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From The Wilderness: Information on Peak Oil, Sustainablility, and the events surrounding 9/11

From The Wilderness: Information on Peak Oil, Sustainablility, and the events surrounding 9/11
Straight to you from Michael C. Ruppert in Venezuala! FTW is proud to announce its latest in live news updates! We present to you, Ruppert live from Venezuela. Michael Ruppert continues to supply the world with the same important information that we all need to know, now delivered from Caracas Venezuela. The topics include Peak Oil, the latest twists and turns of 9/11and current geopolitical situations and other topics you have come to expect from Mike and FTW.

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples » Life Without Barriers Our Reconciliation Statement Life Without Barriers believes that reconciliation must live in the hearts and minds of all Australians. As a nation we need to work together to close the gap in life expectancy by improving the cultural, spiritual and emotional well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our commitment to raising awarenessLife Without Barriers also acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original custodians of the land and strongly believes in recognising, respecting and advancing the inherent rights, cultures and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. We also acknowledge the importance of family, cultural and community ties for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. While we are working tirelessly in practical ways to bring about real change – advocating for children and young people, improved employment and education– we also want to change attitudes.

Social media positive for teens? Maybe! Report: One in five teens says social media makes them feel more confident52% of teens also say social media helps their relationships with friends Media outlets tend to focus on the negatives of social media, such as cyberbullyingTeens are also using social media for social good, experts say Editor's note: Kelly Wallace is CNN's digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. Read her other columns and follow her reports at CNN Parents and on Twitter. Please join Kelly and @CNNLiving for a Twitter chat on teens and social media Thursday, November 21 at 1:00 p.m.

The truth behind why Daraprim can cost whatever its CEO wants it to A greedy, cocksure CEO set off a nation of people tired of mysterious and unchecked drug pricing. Have you ever suspected that drug manufacturers have been given complete license to charge whatever they want? You wouldn't be wrong. Since he got us talking about this, we have to thank Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli. 28 Internet acronyms every parent should know It's a declarative statement: I want sex now. If it makes you feel any better, I had no clue, and neither did a number of women I asked about it. Acronyms are widely popular across the Internet, especially on social media and texting apps, because, in some cases, they offer a shorthand for communication that is meant to be instant. So "LMK" -- let me know -- and "WYCM" -- will you call me? -- are innocent enough.

World Bank won’t fund coal-related projects in India Debjoy Sengupta, ET Bureau Jul 31, 2015, 05.15AM IST (The World Bank has made a…) KOLKATA: The World Bank has made a U-turn on its stance that coal is the backbone of the India's energy economy 17 years after it agreed to lend $1.03 billion to Coal India along with a Japanese lending agency. LibroEditing proofreading, editing, transcription, localisation This is one that came up in something I was editing a few days ago. And, I admit, one that I had to check in the dictionary. I was pretty sure the writer wanted unmeasurable (I was right), and I wasn’t sure that immeasurable was a word (I learned something, notably that SpellChecker doesn’t think it’s a word, which is why we still use dictionaries!). Unmeasurable means, specifically not able to be measured objectively.

theconversation In the wake of the emissions scandal that has engulfed Volkswagen in the United States and Europe, it’s worth asking: how do Australia’s standards stack up? The awful truth: we’re literally years behind Europe and the US. VW has been caught out for installing devices to game emissions tests in the United States, after an environmental group found discrepancies between on-road emissions of nitrogen oxides and testing conditions. Other submitted material : For authors and referees : Nature This document provides details of the other material that Nature publishes, in addition to original research Articles and Letters. Table of contents Authors intending to contribute to any of these sections are advised to read the relevant section of published issues of Nature to gain an idea of which section is most suitable and how to present their work, and, if they have not published in one of these sections before, they must read the appropriate section guidelines below, before submission. Many Nature sections are commission-only and do not accept unsolicited contributions; where applicable this is stated in the section guidelines below.

Unemployment rate, jobs both record surprise jumps The latest official figures from the ABS show a jump of employment of 38,500 in July Photo: Virginia Star Employment surged in the month of July even as the unemployment rate climbed from 6 to 6.3 per cent. The latest official figures from the Bureau of Statistics show a jump of employment of 38,500 in July after a jump of 7000 in June and 42,000 in May. The combined jump of 87,500 came as the unemployment rate climbed from 6 to 6.3 per cent. The discrepancy is explained by a jump in the number of unemployed Australians from 771,000 to 801,000.

Quirky Puns That Show Us The Funnier Side Of Life Punnypixels is back with more witty puns to make your day. This time we’ve got more pop culture references to satisfy all fandoms. We’ve even started a new series of inspirational puns we like to call #punspiration. Share them with your family and friends to chase away those Monday blues and mid-week slumps. More info: Instagram | Etsy | | Facebook You Argon(na) Laugh Out Loud!