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Solar Power Revolution - Here Comes The Sun

Solar Power Revolution - Here Comes The Sun
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Mobile Sun Tracking Solar Power Plant A recent storm with horrific winds took down our electrical power. The outage was widespread, straining the power company to get everyone back online. We were without power for almost 3 days - no heating, no hot water, no refrigeration, no range, no microwave, no lighting. My first thought was to buy a gas-powered generator. Features Sun Tracking Sensor Renogy 50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Renogy 30A PWM Charge Controller 85AH Deep Cycle Gel Batteries 2000W DC-AC Power Inverter With 3 AC Outlets Bussmann 150A Resettable Circuit Breaker Servo Motor for Azimuth Axis Linear Actuator for Elevation Axis Arduino UNO Controller Adafruit Motor Shield v2 Backlit LCD Voltage Meter Adjustable LED Bar Work Light 12VDC Switched Outlet With 15A Resettable Circuit Breaker USB Charging Outlet Durable Battery Box With Carrying Handles Schematic The sun-tracking sensor is made from a cheap 6-LED flashlight. Low-Cost 6-LED Flashlights Hacking The Flashlight Wiring Video

KW14 | Neuer Rekord: Photovoltaik und Wind liefern Deutschland so viel Strom wie 40 Großkraftwerke - SolarServer Die Sturmserie in der Woche vor Ostern hat Deutschland einen neuen Wind- und Solar-Rekord beschert, berichtet das Internationale Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien (IWR, Münster). Am Montag, den 30.03.2015, lieferten Photovoltaik- und Windenergieanlagen zur Spitzenlastzeit mit einer Leistung von zusammen knapp 44.000 Megawatt (MW) Strom. Das entspricht der Leistung von rund 40 durchschnittlichen Großkraftwerken. Windkraftanlagen produzierten in dieser Zeit Strom mit über 30.000 Megawatt (M) und gleichzeitig Photovoltaik-Anlagen mit mehr als 13.000 MW Leistung. Neuer Allzeit-Rekord für Wind und Photovoltaik Die Werte basieren auf einer Auswertung der vorläufigen Daten der Strombörse und der Netzbetreiber. „Einen solchen Leistungsrekord hätten vor zehn Jahren viele Experten noch für völlig undenkbar gehalten“, kommentiert IWR-Direktor Dr.

A fully transparent solar cell that could make every window and screen a power source Solar drängt in den USA anderen  Strom aus den Netzen Elon Musk weiß, wie man Neuheiten und neue Technologien inszeniert – das Aussehen muss stimmen, die Technik und der Preis. All das will der Firmengründer und Chef des US-Elektroautobauers Tesla aufbieten, um ganz groß in den Batteriemarkt einzusteigen – Batterien für die Speicherung vor allem von Solarstrom. Ob diese Speicher zu Hause stehen, in einem Betrieb oder einem Stromversorger – Musk will sie alle mit seiner große Gigawatt-Fab herstellen, die derzeit in der Nähe von Reno in Nevada für 5 Mrd. $ gebaut wird. Was bei David Cunnigham seit letztem Jahr im Installationsraum seines Privathauses in Kalifornien hängt, sieht noch ziemlich kastenförmig aus. Foto: Tim Rue/Bloomberg „Wir sind praktisch bis Mitte des kommenden Jahres ausverkauft.“ Elon Musk, Mitgründer und Chef von Tesla Motors, zur Markteinführung seines Batteriespeichers Powerwall. Die Testphase soll für Tesla jetzt vorbei sein. In nahezu allen Bundesstaaten werden immer mehr Solardächer installiert. Foto: Tesla

Healthy News and Information by KRIS GUNNARS I love it when I learn new things from the comments people leave on my site. About two weeks ago, I wrote an article about coconut oil – an awesome tropical oil with many health benefits. A few people commented that they use coconut oil for something called Oil Pulling – which is kind of like using an oil as mouthwash. It is claimed to whiten your teeth, make your breath fresher and lead to massive improvements in oral health. What is Oil Pulling and How Does it Work? Oil pulling involves swishing oil around the mouth and has been used for thousands of years as an Indian folk remedy. There are actually thousands of different types of bacteria in the mouth. Having some plaque on your teeth is normal, but if it gets out of hand it can cause all sorts of problems, including bad breath, yellow teeth, gum inflammation, gingivitis and cavities. I Personally Prefer Coconut Oil Traditionally, the Indians used other oils such as sesame oil or sunflower oil. How to Oil Pull 1. 2. 3.

