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Problems of the Month

Problems of the Month
Problem solving is the cornerstone of doing mathematics. A problem that you can’t solve in less than a day is usually a problem that is similar to one that you have solved before. But in real life, a problem is a situation that confronts you and you don’t have an idea of where to even start. If we want our students to be problem solvers and mathematically powerful, we must model perseverance and challenge students with non-routine problems. Administrators, teachers and parents should facilitate and support students in the process of attacking and reasoning about the problems. The solution is not as important as the process of problem solving. The educator or parent should not be impatient with the student’s struggle. The principal should embrace the concept of problem solving and model problem-solving leadership, being a facilitator of non-routine problems. Once the problem is presented to the students, the principal should be visible in facilitating the tasks alongside the teachers. Related:  annafusco

Math Worksheets Land - Tons of Printable Math Worksheets From All Grade Levels Elementary Puzzles Browse Elementary Puzzles Stars indicate particularly interesting answers or good places to begin browsing. Selected answers to frequently posed puzzles: A hen and a half... Measuring with two containers. Heads, legs: how many animals? How many different ways can you make change for a dollar? We discovered that there are 204 squares on a chessboard and found that you would add the different squares - 1 + 4 + 9 + 16 + 25 + 36 + 49 + 64. There are three more people in front of Clancy than in front of Nancy, and twice as many in front of Mary Ellen as in front of Nancy. If you take a two-digit number, add the digits, and subtract the sum from the original number, why is the answer always a multiple of 9? I am looking for some information on a math game called Petals around the Rose. How many rectangles can you make with 10 small squares? I have been given a list of numbers without any plus or minus signs and I have to place the signs between the digits. Leave the numerals in this order.

Maths Videos Here is a collection of hand-picked mathematical videos freely available on YouTube. If you are looking for a particular topic you may like to begin on out topics page where you can also find starters, visual aids and interactive resources.Please let us know if you find any interesting videos we should include in this list. A History of the Calendar A fast paced animation explaining the development of the modern calendar. Everyday Mathematics 2nd Grade Grade Level Goals Everyday Mathematics third-edition Grade Level Goals have been revised to align with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M), which were widely adopted in 2010. Both versions of the curriculum's goals are available below. For more information on standards, please see Meeting Standards with Everyday Mathematics. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Edition Grade Level Goals Expand All | Collapse All Number and Numeration Operations and Computation Data and Chance Measurement and Reference Frames Geometry Patterns, Functions, and Algebra 3rd Edition Grade Level Goals

Tarsia With this software you will easily be able to create, print out, save and exchange customised jigsaws, domino activities and a variety of rectangular card sort activities. The activities created using this software can be presented in printable form, ready to cut out. Formulator Tarsia known earlier as Formulator Jigsaw is an editor designed for Teachers of Mathematics creating the activities in a form of jigsaws or dominos etc for later use in a class. It includes the powerful equation editor for building the math-expressions for the activities. An advanced feature of text placement along the side of the shape makes this tool irreplaceable software for fast activity creation. Formulator Tarsia became a powerful tool for learning activities since it supports the activity templates. Formulator Tarsia installation package contains samples kindly offered by: Hermitech Laboratory highly appreciates these contributions. Creating learning activities with Formulator Tarsia Bottom navigation bar

Demystifying Math Struggles Introduction Since the YCDC website began in 2007, we have received many requests about how best to help dyslexic students struggling with math. We reached out to Chris Woodin, the head of the Math Department at Landmark School, a respected school that specializes in teaching students with language-based learning issues, to help us find alternative methods for mitigating common math struggles that seem to accompany dyslexia. Woodin offered many helpful strategies to help address them, and we hope that it will help other teachers and parents who are looking for ways to support dyslexic children with math. Breaking Down Math Excelling at math, or just even being able to pass the requirements, draws on many different skills and ways of thinking—it calls on conceptual, logical, and spatial reasoning, but it also often requires neatness, exactness, and computational skills. The Relationship Between Math and Language Struggles Overview: Importance of Integrating Visual and Language Systems

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework EMS Math | Landmark School Each lesson section has a movie, coupled with downloadable PDF worksheets and materials. These lessons are intended to provide stand-alone examples of teaching math using strategies developed at Landmark School. Watch how to teach multidigit multiplication after producing requisite facts with alternative modalities: Arrange for a training seminar to be presented at your school., Phone: 978 236 3203. Take a week-long graduate math course at Landmark during the summer. Processing Numbers Visually from Whole to Part. Landmark Outreach is happy to have you use our materials and comfortable with you posting documents to an intra-school site, as opposed to a public internet site, for use by your teachers. Read about teaching math whole-to-part in an article posted on the Yale Center For Dyslexia and Creativity Website. Demystifying Math Struggles & Identifying Strategies to Help.

LearnZillion x Menu Welcome to LearnZillion! Let's get started. Copyright © 2015 LearnZillion Take a Penny and Take Regrouping Out of Subtraction "Take a Penny" is a 2 step strategy that allows students to subtracting across zeros without having to go through the complicated steps of regrouping. In fact with "Take a Penny", students can subtract across zeros without regrouping at ALL! I learned the "Take a Penny" strategy last summer, and it has transformed the way my students subtract. I was at one of those workshops that you really don't want to be at but are required to go to, and boy was I amazed. The man that came to talk to us knew exactly how it felt to be in our shoes and did not waste one second of our time. And it works every time, no matter how many zeros you have. I created a 23 slide PowerPoint presentation to help students and teachers master this innovative strategy.

La découverte d'une "tuile" historique secoue le monde des mathématiques SCIENCES - Une équipe de mathématiciens a bouleversé le monde des maths en découvrant un nouveau type de pentagone capable de "paver un plan", c'est-à-dire que les tuiles peuvent s'assembler sur une surface plane sans qu'elles ne se chevauchent ni ne laissent de trous. Seuls quinze pentagones de ce type ont été découverts jusqu'ici. On n'en avait pas découvert depuis trente ans. C'est presque aussi impressionnant que de découvrir un nouvel atome, a déclaré Dr. Casey Mann, maître de conférences en mathématiques à l'université de Washington Bothell et membre de l'équipe. L'équipe a fait cette découverte grâce à un programme informatique conçu pour l'occasion. "Nous avons découvert la tuile en faisant une recherche exhaustive sur un ordinateur grâce à un ensemble de possibilités très large mais fini", a expliqué Casey Mann au journal Le Guardian, en ajoutant que l'équipe avait été "un peu surprise" de découvrir un nouveau type de pentagone. Le nouveau pentagone.