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Olia Lialina Olia Lialina (born in Moscow) is a pioneer Internet artist and theorist as well as an experimental film and video critic and curator. Lialina studied film criticism and journalism at Moscow State University, then followed with art residencies at C3 (Budapest,) and Villa Walderta (Munich,).[1] She founded Art Teleportacia, a web gallery of her work, which also features links to remakes of her most famous work "My boyfriend came back from the war" [2] and was one of the organizers and later, director of Cine Fantom, an experimental cinema club in Moscow co-founded in 1995 by Lialina with Gleb Aleinikov, Andrej Silvestrov, Boris Ukhananov, Inna Kolosova and others. Claire Fontaine. Interview Claire Fontaine interviewed by John Kelsey JK: Claire Fontaine describes itself as a fiction and as a ready-made artist. What does it mean, from the perspective of subjectivity, to say that a contemporary artist has become something like a urinal or a Brillo box? CF: Claire Fontaine doesn’t especially describe herself as a fiction; she is not meant to be a female character with a face, specific characteristics, or moods. She is a fiction in the way any proper name is a fiction. You use the strategy of the pseudonym yourself, and on two fronts, even, with Bernadette Corporation and Reena Spaulings.

olia lialina cv On the 22nd of April 2013 Olia Lialinabacked her first ever cake, for somebody very special. Still fun to be a GIF But when retired I want to be a JPEG Tiled In the background of your profile Olia Lialina is a frequent Internet Cafe visitor bio: Born in Moscow. Net Artist, one of pioneers. Olia Lialina, 'Summer' (2013) Summer (2013). Olia Lialina. Screenshot of animation comprising individual GIF images displayed across multiple websites. MediaArtLab Джозефин БосмаМежду умеренностью и экстримом (крайностью). Разногласия между нет-арт теорией и арт-дискурсом (2000)Тематика: Медиа-сообщества , Медиа-арт , Медиа-артЯзык оригинала:английский Society on the Internet is hardly different from that off-line. The few differences in cultural, social, and political structures up to now, should mostly be credited to the specifics of its technology and to the inexperience of people working with it.

Sometimes a GIF Is All You Need Today and yesterday were glorious days in New York: August had come, the sun was shining, the weather was just right. They were the type of days that make you want to frolic, or skip or swing. And so it happened, when I clicked on a link in a tweet by pioneering net artist and critic Olia Lialina, that I saw her swinging joyfully towards me in my browser. This, I thought, is the perfect expression of summer. Lialina’s piece “Summer” is a GIF, and at first glance, a fairly simple one: it features an image of the artist swinging to and fro against a blank background that bleeds from bright blue to white. She wears a summery outfit, with her loose hair puffing out as she moves and a slight smile on her face.

Music History In Gifs - Design If we didn't work yet still managed to own a computer, we would probably spend a good portion of our time watching the endless vortex of procrastination that is the world of gifs. We're totally not alone. As you might be aware. The Internet is jam-packed with them and we stumbled upon a new set which has steamrolled its way into our gif hall of fame. Josh Carrafa has transformed iconic moments from music history into 8-bit moving nuggets of brilliance. You can see some of the best below and even more here. WYSOCKA, E. Agatha Re-Appears, net art resoration project, 2008 Restoration Project: Olia Lialina’s early piece “Agatha Appears” from the Collection of C³ Center for Culture & Communication Foundation Author: Olia Lialina (C3 Residency Program); Márton Fernezelyi (Programmer) Title: Agatha Appears Created: 1997 Type: Interactive resource, net based art

mel chin 1995-1997 (continuing through syndication) props inserted on the set of Melrose Place in collaboration with students, artists, critics, set decorator, producers A. 200 objects, mixed medium B. Television Broadcast and Museum exposure C. Dragan Espenschied to Lead Rhizome's Digital Conservation Program After an international search, leading digital preservation specialist, artist, and musician Dragan Espenschied has been appointed to lead Rhizome's growing and award-winning Digital Conservation program. Espenschied, who will relocate from Germany to New York for the position, will bring the program to its next phase and steward the ArtBase, Rhizome’s collection of over 2,000 born-digital artworks. Espenschied is well known in the academic research field for projects such as bwFLA: Emulation as a Service, which allows legacy computer systems to run in a standard web browser. With Olia Lialina, he has also undertaken user-centered projects like One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age, an automatically-generated archive of screen captures of 1990s Geocities webpages; and Once Upon, an enactment of contemporary websites in a historic network environment. He has also published and spoken widely on vernacular uses of the web, such as in the book Digital Folklore, edited with Lialina.

Art Inconnu - Little-known and under-appreciated art. "Jeune fille lisant" Maria Blanchard was born horribly disfigured from a fall that her mother took while she was pregnant. Her disfigurements included enanismo, which is like dwarfism, a hump on her back, much like a polio victim would have and cojera, which is a deformity in the hips, making walking very difficult. She was often referred to as "the witch". This led her to live a life of solitude. However, this did not stop Maria from becoming a great artist.