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Dzinpress [Where Dzine World Live!]

Dzinpress [Where Dzine World Live!]
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DesignFloat - Web Design News & Tips Heavy Backpack – A Creative Catalogue About Design Chemical Bangkok What Is Our Background? Our experiences are wide ranging and cover several different types of industry and careers including; engineering, nuclear, airlines, rubber plantations, banking, supply chain management, purchasing, business management and of course web and print design. We have worked in both Europe and SE Asia with significant experience in the UK, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. It is this experience as both business managers and owners in several very different environments, combined with our knowledge of web design and printing, that gives us a better insight into how currently available technologies can be applied to benefit your business and create opportunities to grow online. What Makes Us Tick? Innovation is probably the most "exciting" thing for us. We always try not to be clouded by opinions and/or "standard" approaches and look at each project individually, starting with what is the desired final product. When people say "Think out of the box" our only reply is ...

D-Lists - Web & Graphic Design Inspiration Six Revisions - Web Development and Design Information Looking for the best way to stay ahead of trends in the web design and web development industry? You’ve come to the right place. With our web design and web development blog, it’s easy to remain up-to-date on the market, plus learn new tips and tricks for web design and web development. Browse our latest posts now or subscribe to our exclusive newsletter and get updates right in your inbox! Web Design No matter your experience level, our web design blog posts offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a new go-to site for design inspiration or searching for innovative design tricks, our web design blog provides a range of content for every web designer’s need. Even better, we feature an award-winning team of professional web designers. With their extensive experience (they’ve created more than 1000 websites), we’re able to develop and share content that answers the common and not-so-common questions asked by web designers worldwide. Not to mention, we’re hiring! Web Development

Finding Inspiration in Uncommon Sources: 12 Places to Look - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Inspiration can be a fickle thing. Most designers, when lacking ideas, turn to design galleries to find ideas. But there are a few problems with that approach. There are so many things designers could be turning to for inspiration outside of design galleries. Fashion The world of fashion has a long and varied artistic history. Taking inspiration from both modern and historical fashion can be a great way to infuse something new and fresh in your website designs. Look at the overall scale of an outfit and mimic it.Color schemes are one of the easiest areas to adapt.Look at the lines of a garment and emulate them in your designs.Fabric textures and patterns are another easy-to-mimic area. Where to Find Inspiration Magazines: Take a look at the magazine rack of your local bookstore, grocery store, or drugstore for a wealth of fashion magazine choices. Style Blogs: There are a ton of style blogs out there. The Street: Check out fashion in the city or town in which you live. Travel

motion design Wireframes Magazine Design You Trust. World's Most Provocative Social Inspiration. On Web Typography There are many books and articles on typography, but considerably few explore typeface selection and pairing. With the floodgates poised to open and the promise of many typefaces being freed up for use on websites, choosing the right face to complement a website’s design will need to become another notch in the designer’s belt. But where do we start? Article Continues Below Until now, using any typefaces beyond those installed with computer operating systems by default meant using images, Flash, or some other workaround. But browser makers have put the ball in our court by implementing the @font-face CSS property, which allows designers to link to any font file and pull it into their pages. This exposed the elephant in the type foundry: Type makers have largely refused to license their raw typefaces on webpages out of concerns about piracy. Brave new world#section1 We’ve been spoiled. The technical problems with web type also run deep. Context and meaning#section2 Picky, picky#section3

Iniciativa Colectiva Art Magazine About | The Art of the Title Sequence About About the site “Projectionists — pull curtain before titles.” This note, stuck on the cans of film reels for Otto Preminger’s contentious new movie, The Man with the Golden Arm, sparked the industry’s capricious love affair with film titles. From the tense closeups of Kim Novak’s face in 1958’s Vertigo to the singing ruby lips of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975; from the graceful, three-and-a-half minute crane shot in 1958’s Touch of Evil to the playful, referential intro to The Player in 1992; and from the shadow and substance of The Twilight Zone in 1959 to the intricate cartography of the 2011 TV adaptation of Game of Thrones, title sequences have prepared, captivated, thrilled, and inspired us. Art of the Title is the leading online publication on the creative process behind title sequence design, spanning the film, television, conference, and videogame industries. The Team The site was founded in 2007 by Ian Albinson, and in 2008 Alexander Ulloa joined as Head Writer.

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