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Basil: What Every Permaculturalist Should Know. In a design system in which we are looking for each element to perform multiple functions, there are few plants that can show off quite the way basil does.

Basil: What Every Permaculturalist Should Know

As a rule of thumb, things are expected to warrant their placement within our designs with at least two useful attributes, but basil performs well all over the show. It dazzles in the kitchen, the garden, the herb spiral, the food forest, the medicine cabinet, the artisanal products, and the blender. This article is here to delve into that, the seedy world of basil.

5 Reasons to Grow Yarrow. Growing and Using Comfrey Leaves. Related Content 12 Rules of Raking Save time and avoid blisters and burnout by following these common-sense guidelines this leaf season...

Growing and Using Comfrey Leaves

Four years ago — mostly from curiosity, because we'd heard so much about the plant's virtues — we set aside a small rectangular spot on our acre for a bed of 30 comfrey cuttings. They grew like mad. Herbs & Herbal Uses. Herbs in medicine, cooking, and magic.

Herbs & Herbal Uses

Find charts, planting tips, and other uses for these valuable plants below. Imagine....awakening in the morning and stepping outside to a lush and fragrant paradise....which exists to satisfy your own culinary, medicinal, and even spiritual needs..... Welcome to Herb Gardening! What is an herb? Drying Herbs: DIY. “What’s the best way to dry and store herbs from my garden for the winter?

Drying Herbs: DIY

And any tips for how to use them?” —April Hockett I’m a big advocate for drying garden herbs: Like any homegrown food, you know exactly what you’re getting, and, if you store them properly, they’ll last longer than store-bought ground dried herbs. Those can be old or exposed to heat and/or light during handling, and contribute nothing more than stale dust to a dish. And drying your own herbs is easy—especially this time of year, when we’ve waved goodbye (well, maybe) to summer’s humidity. Rosemary, thyme, bay, oregano, marjoram, winter savory, sage, tarragon, lemon verbena, even fennel stalks are all good candidates for drying.

Rinse the herbs if they look or feel dirty or dusty, or if you suspect they harbor any hitchhiking critters. Strip the leaves off the lower inch or so of the stems, then tie the herbs in small bunches with kitchen string (which you may need to tighten as the stems shrink). Herbed Pepper. Growing Coriander & Cilantro. Did you know that what we call cilantro is actually the leaves of the coriander plant?

Growing Coriander & Cilantro

Pretty flowers and two great flavors make this herb a great addition to any herb garden. Coriander Characteristics (coriandrum sativum, linn.) Growing Cycle of Coriander Name Origin: The coriander plant is actually named from the ancient Greek Koris, a bug. Origins: Thought to be a native of southern Europe and China. Natural Order: Plant Care Guides (National Gardening Association) Herb Gardening Basics 101 (National Gardening Association)

A formal English knot garden features standard herbs such as rosemary, oregano and thyme with a focal point, such as a sculpture, in the center.

Herb Gardening Basics 101 (National Gardening Association)

According to the 2006 National Gardening Survey, more than 14 million households in the United States grow herbs -- in vegetable and perennial gardens, in containers, or on windowsills. Perennial Herbs. Aloe - Wonderfully easy plant to grow with amazing skin-soothing and healing properties right off the plant.

Perennial Herbs

Grows with little care and needs only infrequent watering. A must for every windowsill gardener and a welcome addition to the backyard herb garden. Annual Herbs. Aloe Vera - Excellent indoor or outdoor container plant.

Annual Herbs

Well-known and well-researched medicinal plant. Arugula - Mustard-like green. Grow in salad gardens and use in salads and stir-fries for a peppery, pungent taste reminiscent of horseradish. Basil - Popular, attractive plant with many color variations. No herb garden is complete without it. Borage - Attractive blue star-shaped flowers, but rather scraggly growth habit.

Calendula - Cheerful yellow flowers that bloom almost constantly in warm weather. Biennial Herbs. Evening Primrose. Evening Primrose is an easy to grow and extremely useful biennial herb that should be part of every home garden.

