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Graham crackers

Graham crackers
Let’s say I was an alien, or new here or something — er, not entirely impossible, if you consider that I woke up yesterday with small feet fidgeting way further up my rib cage than I thought anatomically possible, leading me to wonder what I actually know about anatomy, leading to an inadvisable, rash amount of Google Image searching, leading to my eyes popping out of my head and whoa, I’ve digressed mightily — and I asked you to explain to me what is this “graham cracker” flavor that you speak of, could you do it? Because I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out what it was, and seeing the wide range of graham cracker — they’re something like digestive biscuits, for those of you across the pond — recipes out there, it’s not just me. There was the one I tried a couple years ago with rye flour, which I can assure you, was not the answer. Graham flour — a coarsely, exactingly ground whole wheat flour — would be the obvious answer, since they originate with one Rev.

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homemade oreos Just before I left for the airport Monday morning, I stopped short and ran back inside, not because I forgot my power cord or business cards or anything normal like that, but to make myself a turkey sandwich. My flight left late, of course, and by the time I had time to unwrap my semi-smooshed last bit of home-cooked anything, I was so hungry, I was ready to ask the 18-month-old next to me to share one of his drooled-upon teething biscuits. Proust may have had his madeleine and my husband may have his pickled green tomatoes, but I had that turkey sandwich and in the one bite I allowed myself before the drink cart finally brought me something to wash it down with, I had found a happiness I didn’t know could exist at the front end of a much-dreaded three day business trip to a nine-acre enclosed glass pod.

Let's start the week with a treat... I've discovered that you can make graham crackers from scratch. Did y'all know that? And, if you did, why hadn't you told me? I was reading through a blog the other day and ran across the "perfect" graham cracker recipe.

Vampire Cookies Every year I see lots of Halloween cupcakes and cakes that are rather boring in their decorations. They may have faces of ghosts or vampires painted on top with colored icing, but that really doesn’t do much to set them apart from non-holiday cupcakes. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I think it’s fun to go over-the-top where ever possible and really take decorations as far as they can go.

Gingerbread Cookies Recipe Gingerbread Cookies: In a large bowl, sift or whisk together the flour, salt, baking soda, and spices. In the bowl of your electric mixer (or with a hand mixer), beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg and molasses and beat until well combined. Gradually add the flour mixture beating until incorporated.

Homemade Graham Crackers — Make Real Food Challenge Graham Crackers. They bring to mind after school snacks, campfires and marshmallows, and sibling rivalry. When I started opting to only eat traditionally-prepared grains, I said goodbye to Graham Crackers along with many other convenient treats.

Fig Cookies Maybe not so photogenic, these cookies are amazingly good. There are a lot of similar recipes around, and I, myself, have tried about four or five of them. But I’m not in search for the perfect recipe anymore, I’m quite content and happy with this one. I bake exactly the same cookies for three years in a row for Christmas (they are traditional Italian Christmas cookies) and every single recipient always raves.

Lazy Girl's Chocolate Chip Blondies - Lovin' From the Oven The past few days have been HOT. Apparently, the hottest weather for Northern California happens from the end of September-November-ish. How weird is that? Marshmallow Root Marshmallows + Giveaway (paleo-friendly, dairy free, gluten free) Did you know original marshmallows actually came from a plant? Marshmallow (or marsh mallow or Althaea officinalis) is actually a herb! Rosemary Gladstar in her book Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health states "Our pioneer parents cooked the root with honey or sugar, formed into soft balls, and gave it to their children to suck on to soothe a sore throat."

Snickerdoodles It's actually pretty surprising that snickerdoodles haven't ended up on this blog before now. I love them! I have tried a few recipes and while they are all tasty, my favorite kind is more on the chewy to cakey side. These cookies (recipe from Martha Stewart) are not that.