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Daemon Tools Lite

Daemon Tools Lite
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Avast Antivirus De nos jours, nous devons nous souvenir d'un grand nombre de mots de passe. Il est donc tentant de les réutiliser ou de les sauvegarder dans notre navigateur. Le nouveau logiciel Avast Mots de Passe est simple d'utilisation et bien plus sûr. Mot de passe faible. Mot de passe faible. Testez la fiabilité de votre mot de passe. Découvrir Avast Mots de Passe Best Portable Apps A portable app is a “lite” version of a software, which can be run without being installed on the host computer, and which doesn’t modify the computer’s configuration information. In other words, you can run it, use it, and no-one will ever know you were there. 5 Websites For Every Portable Application On The Web 5 Websites For Every Portable Application On The Web You already know that some applications offer portable or "soft" installations, but don't you wish there was some place on the Internet where you could find any portable application? Read More Apart from being more flexible and secure when working on public computers, another good use for portable apps is to keep your number of installed apps to an absolute minimum. Installed programs take up space and can cause a computer to run slower, so the less you have installed the better. My personal policy is that I never install something if there is a portable version available.h2 But which portable apps are the best? Foobar2000 CDex

Extract 7Z Files with WinZip® WinZip opens and extracts 7z Compressed Archive Files. Once you download and install WinZip on your computer you may double click on the 7z file icon to open it in WinZip. We designed WinZip to open and extract from the widest range of file formats, including all of the following: 7Z RAR BZ2 LHA and LZH CAB ISO and IMG TAR GZ, TAZ, and TGZ TZ and Z UUencoded XXencoded MIME BinHex Zipx And Zip (of course) Get WinZip now to open your 7Z file(s) then enjoy all that the world's most popular Zip file utility has to offer, including the easiest and most practical file compression, encryption, packaging, and data backup capabilities.

Cómo acceder a Windows 7 con el usuario administrador sin saber la contraseña En este manual, os vamos a enseñar a entrar en un sistema Windows 7 y anteriores sin necesidad de conocer la clave de administrador. Usaremos diferentes métodos para lograrlo. Gracias a un fallo de seguridad, aún sin resolver, en Windows 7 y anteriores, es posible eliminar la contraseña de un usuario para poder acceder a su cuenta y a sus archivos sin mucha complicación. Existen diversas utilidades que nos permiten hacer esto, pero la que nosotros vamos a utilizar es una que viene incluída en el CD de utilidades Hiren’s Boot CD. Hiren’s Boot CD es un live-cd de utilidades imprescindibles para resolver problemas de nuestro ordenador. Una de las aplicaciones que incluye este CD se llama WindowsGate 1.1 y sirve para eliminar la verificación de contraseña de Windows, útil cuando te olvidas de la contraseña de un usuario para poder acceder a él rápidamente y sin problemas. Para poder eliminar la contraseña, en primer lugar debemos descargarnos y grabar el CD de Hiren’s Boot.

PHP Directory Listing Script - Evoluted New Media Back in 2008 we released the original version of this directory listing script, this is the updated version which resolves a number of known issues with the previous version. The PHP Directory Listing Script is a highly configurable script which generates a well formed table, listing the contents of a specified directory and sub-directories. The script displays images for certain file types with the ability to generate thumbnails to preview image files. The PHP Directory Listing Script requires PHP, Javascript and GD2 for thumbnail generation. Please click here to see a demonstration of the PHP Directory Listing Script. Download To download the script please click here. Future Please leave any feature requests or questions in the comments below, we will incorporate features as appropriate and answer questions where possible. Tags: directory listing, php, script Written by Ash Young Ash is the founder of Evoluted and is passionate about helping clients succeed in a digital environment.

Scanner mémoire Crucial Le Scanner Système Crucial en ligne est simple d'utilisation. Vous devez d'abord accepter les conditions et modalités. Cliquez sur le bouton «ºDémarrer le scan ». Enregistrez le fichier sur le bureau ou dans un autre emplacement de votre choix. le téléchargement et l’exécution du Scanner système Crucial sont simples. Oui, il existe des conditions et modalités relatives à notre scanner. Le scanner se contente de chercher des informations dans votre BIOS puis recherche des correspondances compatibles sur le site internet Si vous avez exécuté le scanner en ligne, suivez ces instructions pour supprimer le fichier scanner de votre ordinateur : Veillez à fermer toutes les instances d'Internet Explorer. C'est facile.

Ultimate Boot CD - Overview Nero 7 Ultra Edition em Português + Serial - Download - 32/64 Bits - PH Downs Nero 7 é muito famoso por gravar CD-ROMs e DVDs com suporte a todos os principais formatos de gravação, esta nova versão do Nero chega com algumas excelentes mudanças em relação a seu antecessor (versão 6.xx), uma base de suporte muito mais ampliada e mais O nero 7 vem com uma interface completa e intuitiva, através do dele você pode gerenciar todos os arquivos de mídia de seu computador! Ele pode transformar suas fotos digitais em slide shows profissionais, criar uma cópia de segurança para os seus dados mais valiosos, gerenciar ou procurar seus arquivos de mídia (som, vídeo e etc), editar videos ou fotos com opções utilizadas por softwares específicos de edição, criar DVDs (incluindo menus e capas), transformar qualquer tipo de arquivo em stream para divulgação na internet e muito mais! Observação: Na opinião de muitos, o Nero 7 continua sendo a melhor versão do Software. Nome: Download Nero 7 Ultra Edition + Serial Estilo: Gravador de CD/DVD Sistema Operacional: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Arranque de Windows – Configurarlo y mejorar el rendimiento Programas del arranque de Windows Durante el arranque se cargan los programas que se inician con él. Por ejemplo componentes de antivirus o firewalls, o de audio o vídeo. Hay elementos del arranque importantes para que Windows y el sistema funcionen como deben. O convenientes por cuestiones de seguridad. Muchos otros componentes del arranque no son necesarios. La buena noticia es que puedes librarte con facilidad de esos "parásitos" que sobran. Entra en las opciones de arranque (Ve la imagen de arriba) En Windows 7 y Vista Entra en el menú Inicio. NO DEBES deshabilitar Lo que tenga que ver con el antivirus, el firewall u otro software de seguridad. Puedes deshabilitar Casi todo lo demás. Visita esta base de datos sobre programas del arranque de Windows (en inglés). Ve también cómo: Aumentar y medir la velocidad de Internet

SQL Injection Attacks by Example A customer asked that we check out his intranet site, which was used by the company's employees and customers. This was part of a larger security review, and though we'd not actually used SQL injection to penetrate a network before, we were pretty familiar with the general concepts. We were completely successful in this engagement, and wanted to recount the steps taken as an illustration. "SQL Injection" is subset of the an unverified/unsanitized user input vulnerability ("buffer overflows" are a different subset), and the idea is to convince the application to run SQL code that was not intended. We'll note that this was a somewhat winding road with more than one wrong turn, and others with more experience will certainly have different -- and better -- approaches. There have been other papers on SQL injection, including some that are much more detailed, but this one shows the rationale of discovery as much as the process of exploitation. So we'll do it in steps. A standalone query of