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20 Unusual Uses for Herbs

20 Unusual Uses for Herbs
More than just a garnish. Take these 10 herbs and you’ve got yourself 20 different ways to tackle everyday issues, from keeping mice away to treating the common cold. This list gives you reason to chew shamelessly on fresh tarragon leaves, re-establish Mojito Monday, and pass up your expensive and toxic perfume for slightly green-tinted wrists. Enjoy! Tarragon Toothache Treatment Back in the day, Greeks used to chew on tarragon to numb their mouths from toothache. Internal Cleanser Clean yourself from the inside out with tarragon. Mint Mojito Makin’ Make a mint mojito with a kombucha base. Keep Mice Away Despite our predilection for the fresh aroma of mint, mice beg to differ. Marjoram Natural Perfume According to mythology, the goddess of love Aphrodite grew marjoram. Bone Building Marjoram offers some 520% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, making it one of the richest herbal sources of the vitamin. Rosemary Mosquito Deterrent Hair Rinse Oregano Common Cold Fighter UTI Treatment Thyme Basil Related:  Herbs

Discover the Best 12 Herbs for Insomnia We all know that sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. We feel more energetic, happier, and better able to function after a good sleep. Yet so many of us don’t get enough sleep: some people experience difficulty in getting to sleep, or they wake up frequently during the night with trouble falling back into sleep and thus feel tired throughout the day. They may also wake too early in the morning without the feeling to go back to sleep. Others suffer from depression or anxiety that can cause sleep disorders too. Sleep Problems can directly or indirectly affect physiological systems, such as brain and nervous system, cardiovascular system, metabolic functions and immune system.I’ve already written in the past about a natural substance to improve sleep disorders, but this time I would like to concentrate in the best herbs for insomnia. The best herbs for insomnia: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

6 Medicinal Herbs to Grow at Home - Gardening Even urban dwellers with little more than a balcony, tiny backyard or windowsill can grow their own food. Patti Moreno's Gardening By Cuisine (Sterling 2013) offers a unique plan for creating low-maintenance organic "cuisine gardens" that produce delicious vegetables, fruits and herbs. In the following excerpt, learn how to add six medicinal herbs to your garden for easy access to natural remedies for everything from headaches to sore throats. You can buy this book from the Mother Earth Living store: Gardening By Cuisine. 1. (Echinacea purpurea) This native perennial, also known as the purple coneflower, is a glorious garden plant that grows 24 to 36 inches tall, and sometimes even taller. Echinacea boosts the immune system to prevent the common cold or flu. Making Echinacea Tea To make echinacea tea, use 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried or 2 to 4 teaspoons of fresh echinacea flowers, leaves, stems, or roots per cup of water. 2. (Tanacetum parthenium) 3. (Melissa officinalis) 4. 5. 6.

Herbs For Skin Top 10 Herbs For Skin image to repin / shareHerbs background pic © Elena Moiseeva - Please share this page: Google + StumbleUpon Reddit The skin is not just the largest organ in your body but the most visible one as well. Scrapes, cuts, burns, acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer- just some of the most common skin conditions - which explains why several billion dollars are spent annually on cosmetic and skin care products. [1] Globally, sales exceed over $300 billion every year and in the U.S. alone, expenditures can reach $8 billion yearly. [2] Not only is healthy skin beautiful on the outside, it is also an indication of good health inside. However, you need not spend so much on commercial skin products when there are natural plant extracts and herbs available that trace their origin and use since ancient times. Calendula Also known as pot marigold, calendula has been shown to heal and regenerate skin tissue. Aloe St. Externally applied as a cream, ointment or macerated oil, St.

Herbs for Gardens: 5 Herbs Every Gardener Should Grow One of the best ways to eat healthy garden-fresh foods is to plant herbs. These edible plants are attractive, easy to grow and absolutely delicious. But where should you begin? First off, let me explain how I selected these Top 5 herbs for gardens. But perhaps most importantly, all of these herbs are pretty in the garden and versatile in the kitchen. 1. If you consider parsley a simple garnish, you’re missing out on a healthy and versatile herb. Parsley is a biennial grown as an annual, which is hardy to USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 9. 2. It’s a smart idea to grow culinary sage (Saliva officinalis). Native to the Mediterranean, sage plants like warm, sunny locations. 3. As Ophelia said in Hamlet, “Rosemary is for remembrance. You’ll want to remember this rugged herb in the garden. 4. It’s time to make room for thyme in your garden. Thyme grows well with other drought-tolerant Mediterranean herbs. 5. Mint grows so easily, the roots (or runners) can be invasive and take over your garden.

