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The Mailing Book - inspirations

The Mailing Book - inspirations

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9 Tricks to Design The Perfect HTML Newsletter An e-mail newsletter is the perfect way to stay in touch with your clients or followers. Often your company or website will have numerous product updates, or possibly upcoming events you’d like to share. It’s always possible to post new information to your blog or social media streams, but your audience can only go so far to reach you. In this case, e-mail is certainly not dead technology, merely untapped potential. The process of creating and sending out a newsletter is a lot easier than one may think, but to design a custom template and build your own code — this can take a bit longer. 39 Beautiful Email Newsletter Templates Email newsletters are an important marketing and communications tool for many businesses. You can stay in touch with past customers, market your products to those who have expressed interest but haven’t yet purchased, and get extra exposure for your sales and promotions. Email is an extremely cost effective marketing method and it is likely to produce a higher return on investment than any other type of marketing or advertising. The appearance of your newsletter can be enhanced with an attractive design, but having a custom design isn’t the only option. Templates can be purchased for very reasonable prices.

Puts Mail - It's a mail test tool to test your mails before sending them Login or Create an account to keep your Test History. PutsMail It's a mail test tool to test your HTML mails before sending them. Test your HTML emails before sending them Create a new Test Mail 80 awesome new WordPress themes Whether you design WordPress themes or just use them, you’ve got to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of WP theme creation. Every few months we round up some of the best new themes, both free and premium, from some of the best theme designers out there. There are great features in both kinds of themes, with free themes offering ever-more premium-like features. Regardless of what you do with WP themes, whether you just use them on your sites or design them yourself, you’re sure to find some great resources and inspiration among the 80 themes below. There are tons of great free themes, as well as premium themes starting at less than $30. Free themes

CSS Support Guide for Email Clients 2 May 2014 Removed support for various selector options (E) in Gmail and added support for direction, vertical-align and list-style-type in Outlook '07/'10/'13. 19 September 2013 Email Design Guidelines At some stage in your career, it’s likely you’ll be asked by a client to design a HTML email. Before you rush to explain that all the cool kids are using social media, keep in mind that when done correctly, email is still one of the best ways to promote you and your clients online. In fact, a recent survey showed that every dollar spent on email marketing this year generated more than $40 in return.

Showcase Of Beautiful Patterns And Textures In Web Design By on October 28, 2012 Different patterns are used in web designs as the background images. Patterns are more or less like the textures and have been greatly used not only in web designs but also in posters, trailer, ads, advertisements and almost any graphic work because they add the beauty of the work. By using right kind of pattern, you can make your creative work even more fresher, trendier, and stylish. In this post, we have gathered some beautiful and attractive patterns in web design for your inspiration.

Nivo Slider™ - Dev7studios jQuery & WordPress Image Slider The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use slider on the market. The jQuery plugin is completely free and totally open source, and there is literally no better way to make your website look totally stunning. If you don’t believe us, check out the list of features below and you soon will. Beautiful Transition Effects Best of Design 2010 As 2010 is wrapping up, it is about time do a sum up of the best sites that I've featured on Best Web Gallery. Again I've selected 50 sites from different categories: personal blog, commercial, agency, portfolio, and software. In 2010, CSS design is getting more interactive. People are using jQuery and CSS animation to add interaction in their design.

Cat template - Home I am watching... Cats don't like change without their consent. Cats can be cooperative when something feels good, which, to a cat, is the way everything is supposed to feel as much of the time as possible. The cat is a creature of most refined and subtle perceptions naturally. Read more I am thinking... The Art And Science Of The Email Signature Advertisement Email signatures are so easy to do well, that it’s really a shame how often they’re done poorly. Many people want their signature to reflect their personality, provide pertinent information and more, but they can easily go overboard. Why are email signatures important? They may be boring and the last item on your list of things to get right, but they affect the tone of every email you write. Email signatures contain alternative contact details, pertinent job titles and company names, which help the recipient get in touch when emails are not responded to.