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Video Game Jobs, Animation Jobs, VFX Jobs, TV & Film Jobs, Software Jobs »
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Creating a Web Video Studio | WVR How To Earlier this year, Crain Communications decided to set up an Internet video production studio in the New York offices of its Advertising Age publication. I was assigned to organize the new facility to support Ad Age's new online video news operations as well as the video projects of other New York Crain publications. Luckily, I wasn't a complete novice at this. Editing equipment back then involved tape decks that were damned near as big as Volkswagens, "portable" cameras that were three feet long and weighed 40 pounds, and equipment prices that were over the moon. The publishers and journalists who are today joining the migration to online video content can thank their stars for the digital revolution that has so reduced the size, complexity and price of creating and running a basic video studio. LightsThe first step in my Crain/Ad Age project was to find a suitable room within the two floors the company occupies in a midtown skyscraper.

"I Moved to LA to Work in Animation" new 70-page comic |Home Is Where The Internet Is I moved to LA in 2015 to storyboard for animation studios. I get a lot of questions from artists who are interested in making similar career moves themselves. I wanted to make a comic about my experience, half for me and half for anyone looking for information about LA / storyboarding for animation. It took a LOT of my weekends over the past year, but the final, 70-page comic is now ready to share with you!! (There are little white arrows on the image below that you can click to go "left" and "right" and see a few sample pages. Thank you for reading! Note: Please do not send me your portfolio or your work; I cannot look at it. Let me know in the comments if any links are broken or you think I’m missing something important. Different story artists’ advice to check out: Studios / job portal links: Free online tutorials: Courses / academic programs: Tron Mai’s story classes (normally at CDA, but do your own search for the latest info) Animation organizations: Events: A few story art masters:

Courses | Animation Skillnet ANIMATION, VFX & GAMES GRADUATE TRAINEESHIP 2018-2019 Call for Applications Screen Training Ireland and Animation Skillnet are currently seeking applicants for the fourth iteration of the hugely successful graduate Traineeship Programme for Animation, VFX and Games. Last years programme saw… 18.09.18 | Production Management for Animation (5 Tuesday evenings) Course Content: The course will cover all aspects of a 2D animation pipeline from script to screen. 19.09.2018 | English Language for Animation and Other Creative Studios with Everest Language School (5 Wednesday evenings) Course Content: This course will cover the following: English for working in the animation industry Communicative skills for meetings Effective email writing skills Describing processes and workflow in English Developing… 17.09.18 | Storytelling and Screenwriting with John Dawson (5 Monday evenings) 13.09.18 | Essence of the Pose – Gesture Drawing (5 Thursday Evenings) 20.10.18 | Schoolism Live – Dublin 2018

Blog - Your Outdoor Living Experts Greenhouses can be covered in one of three materials. This includes glass, polycarbonate, and plastic film. Each one of these materials has pros and cons associated with it. So before you decide on a certain greenhouse structure or shape, consider the covering. All coverings should go through a checklist that includes cost, ease of repair, durability, weight, how much light goes through the material and how much heat is released through the material. Glass Paned Greenhouse The Large Royal Victorian Greenhouse sold by Outdora is an excellent example of a glass paned greenhouse. Read the rest of this entry »

10 good reasons for turning down work When you're starting out as a freelancer and haven't quite found your feet, it's tempting to say yes to any work that comes your way. You'll soon discover, though, that it pays to discriminate a little. 25 tips for staying sane as a freelancer Disqualifying clients who don't seem like a good fit for you should be one of your first priorities when you meet a potential client. As a result, that time and energy can be spent finding better clients and bigger pay cheques. To help you spot a client who isn't a good fit, we've put together this list. Also, if your gut is telling you not to go with a particular client, listen to it. In general, you should pursue work that you want to do more of. This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 268. Related articles:

The Animation Bursary - .Film and Video Workshop..Film and Video Workshop. The Animation Bursary The scheme is now closed as we raise money to run it again. We look for talented animators who have a film idea and are ready to go, we offer: • £500 in cash• 4 months use of our studio• Mentoring support from professional animators• Free equipment hire, tech support and help with distribution Dates: TBC (hopefully Sept 2015) The film currently in production is Unspoken by Laura Keer Her creative blog is here Our last film is The Elephant in the Room by Sarah Wickens Details The scheme is aimed at animators who are just starting out on their career so you need to have made an animated film before. You will be able to choose a mentor from our list of animator friends. This scheme is funded by The Fenton Arts Trust, our charity with help from our colleagues at LIAF

Shot Analysis: Jungle Book Sequence Part 1 | Art, Animation & Film Analysis by James Chiang The first 3 shots of this 16 scene sequence where Baloo and Mowgli meet for the first time in Walt Disney’s 1967 classic, The Jungle Book. Let’s begin our 5 Part analysis of Frank Thomas’ and Ollie Johnston’s marvelous work in this portion of The Jungle Book: Scene 1: A Lesson in broken rhythm and natural action. I love the unplanned feeling of this shot even though it’s clearly well-designed in terms of layout, camera move and action choreography. Throughout this shot Baloo moves from screen right to left, but does so in an uninhibited fashion — moving forward, then back and changing his gait and gestures as he flows with the musical tempo inside his head. Ollie’s work (at least it looks like it’s his) is often very intuitive; his characters behave in a far more sincere and natural manner than other animators. When the shot ends, your attention halts and flows along with Baloo’s. Shot 2: A lesson in simplicity and clarity Scene 3: A lesson in personality animation and texture

2D Animation Jobs in Canada An exciting opportunity to work with a small, creative firm on Robert Kirkman's series INVINCIBLE!! The Studio Pipeline TD manages, supports and enhances the infrastructure that facilitates the studio’s technical processes and workflow for all projects. QUALIFICATIONS Education/Experience: 6+ years of experience working in a studio production environment. Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Strong background in 2D animation, CG Animation and/or Visual Effects.Working knowledge of Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Storyboard Pro, Maya, 3DS Max, and other high-end software.Experience developing pipelines and toolsets with Python, Shotgun, JSExperience with Adobe product SDKsExperience with Crowd Simulation tools and workflowsExperience maintaining a Shotgun deploymentExperience working in Windows and Mac based environmentsAcquires and maintains up-to-date knowledge and ability in the relevant fields.Exceptional communicator that practices attentive and active listening.

The only advice you really need: Don't compare your... Vacancies | Mikros image Animation Position overview Who’s ready? Mikros Animation Montréal is now in production on the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie. We’re looking for animators to help up bring Bikini Bottom to life! Responsabilities Your primary responsibility will be the animation and performances of all assigned characters and props. Competencies Salary Salary according to experience.