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Teens Just Don't Blog or Tweet [STATS] A new study published today by Pew Internet finds that teens and young adults are blogging less and using social networking sites more, with the prominent exception of Twitter. Pew's Report surveyed 2,253 American adults and 800 U.S. teens to get a reading of how they use the Internet, which gadgets they own, and which social media tools they use the most. Some of the data will surprise you. The Internet's Everywhere Here's a no-brainer: Young adults use the web far more than older adults. Among those teens going online, 63% say they go online at least once a day, with older teens more likely to go online than younger teens. Most are connecting with high-speed connections as well. The Internet's getting faster and more accessible. The Laptop Is More Popular than the Desktop In terms of gadgets, more teenagers have cell phones (76%) than a computer (69%). The mobile trend even continues into the computing realm: Laptops have overtaken the desktop for those under 30. Teens Just Don't Blog.

Court Records david rumsey map collection Cartouches are the elaborate decorations that frame map titles and other information about the map. They add an artistic or symbolic narrative to the maps they describe. According to map historian Edward Lynam, cartouches that frame titles first appear on Italian maps in the 16th century. They persist on maps until the middle of the 19th century, going through many stylistic changes. Below are selected cartouches from maps in our collection, beginning in 1703 and ending in 1852. The cartouche styles in this 150 year period are remarkable for their diversity, symbolism, social commentary, and artistic beauty. This first group of three cartouches are from Guillaume de Lisle's World Atlas of 1731: Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France et des decouvertes que y ont ete faites; Guillaume de Lisle; 1708. Carte des Courones du Nord. Carte de la Grece. A Map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto; Henry Popple; 1733. The travellers guide. S.A.

List of Traits - The Sims Wiki - The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims Traits are the building blocks of a personality assigned to Sims in The Sims 3, replacing the previous system of personality points. The traits also appear in The Sims Medieval; this time, traits are adapted to the Medieval period. Traits effectively determine a Sim's behaviors, abilities, and their wishes, including their Lifetime Wishes. There are 63 traits in the base game. Three were added with World Adventures, six with Ambitions, one with Fast Lane Stuff, two with Late Night, two with Generations, four with Pets, three with Showtime, six with Supernatural, two with Seasons, three with University Life, two with Island Paradise, and two with Into the Future, adding up to a total of 99 normal traits. Each trait is separated into one of four categories based on mental, physical, social, or lifestyle aspects of Sims' lives. Sims can attain traits in multiple ways. There are limitations on the traits a Sim can have. Learning traits Edit See also: List of trait conflicts Hidden traits

Social gaming survey reveals key trends among players A survey of social game users in the US and UK has discovered that - contrary to the typical gamer profile - the average social gamer is a 43 year old female. According to the survey's findings, 55 per cent of social gamers are female, while 46 per cent of American respondents were aged 50 and above. That figure dropped to 23 per cent in the UK. Just 6 per cent of gamers surveyed were aged below 21. The study - carried out by the Information Solutions Group on behalf of PopCap Games - was an online one completed by almost 5000 people. Female gamers, the study found, were more likely to play social games with real-world friends than male gamers were - 68 per cent of them compared to 56 per cent of males. The vast majority - 95 per cent - said they played social games multiple times per week, while 64 per cent said they played at least once a day. Nearly half of respondents (49 per cent) said they log into social network sites specifically to play games.

.::[Metroid: Fan Mission]::. Shy'Comics - Afficher le sujet - Ripper Décor/Sprite MegaDrive/GBA/SuperNes Ripper Décor/Sprite MegaDrive/GBA/SuperNes 1.0 Introduction 2.0 MegaDrive- 2.1 Initiation au rip- 2.2 Ripper un sprite/décor 3.0 GBA- 3.1 Initiation au rip- 3.2 Ripper un sprite/décor 4.0 SuperNes- 4.1 Initiation au rip- 4.2 Ripper un sprite/décor /! 1.0 Introduction Bonjour tout le monde ! Voici un tuto qui vous expliquera comment ripper soit des décors soit des sprites sur 3 consoles différentes : La MegaDrive, la SuperNes et enfin la GBA. Bonne lecture ! 2.0 MegaDrive2.1 Initiation au rip Alors, tout d'abord, pour ripper sur MegaDrive, nous avons besoin d'un émulateur, il n'existe qu'un seul émulateur capable de ripper. Megasis (L'émulateur en question) (à décompresser avec 7zip, après la décompression, vous pouvez supprimez l'archive, elle ne sert plus)PaintSonic The Hedgehog 1 (Le jeu sur lequel nous allons ripper) (à décompresser avec 7zip, après la décompression, vous pouvez supprimez l'archive, elle ne sert plus)Voilà, Mettez le tout dans un même dossier, ce qui doit donner : Et voilà !

Shy'Comics - Afficher le sujet - Utiliser Gimp 2.4.# The Gimp 2.4.0 Tuto obsolète ! Néanmoins, on retrouve les mêmes outils sur les Gimp plus récents à la 2.4, (à peu de choses près) vous devriez vous en sortir quand même. Voici un tuto qui explique les bases de Gimp. 1.0 Pour commencer 2.0 Effets- 2.1 Effet de vitesse- 2.2 Effet de lumière 3.0 Pour finir 4.0 Changer la couleur des sprites rapidement /! 1.0 Pour commencer Vous voulez rendre plus vivante votre case ? Faites comme d'habitude, ouvrez Paint avec votre décors et un sprite collé dessus : Ensuite, copiez cette case en faisant "édition", "Sélectionner tout", encore "édition" et "Copier". Et voilà ! Vous avez votre case collée dans Gimp, maintenant, à vous de jouer, Sonic fait un peu du surplace... Faites un clique droit sur votre image, ensuite, allez dans "Filtres", "Distorsions" et enfin "vent...". Configurez à votre guise : et faites "Valider" : pour recoller le tout dans "Paint", faites un clique droit sur l'image, "édition" et "Copier". 2.2 Effet de lumière Voilà ! )3.0 Pour finir

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