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Kitchen of the Future

Kitchen of the Future
Kitchen of the Future Energy-saving light bulbs will only take us so far. We need to push ourselves to rethink domestic appliances entirely, to rethink how homes consume energy, and how entire communities can pool resources” says Clive van Heerden, Senior Director of Design-led Innovation at Philips Design. Philips believes the solution is likely to come from biological processes, which are less energy-consuming and non-polluting. The central hub in the Microbial Home system is a repositionable kitchen island, including a chopping surface with vegetable waste grinder, a gas cooking range, a glass tank that shows energy reserves and glass elements showing pressure, volume and readiness of compost sludge. Chopping surface with vegetable waste grinder. Technological development has enabled us to mimic nature’s processes. The paternoster domestic plastic waste up-cycler uses mycelium to break down plastic packaging waste. Urban bee-hive. Kudos to Philips - more, please! Related:  Ideas/Inspirations

Glass Bottle Walls Glass Bottle Walls and Houses and more... glass bottle wall An arts center in Deep Ellum, Texas. Source Earth Ship Home. Anna's bottle house in Tucson, Arizona. In Taos, another Earth Ship. glass bottle wall Kawakawa, New Zealand men's public toilet close up. glass bottle wall Kawakawa, New Zealand men's public toilet from the outside. glass bottle wall Again in New Zealand -- Carlucci Land, Happy Valley. The Bottle Chapel at Airlie Gardens, North Carolina a tribute to Minnie Evans. glass bottle wall Close up at Airlie. glass bottle wall The sides of the chapel. glass bottle wall Bottle Wall, Market Hall Altenrhein Switzerland. glass bottle wall Hundertwasser bottle wall picture by eloisavh on Flickr. glass bottle house Here's an eclectic room. glass bottle wall Same New Zealand art studio. glass bottle house Prince Edward Island Bottle House. glass bottle wall Glass wall Biotecture, Ireland. glass bottle construction Walkway at Wat Lan Kuat, Thai for “The Temple of One Million Bottles.” Mr.

Vertical Farms The Vertical Farm The current 3.3 billion global urban population is expected to grow to 5 billion by 2025... Today our agricultural footprint is the size of South America...what will it be tomorrow... Source EDITT Tower (“Ecological Design In The Tropics”) is being built in Singapore with the financial support of the National University. Mithun Architects in Seattle designed a "Center for Urban Agriculture" -- an integration of crops and livestock onto a 7.2 acre urban plot. Buckminster Fuller Challenge Clepsydra Urban Farm by Bruno Viganò & Florencia Costa. Source WORKac’s version of vertical farming combines farmers’ housing in a series of stepped terraces with a farmer’s market and public space below. An Urban Garden. Source Höweler + Yoon Architecture and Squared Design Lab proposes to build a vertical algae-powered bioreactor on the downtown Boston Filene's site. Source The “Euromediterranee” project is a proposed vertical village for the city of Marseilles. Source Source MATscape 1. 2. 3.

Can Construction Can Construction Lightning Ridge, Australia Beer Can House Mailbox and a screen above made of can tops strung on wire. Beer Can House Houston, Texas. Soda Can Siding Richard Van Os Keuls used 22,000 cans to side an addition to his home in Maryland. Kipps Bay Decorators' House Tin can top panelling made by Clare Graham, in area designed by Matthew White and Frank Webb. Close up below... Kipps Bay Decorators' House Tin can top panelling made by Clare Graham, in area designed by Matthew White and Frank Webb. Cano's Castle Crushed can ornament. Cano's Castle Donald "Cano" Espinoza, of Antonia, Colorado used beer cans, hubcaps, and other found materials to create this amazing home. Cano's Castle Donald "Cano" Espinoza, of Antonia, Colorado used beer cans, hubcaps, and other found materials to create this amazing home. Eve Earthship under Eve Earthship

Hundertwasser Architecture Friedensreich Hundertwasser Architecture The father of the Green Roof... Born in Austria 1928, died at Sea 2000. Hundertwasser- Model for Hohe-Haine (High Groves), Dresden, 1998. "The colourful, the abundant, the manifold, is always better than mediocre grey and uniformity." Hundertwasser- KunstHaus, Wien, 1989-91. Hundertwasser wrote many manifestos one of them being the 'Mouldiness Manifesto against Rationalism in Architecture." Hundertwasser- KunstHaus, Wien, 1989-91. Hundertwasser- KunstHaus, Wien, 1989-91. Note the uneven floor- "an uneven floor is a melody to the feet." Hundertwasser- Forest Spiral of Darmstadt, 1998-2000. Hundertwasser- Forest Spiral of Darmstadt, 1998-2000, 105 residential units. “Just carrying a ruler with you in your pocket should be forbidden, at least on a moral basis. Hundertwasser- Green Roofed Forest Spiral of Darmstadt, 1998-2000. Resources: we lose our future.

Plastic Bottle Schools Bottle Schools Pepsi partnered with the My Shelter foundation to build this school house made of 9,000 plastic bottles in San Pablo, Philippines. Thousands of volunteers recruited by Pepsi -- collected the used bottles, helped to raise awareness of the Philippines classroom shortage and participated in building the structure. Pepsi's clean-up campaign website, and lots more photos here: Photo © Kristel Marie Fuentes Gonzales. After the 9,000 bottles were collected each 1.5 and 2-litre bottle was filled with adobe (sand, clay, and water with a bit of straw, twigs or manure thrown in). This machine made the filling much easier. The filled bottles set out to dry... The building process begins. String is used to keep the bottles in place as the adobe is being applied. Ran out of caps... A bit more cement will be applied and smoothed out. Photo © Kristel Marie Fuentes Gonzales Almost there. One wall is made of glass bottles. And on the outside...

