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Henry Jenkins explique sa vision du transmedia et de l’engagement des publics.

Henry Jenkins explique sa vision du transmedia et de l’engagement des publics.

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RCCS: Featured Links Sites & Synergies Anglia Research Centre in Digital Culture (ArcDigital) Association of Internet Researchers Berglund Center for Internet Studies Transmedia 202: Further Reflections The above video was shot by Scott Walker during one of my presentations at San Diego Comic-Con, during which I spoke about some of the controversy which has surrounded the definition of transmedia over the past six months or so. I’ve largely stayed out of these conversations, though you can find a very good summary of the debates here. I’ve been focusing on other projects and also I’ve been more interested in the shapes these discussions take than seeking to intervene in them directly, but over the summer, in a range of venues, I’ve been pushing and proding at my own definitions to see if I can capture some of my own shifting understandings of transmedia, especially as I am preparing to teach a revamped transmedia entertainment class at USC.

Emergent gameplay - Wikipedia Emergent gameplay refers to complex situations in video games, board games, or table top role-playing games that emerge from the interaction of relatively simple game mechanics.[1] Intentional emergence[edit] Intentional emergence occurs when some creative uses of the game are intended by the game designers. Video Game Writing: Secrets to Deep Story Worlds & Player Engagement Video games and game applications have become richer and more compelling experiences, making the role of the writer more vital than ever. But many writers underestimate the demands of the medium, and falter when it comes to creating vast new story worlds, or extending established ones. Even fewer writers can make the leap to creating narratives that dynamically and emotionally engage the player.

. . . And the Final Lesson from Game of Thrones Is, "Always Support the Bottom" When Campfire's Steve Coulson set out to create an immersive experience around the HBO production of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones, he faced a now-familiar problem: How to simultaneously generate buzz for the show, introduce the story to a new audience, and provide a deeper level of engagement for fans of the book. In this case, the task was complicated by the fact that HBO audiences weren't expecting a fantasy series and that Martin fans were fiercely protective of his work. At a stellar presentation at last week's Transmedia NYC Meetup, he explained how he went about it.

Game Studies 0101: Ryan: Beyond Myth and Metaphor: The Case of Narrative in Digital Media -The Case of Narrative in Digital Media by Marie-Laure Ryan If we compare the field of digital textuality to other areas of study in the humanities, its most striking feature is the precedence of theory over the object of study. Transmedia Services Rise of Pervasive Communications Today's most desirable target markets, Millennial young adults and Generation Z ‘tweens and teens, have come of age in a time of pervasive communications. As a result they are far more media savvy, interpersonally connected, and able to express themselves than any previous generation. The problem faced by corporations and big media is that many are communicating on old broadcast models, where the narrative is linear, the medium stands alone, and the narrative is only running one way. A new toolset and new techniques are necessary to reach and engage mass audiences in the digital age.

Game of Thrones is Transmedia Gold « Tyrion Lannister: Little Man, Big Plans (via Frank Rose) Unless you’ve been hiding out on the moon or under a very large , heavy object for some time, you might have well heard of the big chunk of fantastical fun that is HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Marie-Laure Ryan - Immersion vs. Interactivity: Virtual Reality and Literary Theory - Postmodern Culture 5:1 Few of us have actually donned an HMD (head-mounted display) and DGs (data-gloves), and entered a computer-generated, three-dimensional landscape in which all of our wishes can be fulfilled: wishes such as experiencing an expansion of our physical and sensory powers; getting out of the body and seeing ourselves from the outside; adopting a new identity; apprehending immaterial objects with most of our senses, including touch; being able to modify the environment through either verbal commands or physical gestures; seeing creative thoughts instantly realized without going through the process of having them physically materialized. Worldwide, VR is happening in protected pockets of technology; inside giants corporations, universities, and small entrepreneurial start-ups; in Berlin and North Carolina; covering Japan and especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. . . . A rare excitement is in the air, an excitement that comes from breaking through to something new. Immersion

Let’s Call It What It Is: Pervasive Communication I don’t want to talk about social media. I don’t want to talk about social business. I don’t want to talk about social enterprise. At least not in the context which many people seem to be using it these days. Transmedia Resources DRAFT - this is a no-profit site that is a continuous work in progress - short quotes from the collected resources are included, if you do not wish any of your resource quoted, let me know and I'll remove the quote UPDATE - April 6, 2014 - It has been awhile - but I still am around, still have been collecting sources and still intend to continue plugging things in. Hope to start adding more again within the month - ahhh the life of an archivist!!! Transmedia is used in many different ways leading to the need to use the surrounding context to determine full meaning (in a way, the very definition of transmedia has a transmedial property to it ;) A very basic definition would be one of media delivered in multiple formats/platforms.

21st Century Screenwriting: Content for Various Platforms 21st Century Screenwriting: Content for Various Platforms The 21st century has brought a challenge for screenwriters. Audiences have shrinking attention spans and a growing number of screens competing for their attention. The road to success lies in writing content that captures their time and attention. As TV bibles are becoming obsolete, it is necessary for screenwriters to visualize their content across many screens. This tutorial will show you the steps you must take to ensure that your idea has the capacity to travel across all screens both traditional and non-traditional.