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NEW Intro to Agile Scrum in Under 10 Minutes - HD Tutorial Video!

NEW Intro to Agile Scrum in Under 10 Minutes - HD Tutorial Video!

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Le Cigref veut vous aider à devenir plus agile Le Cigref vient de publier un nouveau rapport intitulé Agilité dans l'entreprise, modèle de maturité. PublicitéCertes, l'agilité repose sur un ensemble de méthodes et de pratiques. Mais c'est avant tout une culture qui s'acquiert et surtout s'approprie en l'adoptant à chaque cas pratique. Your Family, Agile, and You: Using An Action Map To Make Sense Of The To Do List What do we do when we have a lot of tasks we need to complete? We write them down. So we start writing down the tasks and prioritizing them. But it doesn’t always work. We don’t always get to start really working on those tasks, getting things done. You know why?

Suggested Topics for Definition of Done Discussion Ken Schwaber and the rest of us advocate paying attention to what “done” means for a Product Backlog Item (PBIs, or “stories”). For a lot of programmers (like me), “done” often means “It works on my workstation!” The Scrum Master is charged with advocating a “done” that includes everything else needed to build a potentially-shippable product increment. Continuous Integration I vividly remember one of my first sightings of a large software project. I was taking a summer internship at a large English electronics company. My manager, part of the QA group, gave me a tour of a site and we entered a huge depressing warehouse stacked full with cubes. I was told that this project had been in development for a couple of years and was currently integrating, and had been integrating for several months. My guide told me that nobody really knew how long it would take to finish integrating.

Scrum Features¶ This plugin allows to follow Scrum methodology with Redmine: Sprint PBIs/task board with drag & drop. Sprint burndown chart (by effort in hours & by story points). Sprint stats. Distributed Scrum Teams: Never End a Sprint on Friday Scrum team members know that things get very busy near the end of an iteration. The coding and quality activities need to be wrapped up, demo preparation occurs, the sprint review is held, the sprint retrospective is held, and the next sprint planning meeting is held. If the onsite team team prefers to end iterations on Friday, they might naturally assume they have all day Friday until evening for these activities. Yet another Scrum blog Lean software development La metodología de desarrollo de software Lean, es una traducción de los principios y las prácticas de la forma de producir LEAN, hacia el área del desarrollo de software. Inicialmente, originado en el Sistema de Producción de Toyota y ahora, apoyado por una corriente que está surgiendo desde la comunidad Ágil. Este método ofrece todo un marco teórico sólido y basado en la experiencia, para las prácticas ágiles de gestión.

Agile Features: Agile Scrum/Kanban boards Multiple boards Agile charts: Burndown, Burnup, Velocity, Cumulative flow Sub-columns Swimlanes Colors Sprint planning Story points estimation Work-in-progress limits Translated into 9 languages Get this plugin Agile Ajax board Your Agile whiteboard in Redmine. Scrum Simulation with LEGO Introducing BDD « History: This article first appeared in Better Software magazine in March 2006. It has been translated into Japanese by Yukei Wachi, Korean by HongJoo Lee, Italian by Arialdo Martini and French by Philippe Poumaroux and most recently into Spanish by Oscar Zárate, Turkish by Selim Öber and Russian. I had a problem. While using and teaching agile practices like test-driven development (TDD) on projects in different environments, I kept coming across the same confusion and misunderstandings. Programmers wanted to know where to start, what to test and what not to test, how much to test in one go, what to call their tests, and how to understand why a test fails. The deeper I got into TDD, the more I felt that my own journey had been less of a wax-on, wax-off process of gradual mastery than a series of blind alleys.

Qu'est ce que Scrum ? Le démarrage d'un projet Scrum - GetJ2ee -Java development Lundi 27 avril 1 27 /04 /Avr 18:45 Introduction Scrum est une méthode Agile de gestion de projet de plus en plus utilisées dans les projets informatiques. TDD y Casos de Uso - Angel "Java" Lopez TDD y Casos de Uso Ya saben que me importa mucho usar Test-Driven Delopment. Yo diría que es lo primero a adoptar en un desarrollo, como “tecnología nueva”. Pero reconozco que no es fácil a veces transmitir la idea y convencer a la gente de adoptar TDD. Por ejemplo, hay una idea flotando, que leí hace poco en una lista: “no uso TDD porque el sistema lo tengo que entregar en tres semanas”. Como si TDD fuera algo que alentece. La gestion de projet Scrum - A la Poursuite du Code en Rouge Après les cycles en V, en cascade ou en escargot, voici venu la gestion en ballon ovale : scrum (ou mêlée de ce côté-ci de la Manche). Scrum (vu de super-loin) Scrum est une méthode « agile », légère, adaptative, itérative – je suis à court d’adjectifs – plutôt pour les petites équipes et les projets de taille modérée. Résumé des règles du jeu (vu de loin) Une particularité de Scrum est une gestion très légère.