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Obsidian Dawn Resources - Photoshop & GIMP Brushes, Tutorials, Images, Patterns, and more!

Obsidian Dawn Resources - Photoshop & GIMP Brushes, Tutorials, Images, Patterns, and more!

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Tutorials I was inspired to create these feathers after receiving a small package of feathers from a very kind customer, and hand-painted them in my studio last week, while catching up on the phone with my sister. I'm always looking for new ways to ignite and channel my creativity. The aA Team have done a wonderful job as usual by providing inspiration using this new product in the aA Gallery and I want to highlight 3 different techniques for using this digital product in Adobe Photoshop/Elements or other photo-editing software programs. Download the FREE Instructions for Use eBooklet for step-by-step guidance on using aA Designs, check out theseTutorials on the aA Blog and these Video Tutorials. Click on the images for full digital supply lists and process notes. 1.

Free simple icons for your next project Follow @iconmonstr Support me ads via Carbon 20 Fantastic Step-By-Step Gimp Tutorials for Beginners Feb11 by admin A collection of 20 fantastic gimp tutorials resources for beginners and advance users , provided by best designers and webmasters . I have just collected some different style of gimp tutorials for beginners , So you can see what a free GNU image manipulation program can do for you . If you have latest gimp version than you can use almost all free photoshop brushes , backgrounds in program and also perform many normal photoshop tutorials on it . 1.

Freebie: 25 Original And FREE Abstract Smoke Brushes This brushes pack contains 25 high quality photoshop brushes made with Photoshop CS4. The size of the brushes is aprox. 1200 pixels and the quality is the best you can get: - sharp edges - smooth gradients. This brushes are very useful for making wallpaper backgrounds, like the famous Vista wallpaper, or web headers, even on photo manipulations as fake smoke. Free for personal and commercial use. Enjoy! Free Photoshop Brushes - Adobe Photoshop Brush DIRECTORY Free Adobe Photoshop Brushes - Introduction You'll find links to all kinds of amazing free Photoshop brushes below. Stephanie of Obsidian Dawn has kindly put together her top 10 Photoshop brush tips to help you get the most out of your brushes. Also have a look through our growing collection of High Resolution Photoshop Brushes.

Article - abrMate Tutorial: Convert a Newer Adobe Photoshop CS Brush to PS7 Format for Use in Any Photoshop Version The latest version of abrMate now allows you to convert any newer Photoshop CS brush set that can be opened by the software to a Photoshop 7.x compatible brush set in a new .abr file. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Photoshop users that are not using the latest version of Photoshop and want to use brushes available online that were created using newer versions. For example, if you have Photoshop CS2 and find an awesome brush set that was created with Photoshop CS5, you can now convert the brush set to a Photoshop 7.x version and now use it in Photoshop CS2! Remember that brushes are always forward compatible, just not backwards compatible. First off, if you are reading this tutorial, you are probably used to seeing this dialog from your version of Adobe Photoshop stating "Could not load the brushes because the file is not compatible with the version of Photoshop": Could not load the brushes because the file is not compatible with the version of Photoshop

60 OS Replacements for Storage Software: Page 4 46. OpenSMT Replaces EMC Isilon products, IPDATA appliances, Netgear ReadyNAS Like Openfiler, OpenSMT also allows users to turn standard system hardware into a dedicated storage device with some NAS features and some SAN features. It uses the ZFS filesystem and includes a convenient Web GUI. GIMP Tutorial: Just in time for Valentines! Tutorials February 15, 2011 Well, almost. Welcome to another GIMP Tutorial. Last week, we have created a shiny button and have seen how easy it is to make the appealing effect from scratch. Clickhere to see the previous tutorial.

500+ Space Brushes for Photoshop Graphic designers love free Photoshop brushes, so I decided to put together a collection of the best brushes for creating space scenes. This includes brushes for stars, planets, moon, galaxies, nebulae, and more. Photoshop Space Brushes: Galactic Brushes (14 brushes) 35+ Must Have And Fresh Free Nature Themed Photoshop Brushes Two years ago, we published a collection of high-quality nature and floral Photoshop brushes. Now, to update you with nature-inspired brushes that are uploaded from 2009 up to the current year on Deviantart, we have compiled awesome brushes for you to use on your designs all for free! Don’t forget to credit the creators of these brushes when using them. To download the brushes, click the link or the image then you will be prompted on the download page. 1. Magic Forest Brushes

Artist's ToolBox - Inklings 2 Brushes PU & CU Option : Scrap Art Studio, Where Creativity Soars New addition to my Artist's Tool Box INKS! I love ink and inky messes. I sketch in ink, I play and paint in inks on paper, fabrics, canvas, wood, metals, and anything else I can. Florals, scripts and splats are my favorite. I created these to use in my own art making, but now you can play too! Seamless Pattern Background Designs 23 Oct 2013, 18:01 Hi, and thank you for sharing your wonderful pattern creator. I'm getting the hang of it, but there is one option that I cannot figure out how to use. I go to Pattern Cooler home and select a pattern that I want to edit (colors). I click the option to edit colors but the editor never comes up.

70 Best GIMP Tutorials To Enhance Your Design Skills GIMP is a software for image editing and photo manipulations. Most of the designers say that Adobe Photoshop is the best software available for image editing but I would love to tell them that they should check GIMP before saying that because GIMP has some of the very amazing options that makes image editing more easier than Adobe Photoshop. In this post I collected 70 best GIMP Tutorials to make you a better designer.

200+High-Quality cloud Photoshop Brush Sets Clouds are always beautiful to look at. And painting them with cool brushes is even more beautiful and easy. Create ABSOLUTELY NATURAL looking clouds with these great sets of high quality Cloud Brushes which are also available for download. Click on the picture to reach the source . 1.Cloud Brushes 10 High quality set of cloud brushes.

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