Evening Primrose

The entire plant is quite tasty and is edible from root to flower, and the leaves, roots, and seeds contain medicinal qualities not found in very many other herbs. The flowers of the most common types are yellow and fragrant, with a faint lemony smell, opening in the evenings and closing again around mid-morning. Bees and butterflies love this plant, making it a valuable addition to a Habitat-type situation. Establishing Evening Primrose in the garden is quite easy to do.

Herbs and Herbal Uses. Container Herb Garden  Container Herb Garden Ideas & Inspiration Creating a container herb garden is extremely satisfying.

Container Herb Garden 

Aloe Vera Healing Plants. I learned about the care of aloe plants from my mother who is still interested in gardening even though she is in her nineties. We always had an aloe, but my mom called it a “Chinese healing plant.” She knew all about using the aloe gel to treat skin irritations and burns. Aloe vera is one of the world’s best known medicinal plants. Odla dina örter i växthus, odlingsvitrin och pallkrage. En odlingsvitrin att ha på balkong eller altan passar fint för dig med mindre yta. Get Acquainted with 5 Common Backyard Weeds with Remarkable Healing Properties. Although you may already be familiar with many of your neighborhood “weeds” and their myriad uses (such as using dandelion leaves in salad), it’s quite possible that you pass by several other important plants on a daily basis, completely unaware of their awesomeness. Those listed below are usually torn from manicured gardens because some people believe that they’re not as refined or pretty as peonies or hollyhocks, but their healing properties are so spectacular that they should earn a place of esteem amongst the most prized rose species.

Take a look at these humble little plants, and if you find them popping up around your own yard, maybe you’ll find a new appreciation for them. Yarrow Commonly considered a weed and often ripped out of cultivated gardens everywhere, yarrow (Achillea millefolium) might not be the prettiest or most graceful of flowers, but it’s been used medicinally for thousands of years. Related: DIY – How to Make Your Own Herbal Tinctures Mullein.

40 Inspiring DIY Herb Gardens. If you love to cook you most likely can’t live without fresh herbs. You can buy them when you need them but it would be much better if you will always have them in pots near by. This way it’s much easier to mix them in small doses and add in all meals you’re cooking. Of course to have them on your kitchen or right outside your kitchen door you need to organize a thoughtful herb garden that also looks great. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of cool ideas that might inspire you to do that. Enjoy! Chinese medicinal herbs provide niche market for US farmers. US farmers have found a new niche, medicinal herbs. There is an expanding interest in traditional Chinese medicine that is fostering a lucrative market.

They are planting different varieties of herbs, flowers and trees that are sought by practitioners and healers. While almost all practitioners still rely on imports from China, dwindling wild stands there, as well as quality and safety concerns, could drive up demand for herbs grown in the U.S. Several states have set up "growing groups" to help farmers establish trial stands of the most popular plants. Art and Appetite » Desert Gardening 2011. Some of you probably figured out that I live in the fabulous city of Las Vegas; however, not many know that Las Vegas is actually a desert. 40 Inspiring DIY Herb Gardens. Want A Big Herb Garden? These Herbs Are Easily Grown From Cuttings. Herbs are some of my favorite plants to grow. Herbs for Gardens: 5 Herbs Every Gardener Should Grow.

One of the best ways to eat healthy garden-fresh foods is to plant herbs. 6 Medicinal Herbs to Grow at Home - Gardening. Even urban dwellers with little more than a balcony, tiny backyard or windowsill can grow their own food. 20 Unusual Uses for Herbs. 12 of Nature's Most Powerful Medicinal Plants From Traditional Cherokees. The Cherokee have been gifted by the Creator with an understanding of the gathering, use and preservation of medicinal herbs. The Cherokee believe that these plants were put on this earth to provide not only healing methods, but preventative measures, as well. Many plants have disappeared throughout the years or have become extremely scarce. Healthy News and Information. Aloe Vera sourceThe aloe vera grows only under the sun with well drained dry or moist soil.

Although the plant tastes like turd, it’s still edible. The sap from aloe vera is extremely useful to speed up the healing and reducing the risk of infections for : wounds cuts burns eczema reducing inflammation Apart from its external use on the skin, aloe vera is also taken internally in the treatment of :ulcerative colitis (drinking aloe vera juice) chronic constipation poor appetite digestive problems Marsh Mallow.