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Live 3D Teleconferencing Introduction: The Graphics Lab at the University of Southern California has designed an easily reproducible, low-cost 3D display system with a form factor that offers a number of advantages for displaying 3D objects in 3D. The display is: autostereoscopic - requires no special viewing glassesomnidirectional - generates simultaneous views accomodating large numbers of viewersinteractive - can update content at 200Hz The system works by projecting high-speed video onto a rapidly spinning mirror. While flat electronic displays represent a majority of user experiences, it is important to realize that flat surfaces represent only a small portion of our physical world. Abstract: We describe a set of rendering techniques for an autostereoscopic light field display able to present interactive 3D graphics to multiple simultaneous viewers 360 degrees around the display. High-speed DLP projection using standard graphics hardware: Anisotropic Spinning Mirror: Materials: Awards:

¿Cómo funcionó el holograma de Tupac en Coachella? El pasado domingo 15 de abril a las 10:35 de la noche se presentó en Coachella Snoop Dogg junto a Dr. Dre quien hacía un retorno a los escenarios después de casi una década de ausencia. A pesar de lo anterior, lo que llamó poderosamente la atención de casi todos los medios internacionales y sobre todo en internet fue la presentación del fallecido rapero Tupac Shakur haciendo uso de la tecnología de proyección de hologramas. Para entender un poco mas como funciona esta tecnología de hologramas que es conocida como Pepper’s Ghost, en Ib Times han preparado una interesante ilustración que explicaremos a continuación: En toda regla la proyección en si no es un holograma ya que se trata de una imagen reflejada en una pantalla bidimensional que es invisible a la vista de los espectadores.

GRASP Laboratory - University Of Pennsylvania The Autonomous Aerial Vehicles rresearch project is mainly focused around autonomous navigation of unmanned air vehicles. The challenge is to design systems, which exhibit a goal-driven behavior, while sensing and reacting to changing environment. This project is a collaboration between students and faculty from University of Pennsylvania and industry experts from Dragonfly Pictures, Inc. Make Your Amateur Photos More Professional With everyone and their grandmother having a digital camera you can make almost anybody look like a professional photographer, well, better-than-amateur at least. You can use this simple process on almost any photo you take. Let’s start with our regular, old, point-and-shoot photo. This one was taken with a little higher-end camera, but it can still use a lot of work.

HOW TO » the following posting is taken from : The following video mapping workshop was held by Jakob Hronek ( j.hronek[at] ) and me Giuliana Dieni ( jules[at] ) at the Dutch Institute for Media Art ( NIMK ) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We are both available to meet people/groups interested in learning the technique.

Xibo - Digital Signage Software as a Service The Xibo Solution is available from Spring Signage as a low cost “cloud” based service. We recommend this option for anyone who is considering on-line web hosting for Xibo. Self-hosted (download) Nikon D3300 Review Home Donate New Search Gallery Reviews How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact Nikon D3300 24MP DX, 3" LCD, 5 FPS, 1080p © 2014 All Rights Reserved. Mapping Projection: proyecciones tridimensionales Los festejos del bicentenario argentino sirvieron para mostrar por primera vez una técnica audiovisual innovadora y que hace años se viene usando en otros países: el mapping o mapping proyection. También conocida como proyección tridimensional, se basa en la proyección de imágenes de grandes dimensiones sobre construcciones de todo tipo, de manera tal que éstas interactúen con la morfología de dicha superficie. De esta manera podemos ver edificios que se desarman, gente saltando a través de grandes ventanales, y hasta cascadas que no mojan cayendo desde las terrazas de importantes museos. Cómo se consigue esto requiere de una planificación que tenga en cuenta la estructura que se usará de pantalla y factores más rebeldes como las condiciones ambientales. Fragmento del mapping realizado sobre el teatro Colón de Buenos Aires

Photo effects, vintage, retro, online and free - Pixlr-o-matic Elo Touch Solutions - Touchscreens and Touch Components Use our Touchscreen Selector to sort, search and filter through our inventory of touchscreens and find exactly what you need. Or, use the links below to browse complete touchscreen information. Please note that touchscreens are sold as components–a controller is required to provide the interface between the touchscreen and the computer. 1) Custom sizes are available for OEM opportunities. 2) Acoustic Pulse Recognition is available on LCD touchmonitors and touchcomputers only; it is not available on standalone touchscreens. 3) This technology is currently unavailable in the United States; contact Elo for information on projected capacitive products. What Technology is Best for My Application?

10 Mind Blowing 3D Projection Mapping Campaigns 3D projection mapping is taking the advertising world by storm, revolutionizing viral marketing and blowing minds around the globe. What is 3D projection mapping? According to Wikipedia, it’s “any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane.” Using the 3D projection mapping technique video artists are able to project images, video and motion graphics onto buildings and other 3D objects to make it look as if the objects are moving, morphing, and changing structure.

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Starbucks to Launch Vending Machines in The UK Recently Starbucks celebrated fall with the Pumpkin Spice Latte and joined forces with Square to improve payment experience. Now they are to introduce vending machines across the UK called Starbucks On The Go. Ian Cranna, UK marketing vice-president, told the Daily Mail that they want to have thousands across the UK to give customers the opportunity to get Starbucks coffee wherever they are. Consumers will be able to choose from 280 different drinks from a touchscreen interface. They can play a game on the machine while they wait for their order, which takes less than a minute.