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The Hidden Water We Use

The Hidden Water We Use
Help Save the Colorado River You can help restore freshwater ecosystems by pledging to cut your water footprint. For every pledge, Change the Course will restore 1,000 gallons back to the Colorado River.

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Weather New Englanders have a saying: "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute." Weather forecasts may be more stable in other parts of the world, but the basic idea stands. Weather is dynamic, the product of interacting forces we are only beginning to understand. Water Calculator Methodology National Geographic's water footprint calculator is designed to give U.S. residents an estimate of the water they use on a daily basis. This includes direct use at home through toilets, taps, and hoses, but also the water embedded in the production of food crops, electronics, paper products, electricity, transportation fuels, and more. The calculator is meant to be an educational tool that gives users a rough estimate of how much water it takes to keep their daily lives afloat.

Garbage If your habits resemble those of average Americans, you generate about 4.6 pounds of solid trash per day. This adds up to big trouble for the environment. Americans are generating waste products faster than nature can break them down and using up resources faster than they can be replaced. How can we find ways to meet our current economic and social needs without compromising the ability of our children, and our children's children, to do the same? Our success will depend on understanding the difference between Sustainable practices: practices that provide ongoing economic and social benefits without degrading the environment.

Tibetan Plateau "Third Pole" redirects here. For the Italian centrist political coalition, see New Pole for Italy. Tibetan Plateau topography London's Best Bargains: Saving Money on Your Family Trip With London's surprise tumble from number 2 to number 19 in the list of the world's most expensive cities and the dollar generally strong (compared to recent years, at least) against the pound, 2010 is a good year to consider revisiting the British capital. With London's surprise tumble from number 2 to number 19 in the list of the world's most expensive cities and the dollar generally strong (compared to recent years, at least) against the pound, 2010 is a good year to consider revisiting the British capital, with falling prices and unprecedented deals across the board. Sightseeing If you're going to a lot of paying attractions, which can be costly indeed, invest in a London Pass (, which saves you money on entrance fees and public transport as well as allowing you to jump the queue at certain sights. Eschew expensive guided tours and make your own way along the South Bank Riverside Walk. Shopping

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Scallion Pancakes This is the first recipe in Sugar and Soy Sauce, and because it's not my mom's, I'm not forbidden to share it. =) Karen Kirkup taught me the recipe, which she learned while working at Icarus. I've tried making scallion pancakes from scratch before but could never get them quite as light and flakey as I like; they were always just a little too chewy. You don't get that problem with this recipe because the secret is in letting the dough rest so that the gluten relaxes enough to allow you to stretch the dough out really, really thin. The recipe is super simple, but just make sure you give yourself sufficient time; the results are worth it.

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