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Rafaël Rozendaal – Official Website

Rafaël Rozendaal – Official Website
JODI netart video walkthrough by me On the occasion of JODI’s exhibition at Mama Rotterdam, I created a movie. It’s a screenrecording of me browsing their chaotic body of work, checking which works are still online, which works still run, exploring… Hope u like it! My talk at the DLD14 conference I was lucky to be in Munich for the DLD conference.

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Bauhaus 1919–1933: Workshops for Modernity This survey is MoMA’s first major exhibition since 1938 on the subject of this famous and influential school of avant-garde art. Founded in 1919 and shut down by the Nazis in 1933, the Bauhaus brought together artists, architects, and designers in an extraordinary conversation about the nature of art in the age of technology. Aiming to rethink the very form of modern life, the Bauhaus became the site of a dazzling array of experiments in the visual arts that have profoundly shaped our visual world today. Ten games that make you think about life At the start of this year, we decided to come up with a list of Flash casual games with a philosophical bent. To be honest, we struggled. After days of research, we could only find a handful of games that had the thought-provoking depth we were looking for. Our list (which you can view by clicking here) was therefore only five games long.

Andrea Crespo: virocrypsis Cynthia: How long has it been?Celinde: It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing we can do about it, we’re trapped–Cynthia: – We’re becoming.*both sigh* Balls Path tracing is a realistic lighting algorithm that simulates light bouncing around a scene. This path tracer uses WebGL for realtime performance and supports diffuse, mirrored, and glossy surfaces. The path tracer is continually rendering, so the scene will start off grainy and become smoother over time. Here's how to interact with it: Add an object using the "Add Sphere" or "Add Cube" buttons Select an object by clicking on it Move the selection along the face of its selection box by dragging around on that face Delete the selection using the backspace key Rotate the camera by dragging the background

today and tomorrow - Page 2 Emerging Artist May 12th, 2013 One module at the EXPO 1: New York exhibition was called ProBio. Josh Kline curated this module which explores the theme of “dark optimism” within the context of the human body and technology. One of the artworks was a video by DIS called “Emerging Artist”. 3 pregnant women caressed each others bellies while a narrative voice talked about the fact that the world is waiting for the next artist to be born. Tim Burton Taking inspiration from popular culture, Tim Burton (American, b. 1958) has reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking as an expression of personal vision, garnering for himself an international audience of fans and influencing a generation of young artists working in film, video, and graphics. This exhibition explores the full range of his creative work, tracing the current of his visual imagination from early childhood drawings through his mature work in film. It brings together over seven hundred examples of rarely or never-before-seen drawings, paintings, photographs, moving image works, concept art, storyboards, puppets, maquettes, costumes, and cinematic ephemera from such films as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman, Mars Attacks!, Ed Wood, and Beetlejuice, and from unrealized and little-known personal projects that reveal his talent as an artist, illustrator, photographer, and writer working in the spirit of Pop Surrealism.

lab Sticky Thing Touch Sticky Thing iPhone Experiments Space Noodles Liquid Particles 3D The particles trapped in a wormhole discoball. Takes some practice to control. Launch06-2010 Comparison Technical study, comparing rendering performance. Overview04-2010 Liquid Particles Hello, X=X - N u n o P a t r í c i o WTi 2.0 - Wasting Time on The Internet 30 JUNE 2015 Kunsthalle Düsseldorf >>> >>>The unseen already exists.

The Cloth Simulator A little more detail: What makes this simulation special is the speed at which everything is computed. Javascript (the language this is written in) is not exactly the most efficient language for this type of computation. This being said, much time was spent squeezing out every little detail that slows things down. The most computationally expensive part is trying to satisfy the constraints. To do this requires the calculation of distance between two points. Art About Art: 6 Artworks about Other Works of Art I’m a big art history nerd, so I love art that references other artworks in funny and interesting ways. Check out these 6 works of art that are about other works of art. These works add something new to the conversation and make us think about the original works of art differently.

Rebecca Mock Illustrates jensineeckwall: A small fashion painting for the very lovely Rebecca Mock, for an illustrators’ gift exchange.Shorts inspired by this outfit by Virginia Burlina Jensine painted this for me and I DIED OF HAPPINESS! Thank you Jensine! • 14 December 2014 • 600 notes nordstrom: Becoming An Image « Cassils Becoming an Image is a piece that works at the interstices of performance, photography, and sculpture. This piece was originally conceived as a site-specific work for the ONE Archives in Los Angeles, the oldest active LGBTQ archive in the United States. Cassils unleashes an attack on a 2000 pound clay block. Delivering a series of kicks and blows in total darkness, the spectacle is illuminated only by the flash of a photographer, burning the image into the viewer’s retina. At Cassils’s solo show at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 12 photographs were displayed.

Comme le spécifie sa biographie sur Wikipédia, Rafaël Rozendaal « voyage beaucoup, travaille et vit dans des hôtels » ( ! ). On trouve dans la rubrique Websites de nombreux liens vers de mini sites au graphisme détonnant. La Rubrique Music vaut également le détour. by durasbib Dec 26

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