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Photosynth - Capture your world in 3D.

Photosynth - Capture your world in 3D.
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AutoStitch AutoStitch works from unordered collections of images, automatically finding matches between images using the SIFT algorithm. It then robustly aligns all images and uses advanced blending algorithms to form seamless panoramas (see below). For more details, see our research papers. 25 of 57 images aligned All 57 images aligned Final Result Note: Mobile versions of AutoStitch are developed by Cloudburst Research. AutoStitch is available to license from the University of British Columbia. AutoStitch is now available in the following commercial products: Autopano Pro (Windows, Mac, Linux) Serif PanoramaPlus (Windows) Calico (Mac) The University of British Columbia has also granted a commercial license to Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a Lucasfilm Ltd. company, to use AutoStitch software to produce panoramas for film production. The version of AutoStitch on this website is a demo only. Q: What projection method does AutoStitch use?

Télécharger une vidéo en streaming Télécharger une vidéo en streaming Si vous souhaitez récupérer une vidéo sur un site tel que Youtube, c'est très simple car il suffit de fouiller un peu dans le code source pour télécharger simplement le FLV. Mais si vous êtes sur un site qui diffuse en streaming, c'est à dire via le protocole RTMP, c'est tout de suite moins simple... 2 solutions à ce problème : Orbit Downloader (Windows) qui se charge de détecter n'importe quelle vidéo en cours de lecture et l'enregistre pour vousRTMPDump (Windows & Linux + source) qui via une simple ligne de commande permet de générer un .flv à partir du flux streamé : rtmpdump -r -o sortie.flv L'avantage avec RMTPDump, c'est qu'on peut l'intégrer dans un process complet. Amusez vous bien :-) [photo] Vous avez aimé cet article ?

Softpedia - Free Downloads Encyclopedia Beyond CliffsNotes: 100 Free & Useful Tools for When Time's Running... If you’re a consummate procrastinator–despite your best efforts to be otherwise–then you’ve undoubtedly waited until the last minute to start that research paper or read that book more than once. Here you’ll find a collection of resources that can help you cram for tests, understand the main ideas of a work of literature, do your math homework and a whole lot more so your procrastination won’t send your college career down the tubes. Study Guides These study guides can help you understand literary metaphors, summarize readings and give you the tools necessary to muddle through the densest of texts. Study Tools Use these study tools to quiz yourself, solve math problems and cram at the last minute. Sharing Notes On these sites you’ll be able to share your notes and get notes from others from classes you might have missed. Reference If you need to look up any kind of basic information from word translations to a more intelligent sounding word, these tools will help. Research Writing Presentation

THE GLASSLESS GLASSES STUDIO - NEW YORK Midsummer in Sweden, Red Army Pop Art in Sofia, Buckingham Palace, Salt Lake City Temple Square - Photo Panoramiques Create diagrams online Real time collaboration - Tour Draw Blog and Wiki images on Cacoo Diagrams created on Cacoo can be embedded in your Blog or Wiki in PNG format. If you edit the diagram in Cacoo, the embedded image will be replaced automatically. Export as PDF and SVG! Diagrams can be exported in vector formats - PDF, SVG, etc. Exported diagrams can be printed out or re-edited on other graphic editors, such as Adobe Illustrator. PDF Samples12 SVG Samples12 Share the diagram with anyone You can even share the diagram with someone you don’t know. DUMY.CZ Digitální učební materiály NoteSlate /// intuitively simple monochrome paper alike tablet device


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