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Bennett Robot Works: Robot Index #1

Bennett Robot Works: Robot Index #1
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Scrap Metal Furniture: Incredible Industrial Art & Design Bob Campbell, also known as Stig, as is much a metal sculptor as he is an industrial artist or furniture designer. Using scrap metal parts from cogs and wheels to chains and treads, he crafts recycled one-of pieces and furniture sets that use a creative combination of manufactured pieces and built-from-scratch shapes. He incorporates leather, wood and other industrial materials as needed but metal is always at the core of his work. He has sold his unique metal furniture pieces to all kinds of people through various venues, ranging from high-end luxury retail stores to music festivals, street markets and his own personal private gallery. His work itself is open to interpretation but his unique style and curious material choices certainly set him up to be seen as existing somewhere between traditional arts and crafts and modern mechanical engineering.

Jen Hardwick The Amazing Sculptures of Ji Yong Ho It Took 84,000 Pennies, But Michigan Mom's Giant Coin Really Makes Cents Make a penny, leave a penny. That's how one cash-strapped Michigan woman obtained the 84,000 pennies she used to construct a gigantic replica of a 1-cent coin, which won her artistic acclaim and allowed her to share her inspirational story. Wander Martich says she only started building her massive coin after she was forced to pinch pennies when she went through a divorce, lost her home to foreclosure and lost her job in 2006. That's when Martich's daughters -- ages 6 and 9 -- gave their mom the loose change they had been saving in their piggy bank. Martich put her kids' pennies in an empty water jug, which she continued filling with $20 of pennies from each paycheck after she found a job. Last year, the Grand Rapids, Mich., resident decided to use those pennies to make some real change. "Art was the only way I could tell a mass of people my story," Martich said in a statement through Ripley's Believe It or Not, which acquired her huge coin. Wander Martich

Gille-Monte-Ruici - Adepte de la récupération et de l'upcycling; j'assemble, crée et détourne déchets d'oeuvres, sans aucune soudure. La finalité étant de faire revivre des pièces disparates issues de la récupération. Quelquefois les résultats produits pe Museo Franz Mayer The Most Beautiful Smith in the World (32 pics) » - Pics | 24 Dec, 2009 | Views: 756996 | Just see the works of Cal Lane.Amazing Do you like it? It is just one of the thousands of posts that we have on the Please visit our main page to see other great pictures and videos! Stop.

NICOLAS GUY : Les stages de sculpture et soudure Expreso de Arte Mexicano Apocalyptic Sculptures by Kris Kuksi Kris Kuksi is a 36-year-old sculptor from Missouri, USA. His sculptures are created out of discarded toys, old mechanical parts and other tossed away items. The sheer amount of detail within is work is truly incredible. He is able to create entire worlds that almost appear frozen in time. According to Kuksi’s artist statement, his work is “feeling that he has always belonged to the ‘Old World’. In any case, Kuksi’s mindblowingly detailed toy sculptures remind us that trash and discarded materials can be refashioned into nearly anything we want.

RETROMATIX.COM Art and Culture Law - Guide to Art and Cultural Property Law Art law is a unique specialty area of the law. After all, art occupies many roles in our culture and serves many functions for businesses, governments, museums, families, and artists. Art can be a form of expression, it can be a decoration, it can be a currency, and it can serve as the basis for many careers. Common issues for art law include how works of art should be valued, how to protect intellectual property rights in art, free speech issues, authenticating and dealing with stolen artworks, and a variety of business issues related to the art industry. Art valuation is particularly important for determining tax consequences of dealing in art and for testamentary purposes. Intellectual property interests in art include protecting copyrights to various works and determining whether a piece was created independently or as a work for hire. Free speech issues in art often relate to whether something is art or obscenity. Copyright Know Your Rights! Art and Cultural Property Law - US

About Brauer work : +Brauer +Brauer est un créateur de sculptures lumineuses, qui ont toutes pour propriété d’être des pièces uniques. Ses créations s’inscrivent dans le mouvement artistique appelé « Recycl’Art » (ou « Upcycling »), c’est-à-dire la pratique consistant à transformer des matériaux dont on n’a plus l’usage en œuvre esthétiques inédites. Le travail de +Brauer met en avant l’aspect pérenne des matériaux industriels qui ont vécu et qui sont marqués par la patine. Issus de fonds d’ateliers et de garages, de galetas poussiéreux et de caves oubliées, les pièces abandonnées renaissent pour nous entourer de leur présence bienveillante et de leur humanité étonnante. Ces robots sculptés dans ce que l’on juge être des déchets sonnent comme une résistance poétique à la surconsommation... Réfléchir notre imaginaire L’art de +Brauer sublime ces appareils — vulgaires et prosaïques — que nous ne regardons même plus, puisqu’ils seraient, paraît-il désuets et poussiéreux.

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