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Gorgeous Hand Drawn Illustrations by Si Scott

Gorgeous Hand Drawn Illustrations by Si Scott
Here you have a series of illustrations called “animals” by Si Scott. Every design is hand drawn perfection! You can tell he has an incredible attention to detail. Enjoy! Related:  DrawingDrawing

Pencil drawings by Kate Riley The British artist Kate Riley (Cath Riley) draws only with a pencil. Her ascetic work evaluated Nike, GQ, M & C Saatchi and The New York Times. Many of the works of Kate are in private collections of British, American and Swiss collectors. How to Draw Hands This short tutorial is a just a small taste of a larger and much more in-depth book I wrote called The Mad Art of Caricature! The book is 175 full-color pages, lavishly illustrated and contains greatly expanded explanations of the concepts presented in this tutorials, as well and a great deal of additional material on caricaturing other facial features, posture, hands, expression and more, techniques on drawing from live models, doing caricature for freelance illustration and for MAD Magazine. This is a must have book for anyone interested in caricature, cartooning or humorous illustration. You can order it online here. How to Draw Hands Easily the most asked question I get is “how do you draw caricatures?”. Next to faces, hands are probably the most expressive and intricate part of the human form. I’m a cartoonist at heart, so the hands I draw are not realistic hands by most definitions. Breaking Down Hand Structure Not really much to it, is there? Relationships of Hand Structure

Girl With a Pen The Matchbook Artist & Illusion I have dedicated a section to “Using Daily Objects to Make Art,” because it is interesting to see the variety of banal items recycled by artists. Jason D’Aquino is another person who will be included to this space, since he draws directly on matchbooks, antique vellum and ledger pages, and more. Photos © Jason D’Aquino Link via Dude Craftand La Luz de Jesus

Strange Post-in Note Hand Drawing | Hand Drawing Art Pictures and Ideas Published on March 2nd, 2011 If we look at the drawing above what we find is pictures of animals. At first glance you may think that these are photograph. But don’t be astonished hearing that all these are drawing. Believe it or not, these stunning pencil drawings are not photographs – they were drawn using only one pencil. These incredibly realistic images show the humble pencil at its best, and are so exceptional that they can detail the fine hairs of a cat and the wisps of a beard. In the art drawings above if you look closely, in some of them the sketcher tried to create hand drawing so lively that when people will watch it they will be in confusion whether this is real or hand drawing. In these incredible pencil drawings of animals the color black and white is used to make a dramatic effect. Check even more photos on authors website…

These Photos Are Actually Pencil Perfect Drawings At just 22 years old, Italian artist Diego Fazo has developed the skill to create photo-realistic drawings using a simple charcoal pencil. His latest creation, pictured below, has drawn hundreds of positive comments on his Deviant Art profile. Don’t tell me you can tell the image below is a drawing and not a high-definition photograph, because I don’t buy it. In fact people were so skeptical this incredible piece of art was drawn by hand that young Diego Fazo had to put up some photos of the work in progress just to lay doubts to rest. And looking at his-mind-blowing masterpiece, can you really blame people for questioning it’s hand-drawn? Like other talented artists who started their careers on Deviant Art, Diego is a self-taught pencil master whose technique matured with the passing of the years. Scroll down for more of his awesome drawings, and check out his Deviant Art profile, as well. Reddit Stumble

How To Draw A Wave This art tutorial, kindly donated by surfing comic strip illustrator and surf artist Bob Penuelas covers how to draw a wave the Wilbur Kookmeyer way! If you're like me, then you've probably spent a lot of time in high school class daydreaming and doodling a thousand perfect cartoon waves in your notebook. It's safe to say that ninety percent of us surfers have a habit of scribbling perfect waves whenever a pencil is in our hands. Remember, there are millions of ways to draw a wave and hopefully with these simple pointers you'll find a million more. Drawing a basic wave The following illustrations and captions by Bob Penuelas take you through the basic steps of drawing a wave… Step 1 Sketch in the basic shape of the curl, spray, foam and base of the wave. Step 2 Add an extra line running parallel and below the curl line to define the thickness of the lip. Step 3 Add a flow line starting at the lip and curve it around to suggest roundness of the liquid lip. Step 4 Add the rest of the flow lines.

Rina Banerjee- Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Rina Banerjee, India/United States b.1963 | With or without name she was blue and who knew when she would slip into another mood for her understandable unwillingness to do, to speak to, to feel and determine her next move rests in her nest as would a Refugee 2009 | Metal structure, feathers, fabric, shells, bells, skull | Image courtesy: The artist and Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris | © The artist b.1963, Kolkata, India Lives and works in New York, United StatesLocation: GOMA 1.1 Rina Banerjee’s sculptural assemblages are fantastic conglomerates of textiles, fashion items, colonial objects, furnishings, taxidermy and organic materials, sourced from New York junk shops and configured into new and exotic arrangements.

13 Disturbing Pieces of Art from History The media is often criticized for showing violent and disturbing imagery. Movies, TV, video games, tabletop RPGs, comic books, and various other things have all gone through periods where they're blamed for exposing children to dark and unsettling things. But as these fine art examples prove, violent and disturbing imagery is nothing new. (Obviously, this article contains some disturbing content.) 1. Painted in 1611, Massacre of the Innocents is Rubens' interpretation of Herod's order to kill every young male in Bethlehem, as recounted in the Gospel of Matthew. 2. This is but one of a series of works featuring disembodied body parts (including a painting of a pair of severed heads, equally as unsettling as this one) painted by French artist Théodore Géricault. 3. Andy Warhol is most famous for his pop art pictures of soup cans and Marilyn Monroe, but he also dabbled in some darker works, including his chilling piece, Big Electric Chair. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Big Doodle Big sharpie doodle! Big Doodle - sharpie on mat board - 40" x 32" Artwork © Lawrence Yang 2009 my blog | my site | purchase inquiries Photographic, pencil, charcoal and ink art of Steve Mills The Art of Steve Mills Pencil, ink and charcoal portraits on commission. How To Draw Expressions Boy, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started this. I've had requests for some sort of expressions tutorial dating back a while now, so I figured, "Sure! I can explain expression drawing...and it'll be way better than all those tutorials out there that are nothing but charts of generic expressions. Yeah! Um. Anyway, I found all I could really do was try to explain ways to teach yourself...and then add some pictures.

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