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Let the Words Flow -

Let the Words Flow -
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Wikiversity Ebooks Gratuit : Livres Pdf Free eBooks for your PDA, iPhone, or eBook Reader Misktakes In Writing Here's the slightly revised and updated text of an article I wrote a while back. It seems to have done a lot of folks a lot of good as they have set out to learn the craft of writing fiction. Note: Except for the links to my Home page and the list of my books, all of the links and jumps in this article stay inside the document. You can save it to disk, load it to your Web reader off-line, and jump from item to item without accidently popping off into some other file in Katmandu. by Roger MacBride Allen You can read straight through or jump to: Roger MacBride Allen's Home Page A list of Roger MacBride Allen's books Introduction Errors of Style: Passive Voice Inappropriate Use of Summary Narration Point of View errors Poor Choice of Tense and Person Time Control Errors Unnamed Characters Errors of Substance: The Weird Opener & The Unintergrated Opener Retread of the Same Old Same Old Confusing the Author's Motives with the Character's Failure to Deal with Consequences Development Errors Bad Planning 1. 2.

Bound Books Fictionwise eBooks: Free eBooks, eBooks for Palm, PocketPC, PC, & Mac Fantasy Name Generator By Samuel Stoddard - Version 1.5 One of the perks of creating fantasy stories -- whether by writing a story or game or by role-playing -- is you get to make up the names. Some people relish the task while others are frustrated by it. Some like it but can't seem to create names that are diverse enough. Fantasy Name Generator is a tool that can help you. In addition, this tool can be fairly amusing to use even if you don't have any name creating to do. You can use the fantasy name generator below.

Author Central This topic contains frequently asked questions about search results, plus information on categories. Search Results FAQs Why is the wrong edition showing up when I search for my book? In order to show our customers more choices in their search results, we typically display only one edition of each book on the Search Results page. The edition is chosen based on a set of business rules designed to provide the best customer experience. For example, newer editions are generally preferred over older editions. If you have further questions about the edition of your book that is appearing in Search Results, contact us. On the Contact Us form: Under "Select an issue," select My Books.Under "Select details," select Update information about a book.In the fields that appear, select Update something else, and then I want to update search results for my book or for my name. Why doesn't my book appear in the search results? The best way to search for your item is to use the Advanced Search form in Books.

Feedbooks: Food for the mind Character Chart for Fiction Writers - If you're a fiction writer -- whether you're working on a novel, short story, screenplay, television series, play, web series, webserial, or blog-based fiction -- your characters should come alive for your reader or audience. The highly detailed chart below will help writers develop fictional characters who are believable, captivating, and unique. Print this page to complete the form for each main character you create. IMPORTANT: Note that all fields are optional and should be used simply as a guide; character charts should inspire you to think about your character in new ways, rather than constrain your writing. Fill in only as much info as you choose. Have fun getting to know your character! If this character chart is helpful, please let us know! Looking for more character questionnaires / charts?

Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity: 17 US Children's Book Publishers Accepting Manuscripts Directly From Writers If you are a children's or young adult author, you have the option of submitting your work directly to a number of publishers without needing a middleman. While most of these are small to mid-range publishers, some are big names in the industry. As always, go to the publisher's website and read their list to see if your work would be a good fit. Read their submission requirements very carefully. Be forewarned that if you submit your work directly to a publisher, and are rejected, you can't backtrack later and submit it again through an agent. Albert Whitman & Company has been publishing award-winning children’s books since 1919. Arthur A. August House focuses on world folktales and the art and uses of storytelling. them about publishing your work. Boyds Mills Press is the trade division of Highlights for Children, Inc. Capstone publishes both fiction and nonfiction books for struggling and reluctant readers. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishers are the oldest publishers in the world.

Ebooks The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do. Writing is a muscle. Smaller than a hamstring and slightly bigger than a bicep, and it needs to be exercised to get stronger. Think of your words as reps, your paragraphs as sets, your pages as daily workouts. Think of your laptop as a machine like the one at the gym where you open and close your inner thighs in front of everyone, exposing both your insecurities and your genitals. Procrastination is an alluring siren taunting you to google the country where Balki from Perfect Strangers was from, and to arrange sticky notes on your dog in the shape of hilarious dog shorts. The blank white page. Mark Twain once said, “Show, don’t tell.” Finding a really good muse these days isn’t easy, so plan on going through quite a few before landing on a winner. There are two things more difficult than writing. It’s so easy to hide in your little bubble, typing your little words with your little fingers on your little laptop from the comfort of your tiny chair in your miniature little house.

It must be a conspiracy! I don't even like digging. Dirty business. by martian_estoc May 11

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If you mean fictionpress, sure there is. I just have to wiggle a little to find what interests me there =P. And there is a lot of total muck there, too! by martian_estoc May 8

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