The solar road in the Netherlands is working even better than expected The Netherlands made headlines last year when it built the world's first solar road - an energy-harvesting bike path paved with glass-coated solar panels. Now, six months into the trial, engineers say the system is working even better than expected, with the 70-metre test bike path generating 3,000 kWh, or enough electricity to power a small household for a year. "If we translate this to an annual yield, we expect more than the 70kwh per square metre per year," Sten de Wit, spokesman for SolaRoad, the group behind the project, told Tarek Bazley at Al Jazeera. So just imagine the potential if we covered all our roads in the stuff. It’s this kind of thinking that got the Internet so hyped-up over Solar Roadways last year - a crowd-funded project that aimed to power the entire US with solar-covered roads. The solar panels used on the Dutch bike path are sandwiched between glass, silicon rubber and concrete, and are strong enough to support 12-tonne fire trucks without any damage.

So Cool! SolarPod panels can be installed Without Drilling A Single Hole A recent press release reveals that the first-of-its-kind SolarPodTM has gotten UL certification. The SolarPodTM group of products is the first offer for US retail and commercial markets that provides no roof penetration, particularly helpful for sloped roofs (SolarPodTMCrown). The no-penetration SolarPod Crown cuts installation cost while at the same time achieving dependable reliability. SolarPodTM is completely modular, and quickly and easily integrates into your existing electrical system. If your energy needs grow with your home or business, additional SolarPodsTM can be installed in series to the existing setup with minimal effort. The entire series only requires one 240V electrical hookup. The prefabricated quick install solar solution dramatically reduces utility scale and commercial installations. You can watch our easy installation videos. An entire SolarPodTM Grid Tied installation takes only two hours!

Small scale hydropower can provide stream of new jobs to rural regions | Guardian Sustainable Business Micro-hydro, the generation of electricity from small streams, has begun to take off in rural Wales. The country’s geography makes small-scale hydropower a viable alternative source of energy and, for struggling rural areas, a source of income and jobs. Wales has long exploited its natural advantages in waterpower, from pre-industrial mills to six large hydropower schemes today. The vast Dinorwig plant alone generates 1,728MW, meeting peak-time electricity demand across the country. A typical micro-hydro installation, by contrast, will produce well under 50kW, although some run as high as 0.5MW. At present, some 23 micro schemes are in operation, with another 30 or more due to come onstream over the next year or so. What makes the technology interesting, however, is not so much its potential to meet renewables targets, important as these are, but as a driver for regeneration in otherwise deprived and excluded areas. Community ownership This economic windfall comes from two sources.

Spherical Solar Solar Sphere Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology never looked so good. The Rawlemon Solar Energy Generator was a finalist in the World Technology Network Award Dec, 2013. The inventor, German born, Barcelona-based architect André Broessel, with his first large scale prototype, which sits a top his Barcelona apartment building. Because of the concentration of light, the cell area under the water-filled orb is 75 to 95% smaller than a flat pvc with the same output. The device incorporates a fully rotational weatherproof natural optical tracking device that functions on inclined surfaces and curtain walls, therefore any sun-facing building surface will be suitable for application. From their Indiegogo campaign, which was fully funded. Facade modules can replace south facing windows. A single LED light conversing with the moon. This micro version can concentrate diffuse light, such as that from a cloudy day.

Smart Power set to launch synthetic smart grid for (Scottish) renewables | Scottish Energy News For many years, a ‘smart’ grid for renewable energy was thought to be impossible due to the problem of matching supply to demand because you can’t suddenly make the sun shine brighter or the wind blow stronger. In addition, in many locations, it has not been possible to connect more than a certain amount of generation to the grid because of weaknesses in the local network. This has now changed due to a radical new development from Smart Power Ltd which has managed to develop a new patent-pending method of having a Smart, Synthetic Grid that can also be connected to the National Grid. This means that all of the power that is created from renewable energy can be stored on site and the power requirements of the smart grid for the site met. Dr Marc Stanton, Commercial Director for Smart Power, explained: “It is the control of this system that offers a ground-breaking solution to an age-old problem.

The Solar Conundrum The Solar Conundrum: heat decreases the production of electrical energy in PV. Hybrid Vacuum Tubes.By efficiently drawing heat away from the solar panel for space heating, hot water, de-salination and cooling the photovoltaic cells are maintained at an optimum operating temperature. This results in significantly higher electrical output than standard photovoltaic panels. This type of device is commonly referred to as PVT. Both energy outputs are optimized replacing the need for two separate conventional panels (PV and Thermal), dramatically reducing installation time and cost whilst maximizing useable installation area. Through its unique patent pending design, V3Solar is able to concentrate up to 150X more sunlight on 1X sun mono PV without the cells overheating. Light is transferred to electricity in nanoseconds. The V3Solar patent pending design also delivers a higher level of efficiency from PV.