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13 Best Kickstarter Alternatives to Crowdfund Anything Looking to fund a new project through Kickstarter? Crowdfunding is a great way to get an idea off the ground, but what you may not know is that there are other, similar sites that you can use to raise the capital you need–even funding on your own self-hosted site. Some work more or less exactly the same as Kickstarter. Others may provide more flexible funding models depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Keep reading and find out: “How do you crowdfund without Kickstarter?”

Image Line Software Releases Sawer Virtual Vintage Synth Image Line Software has released Sawer, a minimoog-looking, synthesizer plug-in for Mac and PC. Image Line claims Sawer is a vintage modeling synthesizer that cuts through the mix with precise articulation and a punchy sound. Sawer’s filters have been modeled on the rare 1980s ‘Soviet era’ analog synthesizer, Polivoks. Meticulous attention has been paid to Sawer’s filter and envelope design, ensuring a unique sonic character, reminiscent of the Polivoks hardware. As modulation is critical for achieving authentic analog sounds, Sawer has flexible modulation routing.

Picard / Documentation Products > MusicBrainz Picard > Picard documentation MusicBrainz Picard documentation You will need to download MusicBrainz Picard first. You can also check a basic tutorial Music Contracts, Music Business, Music Business Articles, Music RECORDING CONTRACTRecord Company/Exclusive Artist This Agreement, entered into this _____ day of ________________, in the year of _______, between: Record Company Name __________________________________________, Company Address __________________________________________, Enabled Applications This is a list of applications that have MusicBrainz support built in: Taggers The following taggers will tag your music files with MusicBrainz data: MusicBrainz Picard MusicBrainz Picard is a cross platform (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows) album oriented MusicBrainz tagger with support for acoustic fingerprinting of MP3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, MP4 and WMA formats. Jaikoz

► Sample Music Contracts, Sample Recording Contracts and Sample This contract between YOUR RECORD COMPANY's NAME HERE hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") executed and effective this _______ day of ___________, 20___, by and between ___________________(Artist) (hereinafter referred to as the "Artist") and _________________________(Company) (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"): a. Company is an organization, which specializes in the management, recording, recording distribution and representation of musical artists; b. Company is familiar with the musical abilities of Artist and has the expertise, ability, industry contacts and resources to assist Artist in the furtherance of his/her career. c. What is MusicIP? MusicIP is much more than a conventional Playlist Generator. MusicIP is a clever piece of software written in the 2000s that analyses and fingerprints your music library to try to understand the makeup of each music track. So instead of endlessly scrolling through your library, trying to find something to listen to, you can simply select a track (the seed track) then based on MusicIPs understanding of your library, generate a playlist of tracks that blend together.

A Taxonomy of Social Reading: a proposal » Category 4 Category 4 — Engaging in a discussion IN the margins (online, formal, synchronous or asynchronous, persistent) Putting a dynamic margin on the page of a book enables people to carry on a deep extended conversation. CommentPress, DigressIt, and BookGlutton are three early examples of what happens when readers are able to leave comments attached to specific paragraphs, pages, and chapters or to user–defined subjects and themes that cross an entire work.