Reuse Kitchen Reconstructed, reuse, recycled, reclaimed kitchens... These kitchen cabinets are reclaimed furniture pieces (chests-of-drawers, buffets and display cases) painted back. Note the cabinets to the left of the sink. Salvaged wood cabinets painted a dark color, then while the paint was still wet, the doors were scorched using an acetylene torch. Shelves and countertops are made of galvanized metal and the cabinetry is made from old fencing. Old wooden beams hold up a sheet metal covered island. Old Barnwood Kitchen Island. Recycled kitchen. Old wooden crates as cabinets. German designer Katrin Arens, who lives in Northern Italy, blends old pallets and ancient wood with stone and white paint. Salvaged wood island. Barnwood kitchen. Pallet wood kitchen cabinets.New Moon Cottage Long Beach Island, NJ Designed by: Richard Bubnowski Design LLCPhoto: Sam Oberter Photography Reuse kitchen. Salvaged wood cabinets.

Cob Fireplaces Cob Fireplaces... Cob Cob fireplace inHilde Dawe's house, British Cob fireplace by Charles Cob fireplace (Rumford) Cob Fireplace.Budownictwo Salvaged Wood Bathrooms Salvaged Wood Bathrooms Reclaimed wood bathroom in Austin, Texas. By Salvaged wood bathroom in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. By Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo. Salvaged wood paneled bathroom in Texas. Salvaged wood paneled bathroom. Reclaimed wood bathroom. Slices of salvaged 2 x 4s. Wooden house in the woods Breath Architecture, Australia. Reclaimed barn wood

Salvaged Wood Interior Walls Salvaged Wood Interior Walls Reclaimed wood paneled bedroomat Blackberry farm, Tennessee.Image: Reclaimed wood ceiling in California.By Salvaged wood divider.Clark Sanders in Upstate NY specializes in natural building and straw Salvaged wood wainscott applied Reclaimed wood wallvia One wall of horizontal reclaimed wood paneling.Surrounded by white. Reclaimed wood lines the walls and ceiling in this kitchen in Tennessee.Toad Hall, interior design by Suzanne Hasler. architecturaldigest.comFor more reclaimed wood inspiration in kitchens see: Old barn wood and log Salvaged wood walls and bedframe, Texas.Big chunks of cut wood create an interesting ceiling molding.By Mix and match reclaimed wood Salvaged wood

Savin Couelle Architecture-Sculpture. Savin Couëlle was born in Aix-en-Provence, France in 1929. He studied architecture at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. Savin Couëlle.Juniper beams reinforce the ceiling.Villa Karim, Sardinia. Savin Couëlle. Villa due Mari, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. By architect Savin Couelle, Villa dei Due Mari beautifully integrates with the natural landscape, and appears as though it has always belonged. Savin Couëlle.Staircase with organic ballisters. Savin Couëlle.Down House, New Zealand. Circular stair by Savin Couë Circular stair by Savin Couë Geometric stone stairs, blue painted ceiling with log beams. Savin Couëlle.Integrated Savin Couëlle often integrates boulders into interior Savin Couë Savin Couëlle, Savin Couëlle, Villa in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.Natural reeds cover the plaster

Corrugated Metal Ideas Corrugated Metal Corrugated galvanized iron was invented all the way back in the 1820s. Now you can find corrugated sheets in numerous types of metals. The best 'type' for the environment is reclaimed corrugated metal. Although manufacturing steel is polluting, corrugated metal's assets make up slightly for that initial harm. Reuse of corrugated metal in architect Peter Mamacos' home in South Corrugated metal Corrugated Metal Ceiling, Forrest House, Australia.Photo by: Corrugated panels in the kitchen of a home on the east end of Long Corrugated kitchen in South Carolinaby Jane and Michael The corrugated metal siding comes into the Corrugated metal Corrugated metal in a San Francisco Reclaimed corrugated metal Corrugated metl fence,

Mirrored Buildings Mirrored Buildings Mirror House by MLRP is a transformation of an existing Playground Structure. A sustainable wood structure was covered with mirror polished stainless steel. "The mirrored gables create a sympathetic transition between built and landscape and reflects the surrounding park, playground and activity." Slighlty bent mirrors were mounted on the gabled ends of a kindergarden pavilion in Copenhagen. Art Installation by Harumi Yukutake.Each piece of glass was Lucid Stead, an installation by artist Phillip K. Mirrors wraped around an existing structure.Lucid Stead, an installation by artist Phillip K. Discovery Centre for the Mont-Tremblant National Park, Canada. Mirrored porch in BC Canada. Mirror House, Almere, Netherlandswith sliding, reflective glass doors.By Johan Selbing and Anouk Vogel. Carbon-neutral house, Gloucestershire, England.The panels are constructed of locally sourced timber and clad with mirrored aluminum.

Tatiana Bilbao tackles Mexico's affordable housing shortage with a flexible modular prototype Tatiana Bilbao’s project for the Chicago Biennial is a full-scale prototype solution for the affordable housing shortage in Mexico. The structure, which aims to adapt to different geographical, social and cultural conditions, can be built for as little as $8,000 and the budget to go up to $14,000, depending on specific requirements and location. The project was presented at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, which focused on the theme “The State of the Art of Architecture” with projects by 100 different architects working across more than 30 countries. Bilbao’s project addresses the issue of affordable housing solutions in Mexico-one of the Latin American countries with the fastest growing populations. The prototype was tested through several on-site interviews and workshops, after which the team adopted a final form with two slanted roofs. The layout and materialization can be adapted to different regions and needs. + Tatiana Bilbao + Chicago Architecture Biennial Via Archdaily