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Sir Nicholas Winton - BBC Programme "That's Life" aired in 1988

Sir Nicholas Winton - BBC Programme "That's Life" aired in 1988
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One Woman’s Brilliant “Fuck You” to Wikipedia Trolls A young Wikipedia editor withstood a decade of online abuse. Now she’s fighting back — on Wikipedia itself. The “fuck you” project crystallized one Friday night last year. “There are alternate realities where I raped you and got away with it,” it read. The note came from someone with a history of harassing the 22-year-old medical student. Nothing. She’d been receiving vicious emails for a decade. Follow Backchannel: Facebook | Twitter Across the internet, trolls disproportionately target women and members of other underrepresented groups. When people get forced off the web, their voices disappear from the internet’s public squares. But on that Friday night, Temple-Wood had an idea. Temple-Wood didn’t want to give up her voice — the web was the only place where she felt free to be herself. The first time she tried editing Wikipedia, in 2007, she created a page under an anonymous account to taunt her younger sister. Creative Art Direction: Redindhi StudioIllustration by: Laurent Hrybyk

Rings and Symbols One form of cross is that shown above - a symbol of Christianity; we really need to take a detailed look at the cross and at crucifixion to fully understand its significance, the various types of cross, and their meanings. It is a well-established fact that the cross, symbolic of humankind as a whole. Formerly considered to be a of the death of Jesus, was used as a symbol many thousands of years before the setting up of the Christian Church, and many Bible students feel that the symbol of the cross, being pagan in origin, should not be associated with Jesus Christ or true forms of Christianity. The crucifix which many wear as a symbol of their belief is carried by more people than any other religious talisman, and is considered by many to be sacred: people sometimes go far as to make the cross an object of adoration or an icon in its own right. A symbol of Christianity, the cross had symbolic meaning before it assumed its religious connotation. The sign of signs References:

VoteMov |Net Independent Movie Awards A futuristic vision of a world after a catastrophic disaster. In this dark parable mutated limbs are looking for cooperation, but due to miscommunication this mission is doomed to fail. The storyline of The Origin of Creatures is based on one of the most well-known tales about collaboration, the Tower of Babel. This tale is transformed and twisted and is set in an imaginary future, after the world is hit by a catastrophe. Among the remains of a devastated city lives that what is left of humanity. Credits: Creator: Floris Kaayk Produced by: Marc Thelosen D.O.P.: Reinier van Brummelen Composer: Lennert Busch Sounddesign: Bart Jilesen, Erik Griekspoor, Elena Martín Hidalgo Trainee: Vincent van der Klaauw a seriousFilm production, 2010 Financially supported: Netherlands Film Fund, Rotterdam Media Fund, Stroom Den Haag

A Love Letter to the Moth I can trace it back to the beginning for you, trace my Moth addiction to its start. For the uninitiated, the Moth is an organization devoted to the craft of storytelling. It’s real people telling true stories, “live and without notes.” They convene frequent shows in New York (though they now tour the country regularly), they have a weekly podcast that’s been downloaded many millions of times, and a radio show, now in its sixth season, that airs on some two hundred and fifty public-radio stations nationwide. They’ve been around since 1997, but I hadn’t heard of them until 2008, when I was in Perth, Australia, for a literary festival. That’s where I got hooked. If you’ve never been to a literary festival, it’s basically like sleepaway camp for writers, with all the pressures that go along with it. In Perth, the Moth folk had enlisted some of the festival’s writers to perform. What the tellers do on stage is so simple. There is little fanfare prior to the tellings. Paul Bacon, “Bad Cop”

