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Makers of Handmade Leather Watch Straps, Wallets, Cases and Other Leather Goods.

Makers of Handmade Leather Watch Straps, Wallets, Cases and Other Leather Goods.
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The Minimalist Way to Travel with This Is Ground | Bespoke Post We’ve all been there: ear buds hanging off your neck, garment bag stuck in your roller wheels, laptop en route from armpit to terminal floor, breakfast sandwich leaking onto well-shod but tripped-over feet. Right? Modern air travel can be a beast before you even hit the ticketing kiosk. But with a proper reevaluation of your routine and some select upgrades to your luggage game, there’s a certain zen available to the traveller who’s willing to cut some weight. If you’ve ever described George Clooney’s security line scene in Up In the Air as “motivational,” “a triumph,” or “a thing that produced in me tears of robust organizational joy,” read on. And try not to cry. Do more with less. Are your in-flight necessities centralized and easy to get to? If not, may we humbly offer some guidance courtesy of... We like travel as much as the next guy, but why talk to the next guy when you could speak with someone who’s spent a couple of years touring the country in a blimp? A and e with some g.

Pre-owned watch shops : Hong Kong – HOROLOGIUM Watches. Hong Kong. It is virtually impossible to go anywhere in this city without bumping into a watch shop of some description, whether it’s one of the many branches of City Chain, the plethora of shops in Central, TST and Causeway Bay, or a brand boutique (kudos to Vacheron, Omega and Franck Muller in Causeway Bay for being open at 11pm on New Years Eve). The city loves its watches, whether it’s haute or hot pink. When a watchnerd/ WIS visits Hong Kong, one question seems to always pop up – where are the pre-owned and vintage watch shops? In all cases I visited each place to verify its existence, but I ran into problems with one or two places which a) had no opening hours; b) were never open when I walked past, even when I made repeated attempts at random times of the day. I have only purchased from two of these listed places over the years, and I will identify them and give my personal experience. Po Wan Loi Watch G/F, 468 Lockhart Rd. Ching Kwok Watch Service G/F, 63A Electric Rd.

Pulse of the Indigo Fat Chance Slim Chance 2.0 Fat City Cycles is back! What? You’ve never heard of Fat City Cycles? If you’re a millennial, that’s understandable. But if you were born before the early 1980s, you have no excuse. First, a little history lesson. Slim Chance 2.0 Material: True Temper OX Platinum steel Sizes: extra small thru 2XL Use: spirited road rides with friends Price: $2,395 for frame and fork This time around, Chance will be in Marin County, California instead of on the East Coast. I had the pleasure of ripping through the roads around New York City on the Slim Chance 2.0, leading me to conclude that those cult Fat-heads that stuck with the brand through 18 years of defunctness weren’t crazy after all. This isn’t your typical ultralight, ultra-high performance road bike, but it isn’t trying to be. The Slim Chance is available in a host of bright colors, with or without a custom painted ENVE stem, with or without a custom painted Silca frame pump and a Chris King headset in your choice of color.

Hong Kong & Macau - Preowned Just an update , also incorporating members suggestions (thanx): HONG KONGKen’s Watches - 3 locations (see website), pretty good selection, fair pricing. Pak Lee Watches – 4(?) Middle Rd, TST, Kowloon, Good selection, prices fair. MACAU There’s about 30 shops, just east of the old Lisboa Casino and few more across from the Star World. Stockholm Pictures Logo Signet Rings, Family Crest Rings & Coat Of Arms Rings

untitled Hello,I am new to buying watches. Actually I have never had a proper watch. Now after backpacking around Australia I have managed to save enough money to purchase myself one decent watch. Most presumably it will be the only high-end watch that I can ever afford. Anyway I really started to like the new big size PO with orange bezel and Omega 8500 movement. I figured that considering the fact that I will never buy another luxury watch again I should go with something more special like new in-house movement. Free Worldwide Shipping From Watchismo! It's about Time, right? Watchismo now offers: FREE WORLDWIDE STANDARD SHIPPING Watchismo is offering Free Worldwide Standard Shipping!* We Ship from the USA! We'll cover the cost for USPS First Class International or USPS Domestic First Class. You'll save some money & get a cool watch -- it's a win-win situation! FREE USA SHIPPING We offer FREE USA USPS shipping for any order over $99 (average delivery times are 5-10 business days for U.S. orders and 14-28 business days for International orders). *Shipping to China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Mexico, Phillipines, Russia & Eastern Europe will incur additional shipping fees.

Award Gallery Product Modern alpinists today rely on athletically functional solutions. On many alpine tours, this low-profile approach shoe is not only suffices, it also allows to better feel the ground and offers a more stable platform. This approach shoe is more rigid and that imparts more control and performance for light scrambling. Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria Degree of innovationDesignWeight/ pack size Jury Statement This Lowa shoe has a new, innovative speed lacing system. Hong Kong Watch Shopping Wonderland “Watch overload.” “One of the best days in watches.” These are some of the phrases used to describe our afternoon watch shopping in Hong Kong. And these statements are all the more powerful coming from guys who look at and write about watches all day, not to mention that we had just come from Watches & Wonders 2015, where we got to play with and photograph all the Richemont Group brands’ haute novelties. What, then, got us so excited about these dingy little watch stores with hand-written price tags? You may have heard that Hong Kong is a watch shopping paradise, but you may have also heard that the deep discounts the city was once known for are now a thing of the past. We have previously discussed the topic of where the best places in the world to buy watches are, and I have remained convinced that the United States is one of them. Pre-owned watches, as we know, can be a tricky thing. So what did we see?