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Easy English news, short news, English story, reading skills for you

Easy English news, short news, English story, reading skills for you
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Raconter des histoires « Storytelling » dans ou hors la salle de classe | Les outils numériques avec la technologie donnent aux élèves la possibilité de raconter des histoires à travers la voix, textes, images, audio et vidéo. Les histoires numériques permettent aux élèves de prendre une série linéaire d'événements et de les transformer en une expérience multidimensionnelle. Encourager à communiquer, collaborer, rechercher ainsi que d'ajouter des médias dans le processus de création. De nombreux outils existent pour créer ces projets – à la fois des logiciels et matériel – et chacun d'entre eux permettent aux élèves d'acquérir une compréhension plus profonde de l'histoire à mesure qu'ils explorent la manière la plus efficace de raconter cela. (Diaporama et Logiciels de montage vidéos). Fold, une nouvelle plateforme de storytelling ? Notre sélection d'outils pour Raconter des histoires : Peetch Co : Découvrez un service d'écriture d'histoires collaboratives en milieu scolaire En cinq étapes : Le professeur donne ses consignes (personnages, lieux, contexte…).

New York Times lesson plans Photo Do your students follow Humans of New York? The site and the related Tumblr and Facebook page created by the amateur photographer Brandon Stanton have millions of followers, and the “Humans of New York” book, published in October, landed in the No. 1 spot on the New York Times hardcover nonfiction best-seller list its first week on sale. As the Times article about the phenomenon puts it: Mr. In this lesson, students read the article, analyze some of Mr. Your Task: Read an article about Humans of New York and analyze photos from the project. Read “A Fisherman in New York’s Sea of Faces.” Before You Do the Task You Might … Use the three questions The Learning Network uses for its photo analysis feature: What’s going on in this picture? After You’ve Finished: There are many other projects out there inspired by Brandon Stanton. You might also take a look at a few more modest projects inspired by Humans of New York at high schools all over. Above and Beyond: Feeling inspired? Understand what you read The Times of India: Latest News India, World & Business News, Cricket & Sports, Bollywood Teachers | Learn English for free with TeaTime-Magazine TeaTime-Mag for Teachers What is it about? Our Teacher Edition of TeaTime-Mag was created for those who teach English, with the idea of sharing both the language and culture of the English-speaking world to the classroom. The contents of our texts are created especially for your classes. Get in touch with us: Customs and Culture | Art and Style | Business and Economy | Lifestyles Customs and Culture In customs, we capture the cultural practices of many of the cultures around the world. LA Youth Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English ►Go to travelogues Follow the pie team on their travels and learn English along the way ►Go to pie plus Our monthly magazine with news, videos, information worksheets and our monthly competition. ►Go to extras Extra worksheet activities to support the podcasts Podcasts in English are not just listening activities for efl and esl students to improve their conversation. From Our Partner Sites: Many thanks to partnersinrhyme for the jingle on our podcasts.

Teen Kids News | Award Winning TV Show | School | College | Videos | Entertainment Reading Comprehension Worksheets "Your reading comprehension materials are the best I've found on the web. They are so thorough and comprehensive! My students and I have learned a lot from them. Thanks so much!" -- Susan B., Carter, KY. 03/21/12 Like these materials? On this page you will find our complete list of high quality reading comprehension worksheets created specially by our team for students in grade levels K-12. READTHEORYWorkbooks Visit our online store here! Our reading comprehension worksheets teach students to think critically, draw inferences, understand scope and global concepts, find or recall details, and infer the meaning of useful vocabulary words. © COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The below publications contain copyrighted work to be used by teachers in school or at home. Grade 1 - Find more here! Phew! You really really like reading comprehension. Critical Thinking Reading Comprehension Worksheets Short Story Reading Comprehension Worksheets Answers for this series are included at the end of each worksheet."

One in five young people has suffered online abuse, study finds | Society Cyberbullying is a worse problem among teenagers than drug abuse, according to almost half of all young people surveyed in a new study that finds one in five has experienced online abuse. In the global YouGov survey of more than 4,700 teenagers from across the world, a fifth of those who had experienced cyberbullying said it had made them consider suicide, and more than half said being taunted online was worse than being bullied in person. A quarter of those bullied closed down social media accounts and more than a fifth skipped school, the survey commissioned by Vodafone found. Of those who were bullied, almost 40% did not tell their parents, citing feelings of shame or fear. Researchers spoke to 13- to 18-year-olds from the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Greece, South Africa, US, Ireland and the Czech Republic. New Zealand had the highest number of teenagers who said they had experienced cyberbullying, followed by the US and Iceland.

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