimientos y motivaciones, por lo que voy a dar un enfoque bastante personal a la […] Leer Otro impresionante post de BiogeoCarlos sobre arañas… ¿muerden o pican? Biogeocarlos y sus dibujos animados biológicos… Hora de aventuras! BiogeoCarlos os lanza un reto… ¿Podréis solucionar los problemas genéticos de Juego de Tronos? Que se pueden usar los dibujos animados para enseñar y motivar a los chavales de colegios e institutos es algo que ya he podido comprobar durante los años que llevo dando clases, y aquí mismo, en Amazings, quedó ejemplificado con Aprende zoología con Bob esponja.

LEMEGETON, Part 1: Goetia The 9th spirit in order is Paimon; a great king, & very Obedient to Lucifer, he appeareth in ye forme of a man, sitting one a dromedary, wh a Crowne most glorious on his head. Three [There] goeth before him a host of spirits like men with Trumpets and well sounding Cymballs, and all other sorts of musicall Instruments &c. he hath a great voice, and roareth at his first comming, and his speech [voice] is such as ye Magician cannot well understand, unless he compelleth him. [102r] The 10th spirit is Buer, a great president and appereth in that is his shape when ye is there, he teacheth Phylosophy [both] Morall & Naturall, & ye Logicall arts, & ye vertues of all hearbes & plants, & healeth all distempers in Man, & giveth (familiars) good familiars, he governeth over 50 Legions of spirits and this is his seale of obediance wch you must weare when you call him to apperance. The 12th spirit is Sitri, he is a great prince & appeareth at first with a Leopards face, and wings as a griffin. [103r]

Home Page TV Digital - El Control de La Mente Por El Sonido del Silencio por A. True Ott traducción de Juan Campo Versión original 15 Diciembre 2008 del Sitio Web WarIsCrime Este es un ensayo muy oportuno e importante. Describe el secreto de la tecnología psicotrónica del Pentágono conocida como el Sonido del silencio (SSSS), que ha estado totalmente operativa desde los años 90. Primero se averiguó acerca del uso de esta tecnología de Al Bielek en un video del año 1992 que hizo con Vladimir Terziski. Cable Satélite HD TVs Las cajas convertidoras digitales (fáciles de obtener) las cuáles el gobierno tiene muchas ganas de ayudar a obtenerlo y que suscribe gran parte del coste en su nombre. Pero ¿porqué el gobierno está tan ansioso de ayudar a los ciudadanos americanos en obtener una mayor claridad y definición en las imágenes de su televisor? Era el año 1961 y John Kennedy se iba a convertir pronto en el trigésimo quinto presidente. En vez de eso, este genio con carrera militar declaró conmemorada y moderadamente a esta gran nación:

Edgar Cayce on human origins People usually demand a beginning, so in the beginning there was a sea of spirit and it filled all of space. The spirit was static, content, and aware of itself. It was a giant resting on the bosom of its thought and contemplating what it is. Then the spirit moved into action. It withdrew into itself until all of space was empty. God desired self-expression and desired companionship; therefore, God projected the cosmos and souls. Each design carried within it the plan for its evolution - both physical and spiritual. All things are a part of God and an expression of God's thought. All things, including the souls of individuals, were created as "fractals" of God for companionship with God - the "Whole." The pattern God used to create souls was the pattern of God's own Spirit. The spirit of the individual existed before the soul of the individual was created. The nucleus of the soul was the balance of positive and negative forces equal in power. But these things could happen.

Enuma Elish - The Babylonian Epic of Creation - Full Text The Enuma Elish (also known as The Seven Tablets of Creation) is the Mesopotamian creation myth whose title is derived from the opening lines of the piece, "When on High". All of the tablets containing the myth, found at Ashur, Kish, Ashurbanipal's library at Nineveh, Sultantepe, and other excavated sites, date to c. 1200 BCE but their colophons indicate that these are all copies of a much older version of the myth dating from long before the fall of Sumer in c. 1750 BCE. As Marduk, the champion of the young gods in their war against Tiamat, is of Babylonian origin, the Sumerian Ea/Enki or Enlil is thought to have played the major role in the original version of the story. Summary of the Story The story, one of the oldest, if not the oldest in the world, concerns the birth of the gods and the creation of the universe and human beings. The story, one of the oldest, if not the oldest in the world, concerns the birth of the gods & the creation of the universe & human beings. Commentary

Proyecto 40 The Multidimensional Human There is evidence to suggest that other worlds or dimensions exist just beyond the range of our normal perception, but we remain unaware of them because our minds are not objectively conscious at these higher levels. Our normal level of consciousness is restricted in some way, preventing us from tuning in to these subtler realms. If you have young children you might have noticed them looking a things that don't appear to be there or talking to "imaginary friends". Very young children can actually see into these hidden worlds, but they lose the ability as they grow older. In altered states of consciousness the censorship of the physical mind ceases. Altered states can be induced by certain drugs, holotrophic breathing techniques and meditation, but they also occur naturally every night in the hypnogogic state when we are not quite asleep but not quite awake. What am "I"? Human Experience The physical body allows us to move around and interact with things in this physical world.

Conversation for Exploration - Tom Van Flandern Tom Van Flandern, Astronomer, and author of Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets. AN ASTRONOMER'S ANALYSIS OF THE AKKADIAN SEAL by Tom Van Flandern Referring to Figure 101, p. 205 of Sitchin's "Twelfth Planet": a large star symbol is in the center. It is way too small in diameter relative to the planets; but we might overlook that as artist's license, if only the planets were shown to scale. Next we note that nine raised circular impressions ("orbs") surround the star in roughly a circle, located weaving in and out among the star's rays. It was said that the third orb could be identified with the Earth because it was accompanied by another orb which represented our Moon. The orb associated with the Moon is one of the two outer orbs, and the smallest overall. Things do not improve after that. Both Jupiter and Saturn have other identifiers as well. This is true even for advanced interstellar travelers. Meta Research -- On The Origin And Nature Of Celestial Bodies