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Sustainia100 2016 This is the year of ‘Systemic Opportunity’! Now in its fifth year, the Sustainia100 has tracked more than 4,500 solutions to date from all over the world. This year’s edition features solutions deployed in 188 countries, and more than half come from small and mid-sized enterprises. Showcasing everything from health solutions that tackle climate change, to renewable energy products that alleviate gender inequality, this year’s publication presents 100 solutions that respond to interconnected global challenges and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Solutions you must know about! Celebrating the TOP10 sustainability solutions and project of 2015. Be inspired! Get inspired by real solutions! The 2015 Sustainia100 study features 100 new stories from the forefront of sustainability innovation. The Sustainia100 is a FREE publication! SUSTAINIA100 is an annual guide to 100 innovative sustainability solutions from around the world. Be Inspired!

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Growing the Open Food Revolution The open food movement has been developing at a pace in recent months through projects like the Australian-based Open Food Network, a free and open source project aimed at supporting diverse food enterprises and making it easy to access local sustainable food. In this follow-up interview to our profile back in January, founders Kirsten Larsen and Serenity Hill reflect on their recent experience of OuiShare Fest 2014 and the open food revolution they are enabling through free software. The Open Food Network is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to put control of the food system back in the hands of farmers and eaters. Three dead and more missing after east coast storms – rolling report NSW police and the State Emergency Service are at a loss as to what more can be said and done to get the message across about the dangers of entering flood waters. Police and emergency services this morning recovered the bodies of two men from waterways at Leppington and Mittagong. The acting assistant commissioner, Kyle Stewart, said despite the constant warnings about the dangers of entering flood areas we now have two men who have died. “It is a tragedy these two lives have been lost.

The Sweet and the Brutal — Twee Culture, The Obama Doctrine, and Fractures in Ferguson I start this week’s call by noting an article in last Sunday’s New York Times style section entitled: The Millennials are Generation Nice, a psychographic snapshot of the 50 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. This latest generation of adults, likely mirrored by those in other developed countries, are characterized by a declining interest in materialism and an increased dedication to social purpose, vegetarianism and optimism. The article concludes, “Taken together these habits and tastes look less like narcissism than communalism.

Emergency Portal The National Security Hotline is the single point of contact for the public to report possible signs of terrorism. It also provides information to callers on a wide range of national security matters. Visit or call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400 Plan B Documentary Plan B Documentary Based on Lester Brown’s Plan B book series, this 90-minute film, by award-winning film producers Marilyn and Hal Weiner, premiered on PBS stations across the United States on March 30, 2011. The film follows Lester as he speaks in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, New Delhi, Rome, Istanbul, Ankara, and Washington, DC, and visits with world leaders to discuss Plan B—a roadmap that will help eradicate poverty, stabilize population, and protect and restore our planet’s fisheries, forests, aquifers, soils, grasslands, and biological diversity.

How Did We Get Into This Mess? Many of our current crises are the long-term results of a meeting which took place 60 years ago By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 28th August 2007 Disaster Management - Deakin University Earthquake, flood, fire, famine and conflict — we seem to be hearing more about these things every day, and watching as they impact communities all over the world. Fortunately, there are many organisations made up of dedicated people who are trained and ready to assist communities affected by disasters. In this course you’ll learn about some of the basic principles that guide humanitarian responses and the different approaches humanitarian teams use in disaster situations. Explore the history of disaster management and humanitarian action Humans have had to cope with disaster for thousands of years, but how have our responses changed over time?

Migrant crisis: baby born aboard Mediterranean rescue ship A Nigerian woman has given birth to a boy while on board a rescue ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The newborn's nationality is uncertain because he was born in international waters. Faith Oqunbor, the child's mother, had been taken from an overcrowded rubber boat onto a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) rescue ship. The medical charity announced the child's birth on Twitter, and recounted the experience of Mrs Oqunbor. "Faith was already having contractions when she left Libya and was terrified she'd give birth on the rubber boat," MSF said. The group said the baby's father and two older brothers, ages five and seven, were both on board the ship and in good health.

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