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Directions - With our easy to use Directions there is no need to sequence through numerous screens and when printed the font is large enough for easy reference. Our directions optionally provides a fuel cost estimate for your trip as well as allowing you to select a route to avoid highways and tolls. Take a Virtual Hike on the Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trail, stroll thru Battleship Island - the secret hideout used in the James Bond movie Skyfall or visit many other places at our companion site Check out vPike on your smart phone. Many updates were added including the ability to display the street address when you double touch a spot on the map. Homes of Movie Stars - World Places - US Places - US Land Resources - US Water Resources

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The Map Room The Map Room is a blog that points to maps, map collections, map-related resources, and material about maps on the web. Anything that fits under that rubric, from medieval mappæ mundi to satellite imagery, and from topo maps to Tolkien, is fair game. Launched in March 2003, The Map Room is aimed at a broad audience. While cartographers and people in the geospatial industry seem to enjoy reading it, it’s meant to be accessible to anyone with nothing more than an interest in maps. Forget Scams, Offer Real Service | Personal Money Tips This blog gets quite a lot of traffic when it comes to several scams I came across and wrote about. If you found this blog looking for information about scams, I hope you did not join the scams. I’ve been tempted to join such scams too. The people who present such scams know how human nature is. Some position it as creating an income source.

Full List Bromo volcano, Java, Indonesia Wayag Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia Antarctic expedition of AirPano, Part I Volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka, Russia, 2015 Dubai, UAE Iceland, the best aerial panoramas New 7 Wonders of the World Petra, Jordan Great Wall of China Grand tour of Moscow, Russia Barcelona, Spain Everest, Himalayas, Nepal, Part II, December 2012 Santorini (Thira), Oia, Greece Plosky Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia, 2012 Iguazu Falls, Argentina-Brazil.

Photos of the World Tip: Link your Panoramio account with your Google+ account to automatically copy your photos to the Google Album Archive and continue to share your work in Google Maps. Back in 2014, we announced our intention to retire Panoramio in order to invest our efforts into improving photo-sharing experiences directly inside Google Maps. In response to your feedback, we postponed these plans and worked to add features to Maps that better support the level of engagement that you have enjoyed with Panoramio. Today, with photo upload tools in Google Maps and our Local Guides program, we are providing easy ways for you to share your photos with an active and growing community.

Un Nouveau Google Maps Outils de création is a Google Maps based map editor that allows users to create and save their own maps. The map includes a number of tools, for adding markers, texts, polylines, polygons and circles to a Google Map. Each of the tools can be used in a number of different colors and sizes. The polylines can be 'magnetic lines' that automatically snap to roads, which helps when trying to create and share driving routes. Westmoreland County Tax Maps The Westmoreland County Department of Geographic Information Systems helps Westmoreland County to fulfill a statutory requirement that all taxable property needs to be mapped to aid in the tax assessment process. Using cutting age technology, Westmoreland GIS is able to provide a layout of properties, at and below the surface, both in the past and present. This information is made available in a variety of formats to the paying and public requestors via the GIS Tax Mapping website and a secure file transfer site. New GIS Tax Mapping Site with No Subscription FeesMonday, November 18, 2013, Westmoreland County launched a new GIS Tax Map Parcel Application.

New York Public Library Puts 20,000 Hi-Res Maps Online & Makes Them Free to Download and Use When I was a kid, my father brought home from I know not where an enormous collection of National Geographic magazines spanning the years 1917 to 1985. I found, tucked in almost every issue, one of the magazine’s gorgeous maps—of the Moon, St. Petersburg, the Himalayas, Eastern Europe’s ever-shifting boundaries. I became a cartography enthusiast and geographical sponge, poring over them for years just for the sheer enjoyment of it, a pleasure that remains with me today. Whether you’re like me and simply love the imaginative exercise of tracing a map’s lines and contours and absorbing information, or you love to do that and you get paid for it, you’ll find innumerable ways to spend your time on the new Open Access Maps project at the New York Public Library.

FIELD NOTES COLORS Limited-Edition Memo Books Since Winter 2008, we’ve issued quarterly FIELD NOTES COLORS, limited-edition variations on our classic memo books. The COLORS series explores new papers, printing processes, and colors, sometimes adding special packaging and other fringe benefits. This nifty stop-motion film about the 2008-2009 COLORS editions explains the idea quickly, or if you prefer far more detail, watch these video recaps, by year, “The Obsessive’s Guide to Field Notes COLORS Editons.” Visualizing World Birth and Death Rates Close This is a simulation. The d3 javascript library by Michael Bostock Interface design based on that used in my collaboration with Bill Snebold on the US Birth/Death Visualization World geometry data from this 50m data file used in this example by Michael Bostock Population data primarily from the CIA Factbook population data, with some data from wikipedia's list of populations Birth rate data primarily from the CIA Factbook birth rates with some data from wikipedia's list of birth rates. This birth rate is the annual average number of births per year per 1,000 persons in the population at midyear (this is also called the crude birth rate). Death rate data primarily from the CIA Factbook death rates with some data from wikipedia's list of death rates This death rate is the annual average number of deaths per year per 1,000 persons in the population at midyear (this is also called the crude death rate).

MIRACLE: Indian Finds Saudi Father After 27 years - Arab » Arabian Scandals TWENTY-eight-year-old Indian national Ahmed Fahhad Mohammad Al-Hajri’s story is stranger than fiction. It is a story that film directors in India would die for. It is straight out of Bollywood. Born to a Saudi father and an Indian mother in Mumbai in 1981, Ahmed Al-Hajri has spent most of his life trying to track down his father. His father, Fahhad Mohammad Faleh Al-Hajri, was suffering from acute spinal pain in the early 1980s when he headed to Mumbai for an operation.