Herbs For Cholesterol Top 10 Herbs For Regulating Cholesterol image to repin / shareHerbs background pic © Elena Moiseeva - Please share this page: Google + StumbleUpon Reddit Undoubtedly, if there is one factor you should consider to reduce your risk of developing heart disease, it would be controlling your blood cholesterol levels. Once there is too much cholesterol in the body, the excess accumulates along the arterial walls which eventually narrows them and obstructs the flow of blood to the heart, leading to potential cardiovascular disorders. As there are herbs for almost all kinds of diseases, there are also of course herbs for reducing cholesterol. Garlic Extensive studies have been conducted on garlic for its cholesterol regulating abilities and some studies suggest it can decrease blood cholesterol by a few percentage points. [2] Other researchers found that the more frequent the intake of garlic, the greater the reduction in cholesterol levels. Turmeric Fenugreek Ginger Artichoke Alfalfa Guggul

Want A Big Herb Garden? These Herbs Are Easily Grown From Cuttings. Herbs are some of my favorite plants to grow. Every year, I load my garden full of them, and when the winter time comes, I take a bunch of strong clippings and plant them in smaller pots so to have my herbs all year round. Some herbs you should start in water, others grow fine planted in soil. Here's what we start in water: Basil Thyme Oregano Mint All four, if put in water, will start to grow roots within a week. Lavender eBook (revisited) This mini ebook of lavender ideas was initially offered as a gift to those who signed up for my newsletter. Now, it’s available to anyone who would like a copy – no strings attached. (You can still subscribe to my once-a-month newsletter though to make sure you don’t miss any future recipes, projects and freebies!) To grab your free copy, CLICK HERE to directly open the pdf file on your computer. Be sure to share with family and friends as well! While we’re on the topic, if you like lavender and other herbal projects, I think you will also love a blog that I recently discovered called Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth.

40 Inspiring DIY Herb Gardens If you love to cook you most likely can’t live without fresh herbs. You can buy them when you need them but it would be much better if you will always have them in pots near by. This way it’s much easier to mix them in small doses and add in all meals you’re cooking. Of course to have them on your kitchen or right outside your kitchen door you need to organize a thoughtful herb garden that also looks great. Herbs And Vegetables In Modern Planters Of Different Heights (via bhg) DIY Herbal Window Box (via bhg) DIY Colorful Vertical Garden On A Fence (via shelterness) DIY Recycled Seed Pots from Newspapers and Magazines (via shelterness) Container Herb Garden (via bhg) How to Turn Coffee Tins into a Hanging Herb Garden (via curbly) DIY Flower Pot Herb Tower (via curbly) Herb Garden With A Bentwood Trellis (via bhg) DIY Small Space Vertical Garden Of A Pallet (via shelterness) Cute DIY Vertical Garden Of A Wood Pallet (via shelterness) Cute Little Indoor Herb Garden (via delicooks)

Herbs For Lungs Top 10 Herbs For The Lungs image to repin / shareHerbs background pic © Africa Studio - Please share this page: Google + StumbleUpon Reddit Everyone knows the significance of the lungs in their work day in and day out to bring in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide wastes and in effect, promote your overall bodily functioning. Yet, even with an awareness of the lungs' important functions, increasing air pollution levels and poor breathing are causing the lungs not to perform at their peak. [2] Moreover, smoking, vitamin A deficiency, certain over-the-counter cold medications and even traumatic experiences have led to common lung conditions like asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pulmonary edema, pneumonia and cancer. However, there are herbs like the below that specifically promote healthier functioning of the lungs. Mullein Licorice Gingko Biloba Echinacea This is an anti-microbial herb known to fight pathogenic microorganism while strengthening the body's immune system.