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A beautifully simple tool to create moodboards. Niice. Förpackad -Blogg om Förpackningsdesign, Förpackningar, Grafisk Design - CAP&Design - Nordens största tidning för kreativa formgivare. Hittade nytt godis i butiken. Ser ut som gamla hederliga nötcreme fast med fruktsmak (japp, låter vidrigt, I know) i färglada förpackningar med små monster på. Efter lite googlande vet jag att de faktiskt tillverkas av Nötcreme och att det finns hela 48 små monster/figurer.

Jag gillar idéen med massa karaktärer men manéret är inte speciellt fint och godiset låter ju vidrigt! Har sett den här tvålen på några webbshoppar nu. Väldigt fin liten låda! Blev tipsad om Ikeas Rea kampanj i Italien! Kul med förpackningar som man kan göra själv! Smart och snyggt sätt att bära hem morgon-baguetten! Fick tips av en vän om Oh Beautiful Beer , en sida helt dedikerad till öl! Vill tipsa om den här artikeln i Cap&Design som visar hur Jozo (salt) förpackningarna förändrats med tiden. Jag dricker helst Cola Zero istället för vanlig cola och cola light, men brukar alltid kalla för den Svart-Cola. Bra exempel på hur man skapar en spännande förpackning med bara en tryckfärg! Källa: STVK.

BOOOOOOOM! - CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTS. Design Inspiration + Visual Art Inspiration. OTHER FOCUS. Little Box Of Ideas – Your Daily Design And Development Fix! Dzinpress [Where Dzine World Live!] DesignFloat - Web Design News & Tips. Design Inspiration. 25 Inspiring Quotes To Change Your Thinking. Advertisement I’m addicted to sayings and quotes. They are inspiring, motivating and they have the power to hassle new thought. They have the power to break down old beliefs and inject wisdom into your life. I’ve always gained inspiration from quotes and sayings, which is why I’ve decided to gather some of my favorite ones into this post.

Each comes with an elaboration from me. The meanings will probably not be the same for you as they are for me, so use whatever I say however you like. And remember, while quotes are inspirational, it’s up to you to take action. Today we have collected some of the most inspiring quotes we could find. Francesco Mugnai, designer, teacher, project manager, florentine, sagittarius, cyborg. - Graphic Design Inspiration and Web Design Trends.


Inspiration. 6 Apps for Collecting Digital Inspiration. The online design community is simply overflowing with inspiration.

6 Apps for Collecting Digital Inspiration

Every day countless blog posts are being published showcasing 30-100 amazing examples of “insert item here.” Further, CSS galleries like our own contain hundreds or even thousands of great site designs. With all this inspiration being tossed at you all the time, you need a way to catalogue and store it. Today we’ll look at a few tools out there that do exceptionally well at this very thing. The Value of Inspiration To cutoff anyone already forming an argument about the evils of design inspiration, here’s my preemptive rebuttal. Examining good design is like ingesting nutritional content for your brain. When you see a horizontally scrolling website, don’t try to figure out how you can mimic it, instead consider how you can create a completely different take on the horizontal scroll. You simply can’t construct a logical argument against using design inspiration. The Tools LittleSnapper Ember ZooTool Evernote Snipi Stixi. Lost At E Minor: For creative people.

Inspiraxion. Cafundó Estúdio Criativo. Fudgegraphics. LEARN SOMETHING EVERY DAY. All Designs,Graphics and Web Resources-Naldz Graphics. Iniciativa Colectiva Art Magazine. Finding Inspiration in Uncommon Sources: 12 Places to Look - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Inspiration can be a fickle thing.

Finding Inspiration in Uncommon Sources: 12 Places to Look - Smashing Magazine

Most designers, when lacking ideas, turn to design galleries to find ideas. But there are a few problems with that approach. The most obvious is that when taking inspiration from similar mediums, there’s a fine line between “inspired by” and “copied”. To some extent, looking at established website designs can also be somewhat limiting, especially if you’re looking for a fresh solution to a problem. There are so many things designers could be turning to for inspiration outside of design galleries. Fashion The world of fashion has a long and varied artistic history. Taking inspiration from both modern and historical fashion can be a great way to infuse something new and fresh in your website designs. Look at the overall scale of an outfit and mimic it.Color schemes are one of the easiest areas to adapt.Look at the lines of a garment and emulate them in your designs.Fabric textures and patterns are another easy-to-mimic area. Photography Travel.