Cat plays with the window washer Best Places to Get Free Books - The Ultimate Guide When we were reviewing 10 of the best online resources for free books, we had a LOT of readers chime in with their own favorites as well. Thank you for all your helpful contributions! In fact, we had so many suggestions, we have enough to compile a huge list from them, so here they are in no particular order: ManyBooks – Free eBooks for your PDA, iPod, or eBook reader – Thanks Tony Bryan & abben BookCrossing – Where real books are released into the wild to be found by others – Thanks EngtechLibraryElf – The perfect companion to a public library system – Thanks EngtechScribd – Open library to publish and discover documents online – Thanks CincauHangus Word Public Library – 400,000 PDF ebooks for download – Thanks EllenFree Tech Books – Free computer science and engineering books (+ lecture notes) – Thanks EllenBookins – Swap real books with other readers – Thanks Jimbob WellToldTales – Free short story podcasts (like audiobooks, but shorter) – Thanks Kevin C. Google+

Whitehead and Whitehead Consultants What short films have you seen on the internet that you feel everyone should watch (under 10 minutes) : AskReddit Endearing Twin Photography Newborn photo shoots are always tricky, but when you add two other young kids? That is a true challenge. Photographer Juliet Cannici and her wife Nikki recently welcomed twin girls Gia and Gemma, adding to their brood of 3-year-old twins Nico and Siena. So far, the now-family of six are getting along swimmingly. Nico and Siena were very excited to meet their new siblings; for months, they snuggled with Nikki’s belly, talking to the then-unborn babies. “Now that they [Gia and Gemma] are here,” Cannici told The Huffington Post, “they [Nico and Siena] are incredibly gentle with them, and love holding and feeding them. When the newborns were just 11 days old, Cannici enacted her grand plan. Once Cannici realized that that the fancy clothes were out, she took Nico and Siena out of their costumes and let them play. “I hope when people look at that photo they can see the true joy,” Cannici expressed. Here’s how Nico and Siena looked when posed in their fancy outfits. Siena is NOT having fun.

10 Ways to Make Your Relationship Magically Romantic Creating magical moments in your relationship is something everyone thinks about, but few people do. Perhaps it's because they actually can't think of exactly what to do. Here are ten "acts of love" that you can do with and for your partner to bring a little more romance into your relationship. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Don't try to do everything on this list in the same weekend, one a month is plenty. Taking the time to create romance in your relationship is paramount to creating a fulfilling love life. Dr. Capitalism: Success, Crisis, and Reform Professor Douglas W. Rae, Professor of Political Science and Richard Ely Professor of Management Description In this course, we will seek to interpret capitalism using ideas from biological evolution: firms pursuing varied strategies and facing extinction when those strategies fail are analogous to organisms struggling for survival in nature. For this reason, it is less concerned with ultimate judgment of capitalism than with the ways it can be shaped to fit our more specific objectives--for the natural environment, public health, alleviation of poverty, and development of human potential in every child. Texts Adiga, Aravind. Buckley, Christopher. Chandler, Alfred D. Clark, Gregory. Collier, Paul. De Soto, Hernando. Hayek, Friedrich. Marx, Karl and Frederick Engels. Posner, Richard A. Schumpeter, Joseph. Smith, Adam. Selected case studies from Harvard Business School and Yale School of Management Requirements Grading

Meet 12 Badass Scientists…Who Also Happen to be Women 1. Renée Hlozek, cosmologist South African cosmologist Renée Hlozek studies the cosmic microwave background — radiation left over from the Big Bang — to better understand the initial conditions of the universe and how it grew into the structures, such as galaxies, we see today. “My field is about asking questions about the nature and evolution of the universe, fundamental to our understanding of ourselves,” Hlozek says. 2. We know a lot about molecular processes, yet they are impossible to observe directly. “The group of women in this image work on some pretty awe-inspiring science — from understanding the birth of the universe, to finding evidence of cancer in ancient human populations, to preserving animal species that may disappear without our help,” says Iwasa. 3. When archeologist Katie Hunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 22, it catalyzed a deeper curiosity about cancer as an ancient disease. 4. 5. 6. Astrophysicist Jedidah Isler studies supermassive, hyperactive black holes.